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we share her or not chapter 5

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"what brings you here"Emily hissed looking through the window outside her house but was talking to somebody who has just joined her in the living room .

"sigh ...seriously how can you just blow my cover just like that I was enjoying the view too you know Emily "a womans soft calm sweet voice replied her .

"what haven you understood in my statement Amara "Emily spat bitterly not wanting to entertain her further not even turning around to look at her .

"Emily is that how you welcome your long-time friends who carry news for you in other words good news "Amara muttered with a small chuckle then stood up joining Emily where she was but kept a distance between them.she was a tall woman about a head taller than Emily with silver irises Blondie hair a pointed nose a skin that look much like silk with full breasts and a narrow waist with nicely curved hips (an hourglass clock I guess damn these witches they gat nice looks)after taking in a small breathe she spoke "what do you think dear Emily "

"hey can you not play mind games with me and just tell me what brings you or my door is open you can get the ** out of my house "[as if she used the door when she entering here in the first place ] "what did the council say "Emily scrowled

"actually they didn tell me anything "Amara said a smile forming on her face as she saw Emilys already frowned face turn darker then before.

"so why are you here "

"its obvious am here to see your frowning face "Amara stated coolly.

"you bitch do you want to die this instant "Emily hissed ready to cast a spell fuming with anger .

"I dare you to"Amara challenged with a smirk .

"okay Amara at least tell me what news you carry "after a glaring competition that Amara easily won Emily calmly asked after seeing that she would get nothing from raising her voice at the woman.

"the council have called for you "Amara said disappearing in thin air like she was never in the room but only her scent could be smelt there peaches mixed with almonds .

"what for"Emily breathed out . [that bitch shes soo annoying I wonder why they chose her as our messager ]

Emily casted a teleportation spell thinking of the place she wanted to be in then immediately appeared in frontof a huge mansion it looked familiar as always. [I wonder how she leaves in such a huge place by herself ].


She was greeted by the guards that where all over the place by bowing at her since they knew who she was .she entered the house going straight to where they always held there council meetings she meant a few servants on the way .she finally reached the room opening it with one push making the people who were already inside look back at the person who pushed the door with much force .Her hair was blown back with wind that nobody knew where it came from while her green eyes stared at only one person in the room earning a smirk from her clicking her tongue she took light and steady steps towards where her elder sister Miranda the head witch was seated eyed her once more than took her seat at her right .

"hello sister "Miranda said with a small smile playing in her lips .


"whatever "rolling her eyes at Emily

"guess everyone is here "Miranda said looking around there were groups of five of four different people. 4 vampires 4 witches 4 humans 4 werewolves and 4 hunters all groups had their owner leaders .The witches leader was Miranda while the other members were Emily Michelson ,Sofia Holimare and Addison Combs ,the vampires leader was Ezra Willmont the other members were Gerald Hopkins ,Lena Blench and Bianca Lee, the werewolves leader was ofcourse their Alfa Jayden while the others were Kai ,Ashna and Iris ,the hunters leader was Ethan Trey the others were Axel Hranda, Liam Black and Jessy Will and lastly the humans (I mean the normal ones )their leader was Melisa Peterson the others were Tobi Miller, Sarah Reigns and Allan Watts ."apart from your alfa wheres he "asked looking at the werewolves.

"yeah wheres your baby alfa "Addison mumbled gaining growls from the werewolves.

"his not a kid woman "Kai hissed looking at her with pure rage .

"his our alfa and needs to be respected "Ashna added in a calmer tone but still held her anger woth in her .

"his yours not ours to respect "Allen blurted out .


"you guys haven answered my question wheres he "Miranda asked lazily .

"his busy "mumbled through her granted teeth trying to contain her anger since this wasn the first time these people underminded their alfa since he was the youngest amongst the leaders since he was just 20years old.

"busy "Tobi snorted then added"I also gat bigger things to do but am here".

"shut it before I break that neck of yours human"Kai snapped losing it.

"we dare you to "Sarah shot back .

"enough "Miranda said making everyone look at her then asked "wheres your alfa "facing the werewolves.

"as she told you his busy "Ashna replied

"with"Miranda with a risen brow.

"school ofcourse "

"seriously "Melissa snorted

"ofcourse we are too supposed to be in school now but decided to attend on his behalf "Iris stated.

"whatever enough with the werewolf why are we here Miranda "Bianca spoke tapping her fingers impatiently on the table showing Miranda a glimpse of her long canines .

"well its something small actually"Miranda started "as you all know a new family of vampires has joined us and they are 6 in number am i right Mr Hopkins "looking at Gerald who nodded his head in response ."i welcome you to Treemont as you have seen its a huge town with many humans and other creatures all mixed togetherbut ofcourse the humans aren aware of living with others creatures apart from this that are in this room and so you gat to keep your real selves unknown to them inorder not to freak them out "

"good point Miranda "Ethan muttered nodding his head .

"thanks for welcoming is here and I will make sure to keep our identity hidden "Gerald replied in his cool calm tone with a small smile .

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