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Chapter 861 Snatch And Vanish

The Secret Realm.

In one of the numerous towns.

A youth could be seen with a black cat sitting on his shoulder. This youth had blue skin and was speaking with one of the townspeople.

The youth was Grey and Void. They had been here for a week now, and Grey had actually not only learned the language spoken here, but he had found a way to make his skin color change as well. Presently, he was pretending to be a Water Elementalist.

He heard of a treasure appearing not too far from this particular town, so he wanted to get information about it.

A few minutes later and after asking more people, he managed to get the news of where the treasure was located. If he headed southeast from the town, he would find a huge tree. According to what he heard, the treasure was being born in this tree.

He thanked the people there and rushed toward where the treasure was located. Although he found the fact that these people weren't bothered with the treasure, he wasn't too worried. With Void with him, he didn't need to fear anyone. If things became too difficult, he would escape. He had even created some teleportation arrays around.

"What do you think the treasure is" Void asked curiously.

"I have no idea, I only heard about it not too long ago. I'm short on the details." Grey replied as they walked in the direction the townspeople pointed.

A few minutes later, Grey saw the shape of the large tree.

Before even getting there, he could already sense the aura of the people there. By the time he got there, he saw different people there, each had a different color to signify their elements.

Grey didn't talk much and sat down some distance away. He looked around carefully and found out that he was the only human there, the rest of the people were from the Lutra race. After staying and learning their language, he found out that the people here were part of the Lutra race. Apparently, there were other secret realms that had other members of the Lutra race.

Of all the people that came into this realm, Grey was one of the few people who had incorporated himself with the race almost perfectly. Others could barely notice the difference between him and those from the Lutra race.

The people he met there were all in the Overlord Plane, so he was one hundred percent confident in being able to obtain the treasure. He reduced his aura to around the Mid stages of the Overlord Plane so he wouldn't attract too much attention.

Some hours later, the tree started to glow with a blinding green light. Green usually represented the wind element, so those who had the wind elements amongst the people present were excited. The light shows that the treasure was of the wind element.

'The wind element. Not bad.' Grey said to Void.

'I'm no longer interested in it. You can keep whatever comes out.' Void said with a sad voice. New novel chapters are published on Freeᴡebnᴏvel.cᴏm.

He originally thought it might be something that would benefit him, unfortunately, it was for Wind Elementalists, and there was nothing he could do with it.

When the light got to its peak, a flower sprang out from the tree and it slowly opened up.

Grey felt an intense amount of wind elemental essence and he couldn't help but feel refreshed just from breathing in the essence.

'Nice, I'm getting this.' He was happy with what appeared.

The other Wind Elementalists were all excited about the prospect of the treasure. First off, those on the Overlord Plane here were all middle-aged or old people. This was just like the situation in the Azure Continent. Since the Sage Plane was the last Plane, it was extremely difficult for them to break through to it. Getting to the Overlord Plane was easy, crossing it, not so much.

As soon as the flower bloomed, Grey's figure vanished. He wasn't the only one who made a move at that time. There were a few Wind and Space Elementalists around. Even the Lightning Elementalists made a move as well. They were the only ones who were confident in their speed.

But Grey got there before any of them. When he appeared, he had to spend a little time to make sure he didn't handle the treasure recklessly. The small time he spent there gave the others the chance to appear before him. He didn't get flustered by the number of people that were coming at him. He carefully took out the treasure and with a blink, his figure was changed with that of another man.

The man was a Fire Elementalist and standing close to the flower, he was taken aback when he saw multiple people rushing at him. He couldn't even say a word before he was attacked by the first few who got there.

Grey did the switch at the time when they were about to unleash their attacks, so they couldn't stop it.

The Fire Elementalist fell to the ground, injured.

All those who wanted to take the treasure turned around and they saw Grey's figure bolting away from where they were gathered.

"After him!" One of the Wind Elementalists screamed.

The others started to chase Grey.

Grey looked behind him and gave a mocking smile. He had already prepared for a scenario like this. He created a teleportation array under a lake. When he got there, he dived into the water and when he got to the bottom, he vanished in a flash.

The lake was not too big, but others couldn't see the bottom part of it since it was pretty deep.

They surrounded the lake, in hopes of getting Grey when he came out. While they were surrounding the place, one of the people dived in a few seconds after Grey entered.

Some seconds later, he came out with a baffled look.

"He's not there." He said to the others who were waiting outside.

"What do you mean he's not there" A Wind Elementalist asked with an irritated voice.

"I couldn't find him." The man said again.

He came out of the lake to prove to them that he didn't find Grey.

The reason Grey picked this particular lake was that it concealed the aura of the space element, so only a Space Elementalist would be able to sense that he used a teleportation array, and that person had to go into the water to find out.-

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