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Chapter 869 Increase In Elemental Grades

Grey left the city with a satisfied smile. He was able to convince the man to agree to the proposal.

'The thought of us helping the other kingdoms is more appealing than us exchanging resources.' He thought with a chuckle.

"What now" Void asked Grey when they left the city.

Now that they were out of the city, and already created a connection between this kingdom and the Faction, it was time for him to leave.

"I have to teach someone the language, I've written most of it down when learning, so it should be easier for them. Also, I have to introduce them to who would be exchanging the items with them." Grey said.

The only person Grey was close to that was currently in the realm was Keith, so he planned to use Keith. Since Keith was still in the First stage of the Sage Plane, it would be a good thing for him if he could stay here for an extended time since their time here was already up.

When he looked at the tracking device, he saw that Keith was still in the same cave where the snake was located.

He vanished and appeared there within a second.

"Hey." He waved at Keith.

"Huh! I thought you were leaving" Keith was shocked by Grey's sudden appearance, he was even prepared to attack.

"I did, but I struck a deal with these guys and after speaking with the Faction Leader about it, he approved it. Now we need someone who would be the link. I can't stay here since there's a place I need to be in a few months' time." Grey went straight to the point.

"You want me to do it" Keith understood what Grey was getting at.

"Yeah, you'll be the one communicating with the Lutra race. If you don't want to, you can as well reject it, you're not obligated to do it." Grey said.

"I want to. This is a chance for me to stay here a little longer, so of course I want to stay and do it." Keith accepted immediately.

"Good, here." Grey tossed some scrolls at him.

"What are these" Keith asked with a confused expression. The scrolls were over twenty, and opening one of them he couldn't understand a single word on it. All he saw were weird symbols.

"You'll have to learn the language of the race if you want to speak with them. That's it, take these as well, it's more like a rough translation of those words." Grey gave him another set of scrolls.

Keith almost wanted to regret his decision, but he forced himself to study the scrolls.

"I'll teach you how to speak the language once you're done with reading that. It will make things easier." Grey said after some time.

With that, he left Keith alone. Since he was still here, he decided to explore the place a little more. Maybe he could find something interesting.

Since breaking through to the Sage Plane, he hadn't been able to do many things. If not for the battle he had with those men, he wouldn't even know how powerful he is. Well, that was while he was in the Fusion State.

Once an Elementalist breaks through from the Overlord Plane to the Sage Plane, they undergo a considerable change. When breaking through to the Overlord Plane, he had to crack his cores and integrate the powers into his body, now, he had to make compress those powers into different spots in his body. This was different from cores.

In this case, the spots where the powers were gathered would be on different parts of his body. Unfortunately for Grey, he was different from others, so he couldn't do it the conventional way. Instead of compressing the powers to different spots, they were all attracted to the orb in his body.

With this, the orb gave off a stronger glow, and Grey could feel his connection with it grow significantly. He could feel he had some sort of control over it now.

That was not the only thing, the blue flame in his head had grown stronger and he could also send it out of his body. However, it still hadn't gained consciousness, although it was on the verge of doing so, it stopped.

Grey was still contemplating if he should allow it to gain consciousness or not. He was the one who had stopped it with the array the Faction Leader used in stopping it from advancing. The thought of having something with a thought of its own in his body was a little too scary for him, so he planned to wait until he was sure he had complete control over it.

When he started his exploration, he would occasionally bring out the flame and try to loosen the hold on it. After watching how it reacted, he would keep it back. The flame was very dominant, and it didn't want to be under any control, this was Grey's greatest issue with it.

While strolling through the realm, he sensed something interesting.

"An earth elemental treasure. Let's check it out." He said to Void.

He didn't like missing the chance of acquiring a treasure that could improve his elemental grade for his elements. At the point, he was a little certain that either his earth or darkness element would be the next to have a domain. There's also the possibility of his water element. The grade for his water element was improving without him even doing anything.

Of all his elements, only his light element was still below the blue grade. He hadn't been able to improve it since it was very difficult to work with. Other than using it to heal himself, he couldn't rely on its speed mainly because of his space and lightning element which had high elemental grades. Even his wind elemental grade was already cyan after he acquired the treasure he found in this realm during the second month he entered the realm.

If his earth element sees another upgrade, then it would be in poll position to become the next domain awakened.-

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