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It is said that life is like the zig zag path of the river,a meandering river that goes its own way, never straight. Our path in life is never straight, except we have the foolish notion that it is. Foolish, because as soon as our lives take a slightly different turn, we get shaken. to this people who had truly experienced regret,pain and Loss can relate to. for Kyoka it was her begaining of her youth but that simply cannot mean she wont experience the feeling of regret,pain and Loss every person had to exprence it once to mature into a typical human being to survive in this world or another. the world of magic or the world of disasters or a peaceful no one can survive if not matured and mixed with the surrounding. life is the most beautiful wonder and the scariest nightmare,

its the reason to have faith and also the reason to lose hope,to feel blessed and crused, its just the way the one see it.


" Gabriel? Hazel?"

a fair little boy, age around five with beautiful red light wavy hair and icy blue eye there wasn much of a glow in those eyes but there was elegance in them. there was a mole that was under his eyes not visible from a far. he was wearing a oversized night suit that were squeaky clean. walking through a long hall way, the moon light were lighting up the inside due to the glass. the boy was walking carefully not to make a sound while passing the hall way.

"Gabriel?" he said in a low voice. he followed the end of the hall and climbed down the stairs.

the time was half past mid night, the echoing of the pendulum of the wall clock was loud and clear. the sudden sound made the boy crouch down and cover his ears, he wouldn get up before ten minutes. the servants quarters were down stairs at the back of the stairs, two men were complaining horrifyingly. they had a greek accent.

" that little brat wont let me have a single thing go my way, having his mother killed at such a age a beast nothing else to say "

" i dont agree more, i dont get why the master had bought such a burden "

" why of course, the mother and he would have had a affair why else? shameless rich people"

the boy moved a few steps to run away by then they had already noticed.

" what do you think you are doing here?" he grabbed him tightly by the arms and threw him out outside, the garden was wet due to the rain his hands and back was covered by mud. the had no strength to get up seem to have a high fever.

" you....i have been waiting to get my revenge

he bought a heavy metal rod covered with nail

rusted. without a second thought he began to hit him at the stomach, he coughed a large amount of blood but that didn stop the man he was about to hit him again but the other one stopped him telling him he might die so the man threw the rod and started kicking at the injured spot once twice then again the boy could bearly breath. the man pulled his hair to lift his head and about to throw a punch.


a oddly cold voice said from behind

the man turned to find a young boy around 13 with white hair that was shining in the moonlight, his eyes of two colour. his left eye was Yellow and right eye black that was shining. his right arm were tied with black bandages in which written in ancient letters that spelled out "APOLLO"

the man Lets go of the boy and in a fearful way says "M-Master this i mean i can explain"

" how exactly? " the boy looked even more furious

" Master, i was just blind by anger for the lady i mean how could a n-nobody like that do such a thing " he was in interrupted in the by another voice that sound rather fairer and less cold " Brother the question dosen sound right to me" a boy with equally length but black hair, the colour of his right eye was yellow and left black unlike the white haired one around the same hight and same figure he was, his Left arm was tied with white bandages in which written in ancient letters spelled out "ARTEMIS". jumped up from behind the garden walls and stepped on the fountain like a gentle feather.

" then what should it be? "

" Umm..Lets make a rhythm brother "

" and that shall be? "

the boy starts finger snapping in a joyous tone, he jumps of the fountain and walks around the man continuing to snap " ah come on Noah "addressing the white haired boy, Noah begans to clap in the same tone " then shall we start Neo " and their rhythm begins, the sound felt like it was floating in the air soothing and terrifying like the music coming from those wooden piece.Music that almost made one forget about their existence,the music that itself would heal ones deepest wounds. the soft and calming music like the cold breeze in hot summer,like the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

the creeking sound of the carriage door opening,

had woken up kyoka, waking up in a shock she came down the carriage with the help of Lucifers hand that was twice the size of her. unable to open her eyes she watched the beauty of the capital with sleepy eyes.

stalls around the road decorated in colourful patterns, twinkling light coloured blue,velvet red and bright yellow in hanging above on the wire that were tied to one end to another end of the road, the sweet smell of maple candy coming from the sweet shop,the happy laughs of the people and children running around the cold breeze had faded her sleepiness away.

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