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Chapter 884 There's Something Odd With The Boy

Foudre stared at the black cat in amazement, he couldn't believe the small cat which was always with Grey to be this powerful.

"Hmph! You can't stop me from killing him, no one can." He snorted unimpressed.

With a wave of his hand, he sent out a sea of flames in Void's direction. Void looked at the incoming flames and blinked away.

"You just made a terrifying enemy for yourself." Alec shook his head as he heard Void's threat.

"They can't escape." Foudre said confidently and threw a talisman into the air.

The talisman exploded, but before its effect could spread, a large frame appeared behind Foudre and covered the explosion that was just about to set off from the talisman.

The talisman was made useless.

Foudre turned around and saw a large figure. It was the triplet after merging.

Their current height was over two and a half meters. And they gave off an aura of a Sixth stage Sage Plane Elementalist, the same stage as Foudre.

Alec, seeing this figure, retreated some meters back. He didn't know who the triplet were, but he was confident they were here to stop Foudre.

Foudre attacked the triplet, but they shrugged off the attack and sent out a powerful combined attack that pushed Foudre back.

They were each powerful on their own, now that they were merged, their joint attack power was on another level. Even a genius Seventh stage Sage Plane Elementalist will find it hard to defeat the trio in this state.

The triplet and Foudre exchanged blows for some time and they overwhelmed Foudre. He escaped some minutes later when he finally realized they were not on the same level.

The trio didn't bother to chase after him since Grey was more important. They left with the help of the Space Elementalist amongst them.

Alec tried to track them down, tracing the spatial nodes they used, but he only met a dead-end and could only give up.

A lake in the Lutra realm.

Keith could be seen standing beside the water, a large snake moving in the lake.

A spatial tunnel opened and Void and the triplets appeared. He looked at them hopefully, and seeing one of the triplets nod made him heave a sigh of relief.

They saw each other in this area so they set up a meeting point. Since Void said he sensed Grey, Keith left the search to him.

"How's his condition" Keith asked.

"Alive, for now." Void replied with a low voice.

"Hmm." Keith looked on, waiting to see Grey's present condition.

When he saw Grey's appearance, he almost coughed up his intestines.

"That's not good. How's he still alive" He couldn't help but ask in shock.

He wanted Grey alive, but seeing his condition was shocking, to say the least. Most Elementalist would be dead if they had such an injury, yet, Grey was still alive, although barely, he was alive.

"Beats me, but since he's alive, he might survive this. I'm taking him over to the Faction, only they can save him." Void said.

Just like Grey, he was able to access all the teleportation arrays Grey set up around the realm.

Keith nodded since this was the best course of action. He followed them since he could come to the Lutra realm whenever he wanted, he didn't need to bother about not being allowed inside again without points.

Outside the Lutra realm.

The Elder was still standing guard beside the portal. When he saw it light up, he turned around. Seeing Keith, he recalled Grey entered this place with Keith, and also recommended him for future dealings as well with the people from the Lutra race.

Grey was carefully placed on a soft bed where he was sleeping, well, unconscious with no one aware of when he might wake up.

When the Elder saw him, he hastily took him and they vanished to the Faction. There's a Light Elementalist above the Elemental Sovereign Plane, if Grey had any chances of waking up soon, then this expert can help him out.

Getting to the Faction, Keith was dropped off at his place and when the Elder wanted to leave, Void blocked him. He knew this cat was always with Grey, so he decided to take him along.

It wasn't like the cat was going to harm Grey in any way.

In an underground building in the Pyrmond Faction.

The Faction Leader was currently looking at an old man standing in front of Grey. The Elder who brought Grey was also standing there.

"How are his chances of survival" The Elder asked.

"It's already a miracle he's alive, and also slowly healing up. His healing should be a good sign, but with the severity of the injury, it's not something I can confirm." The Light Elementalist replied.

He knew how important Grey was to the Faction, so he did his best to heal him up.

"We can only wait." The Faction Leader said.

Grey's previous injuries were all healed up and even his missing arm and leg were restored. The healing capabilities of a Light Elementalist were not to be undermined.

Grey's personal healing ability also made this easier.

The Light Elementalist looked at Grey for some time before turning to the Faction Leader, "Can I have a word, alone"

The Faction Leader looked at the Light Elementalist before turning to the other Elders around, he gave a nod and they vanished.

Now, only the Light Elementalist and the Faction Leader were left, along with Grey and Void.

"What did you find out" The Faction Leader knew this had something to do with Grey.

"There's something odd about the boy. When I was healing him, I could sense elemental energy radiating from his cores, but when I tried to heal it up, some strange energy pushed my spiritual senses away, I was even injured." The Light Elementalist said with a serious expression.

Grey was a Sage Plane Elementalist, being able to force out the spiritual sense of an expert above the Elemental Sovereign Plane was something that shouldn't be possible.-

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