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Reeces POV


After purposely spending an hour with Axel, even though I know the gala started one hour ago, I finally left her off with Mrs Amanda- my house keeper.

For a billionaire, am expected to love the fame and glory that comes with the luxurious word but I don . It only exhausted me.

Of course, I love and enjoy the power and authority I have to the highest percentage but when it comes to interacting with people, I dislike it.

Knowing me already, Aaron who is the organiser of the gala, organised a secret passage for me, so I wouldn have to go through the red carpet like everyone else.

Walking through the hallway of the secret passage with my bodyguards behind me, footsteps approaches me and am met with the very familiar coy look on my brothers face.

"Took you long enough birthday boy." Tru engulfs me in a hug, laughing lightly.

We pull apart, "You know I hate these things." His eyebrows drew together with a teasing smirk on his lips.

"I thought youd be use to it by now." I scoffed and he chuckles. We resume our walk to the main hall.

"Nice outfit by the way." I wanted to thank him but I detected the little tease in his voice, which resulted in me throwing him a glare.

"Mom made it her personal mission for me to wear this tonight." The suit is formally made, only with sliver embellishment on the suit jacket. I wore nothing underneath the jacket, with a longer, bigger white fur coat over it.

"Hows everything going?" I could hear the faint classical music playing as we walked further. "Well for one, Aaron is losing his **." I could picture the image already.

"Some ** went down with Julian before the gala started but Aaron handled it." I tsked with annoyance.

In one of a few nights of mayhem at one of Aarons club here in LA, he somehow got mixed up with a bastard gang leader, Julian Ferris.

Aaron is basically my brother, so whenever something happens to him, it affects me too.

"Stop overthinking Reece, its your birthday for **s sake. Give a little vacation to that overloaded brain of yours." Tru snaps me out my thoughts.

My lips crack into a little smile. "Sure." Unimpressively, the distance to get to the main hall was much longer than I thought.

"I didn think youll come though. I thought you

e in-between shooting your upcoming movie?" He sighs with an uninterested look.

"Am actually thinking of taking a breaking from acting." A laugh breaks out of me, surprising him and myself.

"Taking a break why? Does Reina have something to do with it?" Trus mouth curved into a smile. "My co-star has nothing to do with it. And even if she does, that information is exclusive." She definitely does.

"Shes here by the way." The sly smile dressed on Trus lips, including his statement makes my brows knitted.

"Reina?" He shook his head no.

"Who is then?" I inquired a little confused.

He smiles softly, "Who else?"

He threw his face away from me, leaving me still confused. Who is she?

The heels clicking on the floor non-stop and a great deal of chatters dragged my attention. I only just realised we have finally gotten to the main hall.

Tru left to another side of massive hall, while I travelled my eyes around the accurate crowded room.

If I know more than half of the people here, I will gladly clap for Aaron.

It didn take a decent number of seconds for people to notice my arrival. I put on the most solemn look I could muster as I walked through.

The men giving me curt nods. The mouths of women, both married and single all had their mouth hung open, with their eyes practically eating me out.

"Oh **, you

e finally here." My face automatically breaks into a smile. I know that voice too well.

Before I could turn to my side, Micheal jumps me for a hug. "You bastard!" He squeezes my ribs, all in the name of hugging and I laughed.

He finally lets me breathe by pulling away. He looks into my eyes and places his palm on my cheeks, with a ridiculous look plastered on his face.

"Happy 30th bro." He taps my cheeks softly.

"I definitely know getting older is not something someone should be happy for but thanks." Micheal laughs.

A blonde girl with way too bright red lipstick waves at me, running her eyes over me as well. "Hey Reece." She wasn the only one.

I ignore the slutty looks the ladies were throwing at me, keeping my focus on Micheal.

"You came." I actually thought he wouldn . "You took a break from your voyaging?" Micheal is a hodophile. Hes in one city one day and another the next day.

He feigned a hurt expression. "Of course I came. After announcing this and enforcing it on you, you think Ill miss it? Not a chance." I smile.

"Its good to see you." He hugs me again and pats my back.

"You too."

Micheal and I met in highschool. Him, Aaron and I played basket ball and hockey together. Weve been best friends ever since then.

Just when Micheal pulls away from me, a group of elderly men approaches us.

Micheal gives a curt nod and leave us. "Reece Hayes." Lucas Heyworth spreads his arms for a hug with a big smile on his face. Hes one of my Dads business partners and friends.

He hugs me, laughing lightly with several pats on me back."Happy Birthday son." I smile politely, responding with a thank you.

From there on out, people came up to me, doing the same thing. Although, my back was starting to hurt a little because I was bending down to the level of people that were short.

I hugged, shook hands, smiled, engaged in small talks for some minutes but it honestly felt like hours. Worst of all, I only knew and recognised less than thirty percent of people who came up to me.

"Well be seeing each other soon Reece. I have a business proposal for you." Dominic sipped his white wine, being completely ignorant about the fact that I wasn interested in doing business with him.

I shouldve at least seen the guest list even if I wasn organising the party.

My blank look did not stop Dominic from talking about his potential failure of a business. So I moved my eyes from him, my uninterested expression clear as day.

I travelled my eyes, searching for something way less exhausting to look at in the crowd but then, I felt my breath seize for a second when my eyes met someone.

