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The way Aiden acted because I was going to stay here for a while is unexplainable. I don get why he would act that way, I mean this is not a big a deal and then we have been staying together for days.

When we were young, Aiden would move to our house to stay. Especially when it got into a fight with his father or his parents travelled. "He is only trying to be a bitch." I said under my breath and began to flick through the channels.

When I couldn find any suitable channel to watch, so I decided to opt for Netflix. It is the best, because I have already started watching Good Girls.

I played the episode five of season two, grabbing a can of beer and a pack of popcorn. I placed it in front of me and began to munch on the popcorn.

Halfway through the episode, I began to hear some funny noises. At first, I was telling myself that it could be coming from the television but when I paused it, I continued to hear that noise.

It came as a groan first then later turned into a moan. I stood up, moving close to the bedroom door that I and Aiden share, only to find out that the sound was coming from there. "What the **?" I cursed, dropping the can of beer on the kitchen aisle.

That sound belongs to Aiden and Aiden will never watch porn. He hardly does that because when I was a jock, me and the team members would stay back after classes and watch porn, some would even masturbate at that spot.

But Aiden never joined us. He said he would rather stay in the public library. And when I said I will help him find out who he was, I never thought it was going to be this fast. "What has gotten into him?" I asked no one in particular.

I kept everything at the back of my mind, and returned to the living room. I continued watching the series and then, tried to forget what I had heard. I will make sure that I didn say anything to Aiden, so that I won freak him out.

The episode ended and at the same time, the noise has also stopped. I picked the bowl that I had put my popcorn in and headed to the kitchen, clearing it before keeping on the dish washer.

I was beginning to get bored, bored of sitting here alone and I can even go to the room because I don know if Aiden is down with whatever he was doing.

I was deep in my thought when the bedroom door opened ajar and Aiden emerged from it. A hi slipped out of his mouth as he sat down close to me. "Hey." I mumbled back, keeping my head straight to show him that I was still angry at what he did to me earlier.

"See, I am sorry. I don know what got into me that I acted that way. It was very unusual of me but I acted that way at the end and I have no reason for it, I am sorry." He apologised, with a very sincere voice.

If it was someone different, then I would have stayed angry at him but this is my best that we are talking about. I can never stay angry at him because we complete each other and he is more like my twin brother. "It is okay Aiden, I was never angry to begin with. I just hope you won be bitchy during my stay here."I joked and he smiled.

"I promise, it won happen again." He affirmed before standing up.

I muttered an okay before playing another episode. "What do you want to have for lunch?" He asked.

Wait, lunch? When did we even had breakfast? It wasn even that long. "We had breakfast some hours ago. It wasn even up to three hours." I recalled.

He shrugged his shoulders, walking into the kitchen. "Well, I am hungry again." He screamed and I picked up my phone.

I need to be sure of what this is because it is very unlikely of Aiden to be hungry so fast. Like, he hardly eats lunch and now, he wants to make lunch. I checked into the browser, typing the symptoms of the new disease break out.

It was said to be transferable and was gotten from a reusable water cup. Most people that had went to the mall recently were the ones battling with it. "Aiden, when last did you go for shopping?" I asked him.

"Yesterday,some hours before you came." He responded. That must be it but it is not confirmed yet so I quickly ordered the test kit of the P-22 disease and then waited for it to arrive. The mild symptoms were cough, cattarh, and headache.

Then hunger, having a high blood pressure, rashes and body itching are the main symptoms. I just hope and pray that Aiden hasn contact the disease. "Do you think mac and cheese is okay? Or steak and italian pasta?" Aiden questioned bringing a pack of cheese from the refrigerator.

"Steak and pasta please. Don put too much cheese or even, don put it." I told him.

I really don like cheese because it doesn taste good to me. It has this bad taste that hits the back of the throat and I hate it really. "Okay." I heard said before I turned my attention to the television once again.

If favorable, I will finish most of the series that I had put in my list on Netflix since it is a lockdown period and there is nothing more to do. Thankfully, the network hasn been cut down or else, I have no idea of how we will be leaving without the Internet.

From the living room, you could here the plates breaking, the spoon been thrown into the sink and the freshly aroma of the herbs that Aiden had just fried. "What a badass cook." I commented and I am sure that Aiden must have heard me.

The test kits arrived later in the evening. It was packaged very well and seemed sanitised but before I picked it up, I had to spray the anti bacteria water spray on it. "Did you order for anything?" Aiden questioned and I nodded my head.

"I want us to both take our blood sample and know if we had contacted the disease or not." I told him ripping the box open.

I brought the test box on the table and urged him to come forward. He nervously walked to me and I could see it in his face that he is scared. "Calm down. You are not infected." I comforted taking his hands into mine and using the pin that came in the box to pierce his skin.

Blood gushed out of his pricked skin ad I hurriedly got the little amount needed for the test. I then gave him a clean mentholated wool and he wiped it out, stopping the blood. "Thank you." He said in a whisper.

I flashed him a smile before doing the same to mine and kept it aside, waiting for the results to show. It said that it will take exactly ten minutes for the results to show and if it comes back positive, we have to contact the health care center. "You know what? I have something to say to you." Aideb started and I urged him to go.

I kept the test strips in another side of living room so that air or anything won temper with it. "Thank you." He muttered.

I gave him a look, because I have no idea why he is thanking me. I should be the one thanking him because he is trying to go out of his comfort zone and live together with me until the pandemic stops. "For what Aiden?" I asked him.

He used his tongue to lick the side of his mouth before he looked up to me. "I... I." He stammered.

"Thank you for showing me that I can be whatever I want to be. You helped me find what I am and what I find my happiness in." He smiled.

That explains the loud moans that were coming from the room. "It wasn really a big deal, to be honest. I want you to be happy, that is all. And if being gay is what makes you happy then who are we to judge you? Enjoy your life." I returned his smile before the alarm beeped and went to check the test.

The most surprising thing is that both the test came out negative, then why was Aiden hungry that fast? "Oh, I had a little experiment earlier. I think it worn me out, sorry for making you worried."He apologised, with a side of his cheeks turning beetroot red.

"Well, it made you happy and made you realise that you love men." I grinned at him, getting a funny feeling that creeped me out.

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