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Chapter 870 A Genius From The Pyrmond Faction

Grey's figure shot through the sky and before long, he appeared in a desert. On getting there, he saw multiple people, some of them were from the Pyrmond Faction, while there were also people from the Lutra race. It was like there was an unwritten rule that they should wait until the treasure was ready before they started fighting.

The treasure got to its peak when Grey arrived. Everyone rushed after it at the time it was prepared. A pyramid-like sand dome was where it was radiating from.

Grey didn't wait for anything and rushed into the place as well. He couldn't be the last person that got into the dome. There was an entrance underneath it.

They could all sense the treasure was at the top of the dome. But there was no way to get into the place, this was why everyone waited until now.

Grey used his wind and lightning element to breeze through most of the people that entered the place before him. He didn't even look at them and rushed straight for the top.

On his way, he could sense powerful auras of people in the Late stages of the Sage Plane. Some of them were from the Pyrmond Faction, while the others were from the Lutra race.

When Grey got to the top, he saw the humans facing off against those from the Lutra race.

The humans were at a disadvantage in numbers, this was the Lutra realm, after all, so it was normal for them to have the number advantage. Grey used the Fusion State once again, and unlike the people who wanted to fight for the treasure, he went straight for it.

He didn't care about what anyone thought about this move, all that mattered was getting the treasure. He needed to improve his strength with every chance he got, so he was not concerned about making some enemies from even the Pyrmond Faction.

Those from the Pyrmond Faction were taken aback when they saw a human figure rush past them, trying to acquire the treasure they were all fighting for.

"Isn't that Grey" One of the youths in the group asked.

It was a young lady who Grey was a little familiar with. He had seen her once, during the day of the celebratory ceremony, Eva.

"Stop there!" A young man said coldly.

He was in the Late stages of the Sage Plane and felt he was senior to Grey. Given the normal circumstance when they left the Faction, Grey was still in the Overlord Plane. So even if Grey manages to break through to the Sage Plane when he came here to train, he should still be around the First or Second stage of the Sage Plane.

Grey didn't even bother with answering them. Not even the Elders could tell him to stop from taking this treasure, unless they used their strength to stop him.

The people from the Lutra race who were at the Late stages of the Sage Plane charged after Grey, along with the people from the Pyrmond Faction.

Grey didn't stop and when he was a few meters away from the glowing brown orb, he released his domain of fire. He used the icy flames since it was stronger.

When the people chasing after him saw the domain, they instantly tried to block it with their elemental powers, but Grey was currently at the Peak of the Sage Plane, so it was safe to say he was way stronger than them individually. He also only made it to cover a small area to make it stronger than normal.

While the group paused to deal with the domain, he was standing in front of the floating orb.

'A large concentration of earth elemental essence, how rare.' He thought internally.

He didn't waste any time and took the orb away. After taking it, he turned to look at the people who were already out of the domain's area. He was surrounded by both humans and the people from the Lutra race.

"You guys really aren't going to ally with these guys just to fight me, right" He asked with a smile.

He didn't show any signs of fear since he could easily escape from the encirclement.

"You're Grey" The young man with the highest cultivation stage amongst the members of the Pyrmond Faction who came asked.

Grey hadn't seen this young man before, so he didn't really know him. Also, he didn't like the way the young man spoke with him.

"Hello." He waved at Eva.

"You're already this powerful" Eva asked with a wry smile.

"Not really, I'm using a special technique." Grey replied.

"I'm talking to you." The young man said coldly.

"You are" Grey glanced at the young man with raised brow.

"Don't get cocky because you managed to obtain a technique that increased your strength by this much." The young man said coldly.

Grey turned his gaze away from the young man. He didn't have the time to speak with cocky people. He focused his attention on the people from the Lutra race.

"Are you people from the Slyth Kingdom" He asked them in their language.

"You speak our language" One of the men asked in shock.

"Yes, but you haven't answered my question." Grey replied.

"Yes." The man nodded.

"Alright, since you're from that kingdom, we can all go our separate ways. I presume you have a way to communicate with others from your race. I've agreed a deal with them to bring resources that you people don't have here, in exchange, you also give us the resources we don't have in our world. They've agreed to it, so we can be said to be allies." Grey explained the current situation to the man.

The man froze, not sure what to believe. He wasn't the only one in shock, the others from his race, as well as all the humans present had shocked expressions. Those from the Lutra race were shocked because of the information Grey just gave them, while those from the human race were stunned by the fact that Grey could communicate with these people.

They had never heard of anyone being able to understand and even speak the language of this race.

Grey being able to do it was the first time they saw something like this. Not just that, but he was also speaking so calmly with them. From how the people from the Lutra race were acting, they were sure he told them something shocking.

"Grey..." Eva called out softly.

"Hmm." Grey turned to her.

"You can speak their language" She asked, still not sure of what she heard.

"Yeah, it's pretty easy actually." Grey reply.

There was no use in hiding this fact since others had seen him do it. It was only a matter of time before the entire Faction knew of it.

"But, how did you learn it" Eva asked.

"It took a long time, but it was worth it. It made finding treasures pretty easy." Grey replied.

The young man who was trying to speak to Grey but was snubbed was getting increasingly annoyed with Grey.

"Hand it over." He said coldly.

Grey stared at him coldly, "Why"

The young man froze when he heard Grey's question, "Well, because I'm your senior in the Faction."

"I don't think so, you can't last a minute against me, so tell me, how are you my senior" Grey shook his head before looking away, he couldn't be bothered with self-centered people like these.

Even with the unity in the Faction, it was natural that there were a few people who were greedy, so he wasn't too concerned with this.

All he did was to speak with those from the Lutra race and they didn't even try to attack him or even threaten him, yet the young man wanted to forcefully take the treasure away from him.

"Don't think you're the only one with a domain." The young man said coldly.

"Nathan, stop it." Eva said to Nathan.

"Shut up and watch me beat this unruly fool up." Nathan pushed Eva to the side.

Grey's eyes went cold when he saw this. People like this would cause harm to the name of their presporous Faction. He didn't mind helping the Faction weed out these craps.

He looked at the people from the Lutra race, "Have you been able to confirm"

The man leading the group nodded.

"Alright, since I took this from you, I'll exchange something else for it." Grey said, before facing Nathan once again, "If you don't mind, I'd like to take out the trash."

The men from the Lutra race nodded and moved back. They could tell that there was a dispute between Grey and Nathan, and they were about to settle things out.

Eva looked at Grey, "Hey, don't do this."

"I'm not doing anything, I'm just trying to defend myself against him." Grey replied nonchalantly.

"I'll put you in your place, proud fool." Nathan said coldly before walking forward, standing in front of Grey.

"You just might regret this choice of yours, hopefully, it's not too late." Grey said calmly.

He didn't feel any pressure from Nathan, and this was because of the complete confidence he had in his strength. Against someone who was still in the Late stages of the Sage Plane, he was certain that he could defeat him.

There was no way someone in the Late stages of the Sage Plane could defeat him while he was at the Peak of said Plane. It was absolutely impossible.

Standing in front of Nathan, he prepared himself for his opponent's attack.-

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