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Chapter 857 Unexpected Situation

"First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the sparring contest as well as those who participated in the competition and gave us the victory…" The Faction Leader spoke calmly, but his voice was audible for all to hear.

He addressed the issue of the importance of the secret realm since it was one of the few places that allowed those in the Sage Plane entry. Most secret realms had a limit of the Overlord Plane, so the geniuses above the Overlord Plane couldn't go in, but this particular one allowed those in the Sage Plane. This was why it was coveted by other Factions when the Pyrmond Faction started to decline.

The Syphilis Faction was the only one that managed to succeed. This is one of the reasons why they could produce more Sage Plane Elementalists faster than the Pyrmond Faction. Although the Aurora Faction was superior to these smaller realms, those realms were very beneficial to youths who were still growing.

In the case of Grey and the other geniuses, they would be able to grow at an even faster speed if they were sent to these special realms.

"Now that we've gained control over the secret realm once again, we'll be holding a competition for those who would want to enter for a training trip. The competition will start in two days. As a special reward for being victorious, each of the ten individuals who went for the competition are given free access to the domain." The Leader said.

None of the other youths felt envious of the privilege given to those who participated in the competition. They all tried to gain a spot, but they lost in the contest, so all they can do is place their hopes in the competition that will be taking place in two days.

The Leader spoke a little longer, encouraging those who wanted to take part in the competition. When he was done, he left the occasion. There was no use in him staying there any further.

Grey asked Alec if he could leave since the occasion was as good as finished.

"What do you mean It just got to the fun part." Alec said with an excited smile.

"Fun part" Grey raised a brow.

"Just watch." Alec nudged him to look ahead.

Grey looked forward and saw all the youths below the Elemental Venerable Plane stepping out.

"What's going on" He asked curiously.

"There's always a special session after each ceremony hosted in the Faction. The strongest geniuses from each Plane would step out, well, more like each stage in said Plane. For instance, you see that guy over there" Alec pointed at a young man who looked to be around twenty-five years old or so.

Grey followed his hands to a young man with blue spiky hair. He stood just over six feet tall and had a well-built body. He has a short beard and mustache.

"That's Kevin, he's the strongest individual in the Late stages of the Sage Plane. He's already been at the Peak for some time now, and it's said he will be breaking through very soon." Alec explained.

He started to point out the other geniuses regarded as the strongest in the Mid and Early stages of the Sage Plane.

Grey listened to his words carefully while taking note of the people he called. He tried to memorize their faces and names in case of future purposes.

Before Kevin started off the special session, he turned to look at Grey.

"I heard you've already awakened your domain. If it's not a problem, we all would like to see it." Kevin said in a booming voice.

Everyone turned to look at Grey. It was said that he used his domain during the competition, this was something that the other youths found shocking. Grey was still in the Overlord Plane, after all.

Kevin who was already at the Peak of the Sage Plane still hadn't awakened his domain. He couldn't say he was jealous of Grey, but deep down, he wished he had awakened his domain.

"Don't worry, he doesn't mean any trouble." Alec reassured Grey.

Grey nodded before standing up and walking over to the platform that had been raised on the ground.

When Grey got to the platform, he bowed to the geniuses on the Sage Plane as a form of respect. They were all his seniors, and although there were a few individuals he was older than, he didn't really care about it. To him, only the strong had the right to be above others. Since he was still weaker than they were, then he was their junior.

Eva, who was a year older than him, was among those on the platform.

"I'm Grey." He introduced himself before taking a deep breath.

His eyes glowed with pale blue light and the platform was covered with a blue inferno, however, there was a difference between this flame and the one he used previously, it gave off intense icy chills.

Those at the Early stages of the Sage Plane felt a cold chill run down their bodies and they quickly used their elemental essence to block the effects of the cold.

"Eh" Grey let out a surprised exclamation.

He didn't expect the sudden change in the temperature of his flames.

Each of the Elders who were present when he used his domain in the competition stood up in shock. They exchanged glances and even the Faction Leader who was gone suddenly appeared.

Grey deactivated the domain quickly, a little shocked by what just happened.

He hurriedly sent his spiritual senses into his body and saw the pale blue flame inside him rotating slowly.

'Damn it! This thing couldn't pick a better time to react' He couldn't help but complain, but he still wore the same casual expression.

Only those who were present at the competition found his domain strange. It had the same color as when he used it back then, but the effect was completely different, which was very abnormal.

Grey looked in the direction of the Elders and could also see the shock in their eyes. He almost wanted to facepalm, but he had to keep a straight face.

"Icy fire, you truly are special." Kevin praised.-

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