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affinity_chaos Chapter 336: Resolve!

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While Void was complaining, Grey was trying his best to comprehend the space element. He didn't get much from just sending only his hand into the space tunnel, but adding his spiritual sense made up for it. 

But doing this increased the danger, and he is fully aware of it. If he doesn't pull out his hand before the space tunnel collapses, then he would lose his mind, literally. 

Losing the part of the body where the spiritual sense lies would render one mindless. The spiritual sense of each Elementalist contains the consciousness of the Elementalist. If for example, an Elementalist places their spiritual sense in a space tunnel just like this one and the tunnel collapses, then there's no way of sending it back to the body. 

Without the consciousness in the body, one's mind would revert back to when they were just born, only this time, they wouldn't grow mentally. 

Grey decided to take the risk because he knew rewards only come with risks. It was just his time in the trial land, without taking the risks he took, he wouldn't be where he is right now. 

Going to the trial land was a risk on its own as well. 

The other reason he decided to do this was also due to the risk factor as well. Once he's conscious of the fact that he might die if he doesn't comprehend the space element quickly, he feels he might be able to get it. 

It has been proven that human potential is far more active when it comes to life and death scenarios. Although, he is well aware that not all scenarios end well. 

'I can feel the space element slowly filling my mind, the longer I stay here, the clearer it becomes,' Grey thought while lost in a daze. 

The only thing in his mind right now was the space element, it got to the extent that he even forgot the danger he was currently in as he embraced the feeling he was getting from the space element. 

While Grey was lost in comprehending the space element, Void on the other hand was having a difficult time hanging on. 

'Shit! He better prepare something good for me after this or else we're done!' Void complained after two more minutes went by. 

If not for the fact that he knew Grey's life would be in danger, he would've already stopped this by now. He was presently only hanging on with sheer willpower. 

Just when he thought things were bad, things turned worse when he looked at Grey. 

'Fuck me!' He yelled, staggering with frightened eyes. 

Around Grey, spatial distortions could be seen. This would've been good since it meant Grey was starting to have good contact with the space element. But in their current state, it wasn't just bad, it was the worst possible thing that could happen. 

These spatial distortions would quickly disrupt the flow of space in the room, easily shattering the spatial tunnel Void currently has set up. 

If the tunnel were to collapse, Void might still be able to find the coordinates and retrieve Grey's hand, thereby reuniting him with his spiritual sense which is in the hand. But if the spatial tunnel shatters, it would destroy everything in it. 

'Shit! Shit! Shit! I might die as well if this continues any further,' Void almost felt like crying. 

The spatial distortions around Grey were starting to grow bigger and covering a wider range. 

Void hastily set up another spatial tunnel to counter the distortions that were appearing close to the tunnel Grey's hand was in. 

'Damn it!' He complained as he stared at Grey with gritted teeth. 

His vision was already starting to get blurry from over-exertion, but he was forcing himself to stay awake. If he fails to hold on, then Grey would most likely die. 

What is currently stopping the spatial distortions right now from destroying Grey's body is because he currently has some connection with the space element. If it were to be someone else, then the person would already be dead. 

If Void falls asleep and the spatial tunnel closes, then the link between Grey and the space element would be broken. This will allow the distortions to destroy him. 

One more minute went by, and Void could barely see what was around him. His eyes were already drowsy, and standing was already starting to become difficult. 

'I… have to… hang on… just a… longer,' He pushed himself. 

His consciousness was already starting to fade, but he couldn't give up on Grey. He didn't dare to. 

As it stands, he had already pushed himself far beyond his limits. Right now, he could even say he was at his limit's limit. He didn't even know if that made sense, but that was how he was currently feeling. 

Void was not only trying to keep himself awake, but he also has to focus on stopping the distortions that were headed towards the spatial tunnel, as well as the ones heading his way. 

Void could barely hang on, while Grey was getting a better feeling of the space element as his consciousness stayed in the tunnel a little longer. 

He could feel the space element was in his grasp, all he had to do is pull and it would be his. But the space element was being more stubborn than he expected. 

'I will comprehend you this time, no matter what!' Grey thought while pushing his spiritual sense further into the spatial tunnel, away from the protection of his hand. 

When the spiritual sense left his hand, it was immediately hit by a wave of unknown energy, almost destroying it. 

'Haha, yes, yes, a little more,' He laughed as he pushed it deeper into the tunnel. 

The energy wave struck his spiritual sense once again, harder, pushing it further back. 

After being hit again by the energy wave, Grey's starting bleeding from his mouth and nose on his physical body. 

His spiritual sense was getting damaged from the attacks from the energy wave, but he refused to give up. 

'I will move further, no matter what it takes!'

'I will hold on longer, even if it kills me!' 

Grey and Void said at the same time.-

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