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Chapter 886 Kangs City

Pyrmond Faction.

Grey was still in the underground building even though it had been over a week since he woke up.

The Faction Leader as well as the Elder treating him come to check up on him frequently.

The Faction Leader inquired about the person Grey fought against and hearing Grey recount everything stunned him. The figure Grey fought against was someone from the Era of God's, it was a shocking discovery. But this alarmed the Faction Leader even more.

"Things won't be as calm as they are anymore." He muttered under his breath.

One more week went by and Grey was almost good as new, even the Light Elementalist treating him was amazed by Grey's quick healing abilities, it could almost rival an Elemental Sovereign. One has to know that the healing capabilities of each Elementalist vary, but it mainly depends on their Planes as well. For instance, the speed of an Elemental Venerable is above that of a Sage Plane Elementalist, yet, Grey, who was in the Sage Plane, had a higher healing ability than an Elemental Venerable. It was shocking to see.

"What do you plan to do now" The Faction Leader asked when Grey told him of his intention to leave.

"I have some scores to settle in the Lutra realm, I'll go on a trip once I come out." Grey replied, not hiding his killing intent.

The Faction Leader looked at him for some time before saying, "Try to avoid trouble. Also, take this, it can teleport you back to the Faction, from any location in the Aurora Continent."pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ(0ᴠᴇ)ʟ.ᴄᴏm

He tossed an insignia over to Grey, it had the logo of the Pyrmond Faction.

"Thank you." Grey bowed as he happily accepted the insignia.

He didn't mind keeping it since it was very important to him. It would come in handy whenever he is in some tough situations. Also, the thought of tweaking it a little came to his mind, he planned to work on it after leaving the Faction.

He soon stepped out of the underground building, and seeing the sight of the Faction, he shook his head. Some of the people here were just snakes hiding in disguise.

However, he knew this was a natural scenario since no place was perfect. He also didn't bother with such snakes, but if anyone dares to mess with him, he wouldn't hold back.

'Let's go, did you mark the location' Grey asked Void telepathically.

Void nodded and both figures vanished into space.

Outside the portal.pᴀɴᴅᴀ ɴ(O)ᴠᴇl

Grey's figure appeared once again, he looked at the familiar portal before the thought of almost dying there some weeks ago flashed through his head.

"You're here, again." The Elder looked at him with furrowed brows.

He knew a thing or two about what's been happening in the Lutra realm, and from what he heard, someone from the Faction tried to kill Grey, a genius from the Faction.

"Yeah, I haven't completed a certain mission before I was attacked." Grey replied with a soft smile.

For some reason, the Elder felt the usual nonchalant Grey was more friendly than his current smiling self.

"If I may, can you tell me what the mission is" The Elder asked.

"I found a nice treasure in a ruin, I was about to take it before being attacked." Grey answered gently.

"You've just recovered from a fatal injury, I don't even know how you're okay, but you should take some rest." The Elder advised.ρꪖꪕᦔꪖꪕ(ꪫ)ꪣꫀ​l​

"Don't worry, I won't take long inside. Thank you for taking my safety into consideration." Grey said with the same soft smile on his face.

The Elder couldn't stop him from going in, so he let him in.

After Grey went in, he shook his head.

"Hopefully he doesn't do anything rash. I planned to punish that brat when he comes out, but…" He sighed in helplessness.

Lutra realm.

Grey appeared in the Lutra realm once again. Looking around, he felt a sense of apprehension.

'I'll have to be careful this time. I don't know if there are any more people at that guy's level.' He thought with a shiver.

After getting the location of Keith, he vanished.

Keith had already come back to the Lutra realm since he couldn't see Grey who was being treated. Being the representative of the Pyrmond Faction meant he had to be in the Lutra realm frequently.

Deep in the Lutra realm, in a forest.

Keith was seated on one of the heads of the two-headed snake as they moved through the forest.

Grey's figure suddenly appeared in front of them, scaring the snake. It attacked instinctively, but Void easily blocked the attack.

"You've become very bold." He snorted when he felt a tinge of pain on his paw.

The snake shivered when it heard Void's voice.

"Stop it, Void, you know it's instinctive, you'll do the same if placed in his position." Grey tapped Void lightly on the head.

"Grey, you're out already" Keith asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I'd like to ask you something." Grey nodded and stood on the head of the snake.

"I'm listening." Keith's ears perked.

"Do you know where Alec is" Grey asked.

Keith paused for some seconds before replying, "I heard he was heading towards Kangs City two days ago. Apparently, someone from the Faction was captured."

"Thank you, next time." Grey said and vanished instantly.

pꪖnᦔa (nꪫꪣ)ꫀ​l​ Keith wanted to stop him but before he could say anything, Grey was nowhere to be seen.

He gave a wry smile before patting the head of the snake, "Let's go."

Kangs City.

This was a very famous city in the Lutra realm simply because of the vast number of experts who come to this place.

It's also the place with the highest number of criminals in the Lutra realm. Basically, it was a place where there were no rules.

Grey's figure appeared outside the city and with a quick shake, his color changed, and he was like the people of the Lutra race. Asking around, he found out about the young lady that was captured.-

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