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Chapter 888 Taking Action

Alec's ears perked up when he heard this and he hurriedly looked around to find the owner of the voice, when he saw a small black cat beside him, his eyes opened wide, almost bulging out of his head.

He couldn't hide the shock in his eyes.

This cat is only present wherever Grey was, Void coming back to the Lutra realm meant that Grey was there as well. Not just that, but Grey was currently here.

'How lucky.' He clicked his tongue before nodding to Void.

Grey seeing this already knew the answer. He couldn't help but facepalm at Alec's wrong decision.

Alec's sense of comradeship was respectable, but putting himself in death's grasp was stupid to Grey.

'I guess it's time for me to act. He'll take the people away while I stop the Mayor and others.' Grey communicated his intentions to Void so he would relay them to Alec.

When Alec heard this, he paused for some time, thinking about how Grey would be able to stop these people.

He wanted to ask, but Void told him to focus on his mission and leave the rest to Grey.

He nodded and turned to look at the Mayor who had a gloomy look when he saw Void standing beside Alec. Alec's mouth moved, and although he didn't hear any words coming out of his mouth, he was certain Alec was communicating with someone else with the strange beast.

The Mayor unleashed his full strength and tried to execute the youths before anyone else would intervene.

Not just that, but just as he attacked, twelve powerful auras exploded out from different sides of the crowd and rushed out, standing beside the Mayor.

Their intentions were clear, to protect the Mayor and make sure the execution went as planned.

Grey prepared himself, and just as the attack was about to hit the already injured youths, Grey blinked.

A shocking scene followed up, the Mayor was no longer standing in his previous spot, rather, a figure who had a robe on was the one standing there. The attack which was also prepared for the captured youths died the moment the Mayor switched positions.

Without enough power, it was easy for Grey to push it away.

Grey entered the Fusion State the moment he appeared and a powerful fusion orb exploded out, sending the twelve experts who were previously standing beside the Mayor flying.

After doing this, he removed the bonds on all seven youths who were captured.

Eva stared at Grey as if she had seen a ghost. She couldn't believe Grey was already back in the Lutra realm. From her experience, she knew Grey only came back for one reason, revenge.

However, she had some doubts considering the fact that Grey was unconscious at the time Nathan wanted him dead.

Grey saw the shock in her eyes but didn't think much of it, he had to focus on the mission at hand, getting these people to safety.

Alec moved closer to them and with a blink, he took them with him. Time was of the essence, and he didn't want to waste any.

Void also took the other three with him. Leaving Grey alone with the thirteen Peak Sage Plane experts, including the Mayor.

Grey targeted the Space Elementalists amongst them, taking them out in a short time.

Everything happened so fast that before any could react, Alec and Void had not only escaped with the people but the only two people who could chase them down had been attacked by Grey.

Although they weren't dead, it was almost impossible for them to track down Void and Alec in their present condition, especially with Grey watching.

"Who are you" The Mayor asked.

"No one, I'll see myself out now." Grey replied casually before turning around.

When the Mayor saw this, he was incensed.

How could Grey stop their execution and leave just like that, what did he take them for, some sort of cowards who would allow him to do as he pleased

The Mayor and the other ten experts charged at Grey. The two Space Elementalists hurriedly joined the battle as well.

Grey didn't feel any pressure from the onrushing people, taking a steady step forward, he released his gravitational field which sent every single member of the Lutra race within a hundred meters radius of him falling to the ground, the Peak Sage Plane experts were no exceptions.

The sudden change in gravity was something none of them were prepared for.

Grey had free reign to do whatever he wanted with the small time he had, and he made full use of it.

With a blink, he appeared in the sky and large boulders covered with blue flames started to fall to the ground.

Not just that, but he also unleashed his fire and lightning domain on the experts.

According to what he knew, the Kingdom he formed an alliance with had some issues with these experts, they had been terrorizing them for some time. And with the amount of criminals present here, as well as top experts, the Kingdom didn't dare to act rashly.

Given the opportunity, Grey didn't mind helping them to take out a few of their enemies.

The Peak Sage Plane experts were the first to break free from the bondage of the force field, seeing the large boulders falling from the sky, they scrambled to stop them.

But the fire and lightning domain incapacitated them for another second, and the boulders crashed into the city.

'I think I just made the relationship between them and humans even worse. Well, they still don't know I'm human, why not cause some trouble with another Kingdom' Grey thought internally.

He was speaking the language of the Lutra race, so these men didn't know he was a human. The only thing that might give him away is his skin color, having just one color and displaying over one element was not possible, never before had something like this happened in the history of the Lutra race.

A large explosion followed after the boulders started to crash in the city.

Alec, who was over one thousand five hundred meters away, saw the impact of the attack and couldn't help but suck in a cold breath.-

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