My eyes didn look away from her as soon as they locked on her.

Who the ** is that beauty?

She was standing with someone. A girl in a ultramarine suit and I immediately recognised her to be Gia Huang, the famous super model.

Gia walks away from her moments after but who my eyes have just discovered, was now standing alone. I could only see her back because she was backing me but the view was sinfully heavenly.

Her champagne dress hugged her body perfectly, the dress was full length. The glitters on the dress made it ten times more beautiful. The dress showed off her slim waist, wide hips and round butt.

Her golden blonde straight hair cascades down her back, almost reaching her butt.

Who is she?

And why the ** can I stop looking at her?

"Reece? Reece?" Dominic cuts into my thoughts by snapping his fingers at my face. How the ** is he still here?

Just when I was about look at him, the goddess of a woman swipes her head back and thats when I saw her.


Is she...

Of course she is.

Autumn Snow.

As in......My wife.

How did I not think of it? But its not my fault. I didn even know she was coming and I haven seen her before.

What I saw online when I searched about her was nothing compared to what am seeing physically with my eyes.

I haven even seen her face but **....shes beautiful.

I didn spare Dominic a glance as I began making my way towards her. My hands tucked in my pants pocket, people giving way as I passed through but my eyes was only set on her.

I don believe in superstition or spectacles for the laws of attraction but for the first time in my life, I find myself being drawn to something...to someone.

Someone who is worthy of being noticed by me.

Our distance was quite long because of the massive hall, but my eyes didn leave her once.

She stood uprightly, looking ahead of her. Her round purse which was so small like an orb, I barely think anything would fit inside and her phone were in her hand.

She looked so elegant and classy, just standing there and exhibiting perfection. I found myself growing more and more impatient to see her face as I walked.

The closer I got, thats when I noticed the men and even womens eyes on her. Some held jealously and judgement, mostly the women while the men had disgusting dirty looks on their faces as they gawked at her.

But how can you not stare at her? Shes dragging everyones attention without trying at all.

But despite that fact, I suddenly felt like blinding every mans eyes in the room, just so I would be the only one who looks at her.

When I got to her, she was staring at her phone. I paused for a moment and watched this masterpiece in front of me.

I knew people were looking at us but they were as irrelevant as this stupid gala.

All I wanna do now is steal Autumn away from everyone and lock her up in a place only I will find her.

I ran my tongue over my lips, helplessly running my eyes over her back view.

What it would feel like to have that ass in my hands.

These thoughts.

I took my last few steps towards her but she still hadn turned. Knowing who she is already, I called her name.

"Autumn Elle Snow."

She turns back at my call and when she did.....my heart stopped, then started again.

Ive never loved my height like I do at this moment. I loved that I was towering over her so much.

She had on high heels but she still looks small and cute compared to me. Scratch that, she looks small and hot.

Her eyes meets my body that was bare under the long coat and suit jacket I had on. Her eyes still hadn met mine.

I watch her expression as her eyes slowly drags up to mine, her lips slightly parted.

My attraction towards her only proves countless as my eyes connects with hers. Her ocean blue eyes, like the deepest darkest parts of the oceans that is filled with undiscovered mysteries and dangerous territories.

Her face is an example of Gods perfect creation. Pointed little nose, defined cheekbones and heart shaped lips, with the down one a little plumped.

Her makeup was mild and beautiful. A simple touch of nude colour lipstick.

I used the opportunity to run my eyes over her body fully. The dress is a tube cut, which only gives my eyes more access to take in her full view.


What kind of beauty is this?

I return my eyes to her face, still meeting her eyes who stared back at me with things Ive never seen before.

Like she was studying me as well.

Just being so close to her is already making my heart beat way too fast and I haven even heard her voice yet.

I brought my hand out of my pocket and took her hand softly, her eyes now tracing the movement. Her palm was warm and soft. Her long fixed nude nails grazed my skin in the process but she looked like nothing happened.

I brought my lips to the back of her hand and kissed it. It was faint, but my insides did a little something at the contact.

I looked back at her and found her lips slightly upwards. Was she smiling at my action? Did she like it? Should I do it again?

I wanna do it again but not on her hand.

She still hadn said anything. She was just watching me but honestly looking at her has been the best part of my night.

Something silly came into my mind, causing my lips to drag into a smile before I could stop them.

I looked behind and besides her before speaking, "Where is my birthday present....bellezza?" It was so **ing stupid but I just wanted to hear her voice.

She suddenly covers the mysterious look she had in her captivating irises, surprising me by smirking with something devious in her eyes.

"Your birthday present?" I nod lightly. She pauses for a moment before speaking again.

"Me. Reece Hayes." She takes a step closer to me, not breaking eye contact. She already knows who I am or maybe the birthday thing gave it off.

"I am your birthday present." Well I certainly wasn expecting that.

"And the best present youll ever have." She adds. Her devious look was as hot as her sexy smirk.

I honestly don need another present when I have her. She is more than enough and soon, shes gonna be mine.

Shes gonna be my wife.

When did I suddenly become optimistic about this marriage?

I didn know what to say. I was either dumbfounded, stunned or hypnotized by her to make a sensible sentence.

I just met her and she already has this much effect on me.

This is not good.


Thanks for reading!

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