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Grey was pushed back by the attack of the young man. 


The young man suddenly appeared close to him, punching him with his hands coated in lightning. 

Crack! Bang! 

The blue vest's protective light broke when the fist got close. Grey slammed into the ground from mid-air. 

"How's he doing it" The young man muttered while looking at the dust that kicked up after Grey slammed into the ground. 

His pupils suddenly dilated when he didn't see any sights of Grey in the crater he formed after he slammed into the ground. 

Whoosh! Bam! 

Grey suddenly appeared above him and smashed him with both fists tightly connected together. The force of the attack was so powerful that even after it sent the young man plummeting into the ground, Grey turned a few times in the air before managing to regain his balance. 


The young man crashed heavily into the ground, creating an even greater crater than the one Grey did when he crashed previously. 

Grey stood mid-air, looking down at the crater with a dominant expression. 

The dust soon died down, and Grey saw the young man standing up, looking at him. 

He disappeared again, appearing on the left side of the young man, but the young man was able to block the attack, but was forced to retreat a few steps back by the force. 

Bang! Bam! Boom! 

They continued fighting with both fighters getting hit by the other's attack. 

Buzz! Crash! 

A red lightning rain suddenly started with Grey stuck in the middle, but with a flicker of his body, he disappeared from the attack range. 

"Hmm, you're not in the Overlord Plane, but I can't say you're in the Origin Plane either," The young man said to Grey. 

He just broke through, so he wasn't the most powerful person in the First stage of the Overlord Plane right now, but given the uniqueness of his lightning, he could fight against those in the First stage of the Overlord Plane. 

While they had been battling, he had tried to sense what was going on with Grey, but he hadn't been able to comprehend it. 

"Heh! As I said, there's no use in explaining it to you," Grey scoffed while cleaning the blood that was flowing from the side of his mouth. 

He wasn't the only one hurt, the young man was also injured, and Grey was sure he had some internal injuries as well due to the number of times he had punched him on the body. 

The young man attacked once again, sending multiple lightning bolts to attack Grey while going closer as well. He had noticed that Grey was very welcoming to hand-to-hand combat, and since he could cover his fists with the lightning element to increase the strength of his attacks, he decided to get closer to him. 

Grey looked at the lightning, as well as the young man that was coming his way. 

'It's time to use a third element in this battle,' He said to himself. 

Although he had been using three elements so far, the young man had no knowledge of the space element which he was using for mostly escaping. He didn't know any space element attacks, and he hadn't been able to study it properly, so for now, he was only using it for escaping or dodging attacks. 

The element he decided to use was the darkness element. The reason for this, it's insane destructive nature. Since the young man wanted to engage in hand-to-hand combat, he would slowly inject darkness essence into his body, causing him unimaginable harm. 

Grey quickly used his fire element to block the lightning strikes that were coming his way, before charging at the young man with hands coated with both the fire and the darkness element. The fire element was at the top, so it shielded the darkness element. 

Bam! Bang! 

The sound of flesh hitting flesh started resonating in the entire forest. Grey naturally had the advantage in this fistfight due to him having superior physical strength compared to his opponent. 

In the cave. 

It had been five minutes since the battle started, and the array was still intact, that's to Grey always protecting it, and moving the battle away from that area. 


A cracking sound came from Reynolds' body, he had successfully broken through to the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane. 

There was still half of the essence left in the lightning tree. 

Reynolds looked at the lightning tree, before staring outside, his expression changed when he saw the damage that had occurred just after the entrance of the cave. 

Even inside the cave, he could feel the tremors of the battle that was going on outside. 

Reynolds looked at the lightning tree in his hands, and an idea popped into his head. He had never heard of anything like that happening before, but he felt that there was a chance it might work, he wanted to use the lightning tree on his Elemental Warrior. 

As soon as the thought came to his head, he immediately implemented it. He summoned his Elemental Warrior and started channeling the essence in the lightning tree into it. At first, he didn't see any response, but after almost a minute, he noticed that the essence in the lightning tree was suddenly depleting at a tremendous speed. 

This was when a thought came to him, it's not that no one ever tried to do it, it was just that where the hell would they get such a huge amount of elemental essence to feed it. 

Within the space of a single minute, the Elemental Warrior had sucked one-fourth of the essence that was left in the lightning tree, this was something that took Reynolds around six hours or so. 

Even after sucking one-fourth of the essence, there weren't any visible changes in the aura of the Elemental Warrior, it was still around the Seventh stage of the Origin Plane, with strength that could rival that of an Eighth stage expert. 

It was after it had taken half of what was left in the lightning tree did Reynolds start seeing changes in the Elemental Warrior.-

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