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Chapter 868 A Deal II

Pyrmond Faction.

Grey and the Elder appeared in the secret cave where he met with the Faction Leader the last time.

The Faction Leader had already gotten the news of the duo's arrival, so he wasn't surprised to see them.

They both bowed to greet the Faction Leader.

"What brings you here" The Faction Leader asked, waving at the duo not to bother with greetings.

They naturally didn't do as they were told. After they were done with greetings, the Elder looked at Grey before turning to the Faction Leader.

"He has a very important piece of information." He pointed at Grey.

"Oh really, what's that" The Faction Leader asked with curiosity.

Grey went on to tell him about the potential deal he struck with the members of the Lutra race.

"Wait, you managed to learn their language" The Faction Leader couldn't help but ask.

This had been a major stumbling block for them while they were still in full control of the portal to the secret realm. They had not been able to break through the language barrier for years, and in only six months or so when Grey entered he had not only broken it but he also managed to strike a deal with them. Amazing!

"Yeah, it was pretty difficult, but it wasn't impossible to begin with." Grey said.

"Do you think they'll agree to your deal" The Faction Leader asked.

"They were the ones who brought up the terms for this deal, so hopefully, yeah." Grey replied.

"Alright, there are some things we can offer them." The Faction Leader nodded after hearing Grey's words.

He brought out a few items and gave them to Grey. He knew all about the Lutra realm and what they lacked, so he brought out a variety of items that were impossible to find in the Lutra realm and handed them over to Grey.

Grey was the only one who could communicate with them, so he passed everything to him. After taking them, Grey and the Elder disappeared from the secret cave.

After they left, three figures appeared beside the Faction Leader. They were all old men, and the Faction Leader looked at them with respect.

"What do you think of him" The Faction Leader asked.

"He seems to have the Faction's best interest in mind." One of the men said.

"He's that kid's child, right" An old man asked.

"Yes, Lucas produced a child even more monstrous than himself. But from the look of things, the boy has no knowledge he's from the Dawson Family." The Faction Leader replied.

He could still remember how Lucas rose to fame after a famous battle he had with an old ancestor of a rival Family. That battle took him straight to the top, and he was regarded as a peer amongst those figures who were at the very top.

"He has some secrets in his body. I presume that's one of the reasons Lucas kept him hidden." The Faction Leader added.

"It's natural, why do you think he's this powerful As long as he has the Faction in mind, that's all that matters. Also, I think he has some feud with necromancers. If not for the guy protecting him, he would've been dead by now." He added as well.

"Necromancers Hmph! They are becoming more brazen now. Try to exterminate the few you find around. Also, there should be a base around our Region, search for it and remove it." One of the old men said.

They continued speaking about Grey's prospects, and after some minutes, they decided to leave Grey alone. It would be best if he grows on his own. Even his family was letting him experience life on his own, why should they interfere

Lutra Realm.

Grey's figure appeared in the realm once again. It hadn't even been close to twenty minutes since he left the realm. The member standing guard there was surprised to see Grey once again.

He hurriedly welcomed him. Grey nodded as a greeting before vanishing.

When he appeared once again, he was already standing outside the city.

With the device in hand, he changed his color and blended into the city with ease. He found a way to hide his face since even his skin color couldn't change his facial appearance, so it would be easy for the few who saw him the last time to recognize him.

He stopped in front of a building that had purple flowers designing it. It was a story building with guards standing at the gate.

Grey blinked and appeared in the compound. Walking around, he found the old man he beat up talking with another man.

He appeared inside the office where they were speaking.

"I'm back." He said as soon as he appeared.

Both men were taken by shock when they saw Grey's figure. If not for him speaking, they wouldn't have been able to sense him.

Grey was currently in his Fusion State. Even though he felt they would accept his proposal, he didn't trust them. They could easily plan an ambush, waiting to take him out.

"How did you get in here" The middle-aged man sitting on the chair asked with a cold voice.

"I walked in." Grey replied nonchalantly.

"I assume he already told you of my proposal, correct" Grey asked.

"Yes. We're not interested." The man replied almost instantly.

"Calm down, this is not the only part of the deal. There are other kingdoms in this realm, and I can easily strike a deal with the others as well. You don't want them to be the ones to collaborate with us, do you" Grey looked at the man with a blank expression.

The man froze when he heard this. Thinking about it, he couldn't help but feel apprehensive. If the other kingdoms allied with humans, then they could easily take control of the entire realm.

"This is a win-win scenario for us. We give you what you want, and you give us what we want. This will not only reduce the number of humans who come here, but it will also give you guys the chance to break the barrier." Grey continued.

He had never been the best negotiator, and if they still refused this proposal, he would leave immediately.-

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