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Im in the arms of a completely naked man whos running with me, taking me to his home.

I fidget harder and manage to slide halfway out of his arms.

"Emerald Milady Winston," he admonishes and holds me tighter.

And now Im back over his shoulder like a flour sack while he runs faster. Im collapsing and seeing nothing but the blurry ground. I scream over and over until Im hoarse, praying someone will come to save me and it seems to make him run faster. I grab for his waist, and there are no clothes, so my hands just grasp at wet, hot skin and because its also naked skin, I let go the minute I touch him.

Blurry ground and bare butt.

God… how does he run this fast in the cold rain like this? Carrying me and my stuff, and… we

e running downhill now and hes running even faster. Barefoot! I feel like Im about to barf at the motion.


I keep to wracking my brain about how Ill get away from this bush man and make it back to the cabin of ill-repute; I can even believe that seems like a haven right now, but weve gone through dense bush and changed directions several times, not to mention Ive stared at moving ground most of the journey so theres no way Ill remember my way back.

Finally, he slows down and pulls me off his shoulder back into an embrace, Im dizzy but make out that we

e approaching a darkened building. The way the moon shines over it makes it seem like its spotlighting the place, showing it to me. Im cold. And Im shivering at the eccentricity of all of this. I also shiver at strange sensations inside me as I look around.

Its got a big front porch and the cabin is covered in a combination of cedar shake tiles and stone. Im set on my feet while he climbs under the front step and returns a beat later with a key.

Its again raining, though not as hard, and he is turning the key on the door of the single-story cabin that looks like it comes right out of a storybook. Like Hansel and Gretel wouldve stumbled upon it during their walk in the woods. It doesn look like its made of candy, really, but with the stonework, the old-fashioned shape, and the high-peaked tiled roof bordered with gingerbread trim, its almost romantic-looking.

What a strange thought to flit through my head as I stand there on the wide porch behind the naked guy that kidnapped me. The naked werewolf!

He opens the door and catches my hand with his before I get a chance to do anything else… like run.

Duh. Why on earth did I just stand here?

The place is dark. Pitch dark. And then theres light. Hes leaning over an oil lamp and my eyes take in the shadows around me. A fireplace. Furniture covered with sheets. He moves toward me with intent, pulling me to his body.

His huge, wet, naked body. I look anywhere but his crotch because I already saw it, and its in proportion to his massive frame, in other words, big. God, hes tall and big. I come to his mid-chest. I look up. He caresses my face with callused fingers and leans down like hes about to kiss me. I jerk back.

"Sit and rest. Ill get you warm," he tells me and hauls the sheet off a sofa as he steps back, immediately hunching over the wood stove, stacking it with wood that he lifts from beside it.

Im shivering, feeling like the cold and damp have run straight through to my bones. Its also dusty in the place and my nose tickles. Beyond physically shivering from the cold, Im also overcome with not a small amount of apprehension.

Im inside a building with him and the door is closed. I back up toward it, slowly.

In Hansel and Gretel, the witch wanted to eat them. Hes got a different sort of appetite based on what he said to me in my car, based on the erection. And here I am, like Little Red Riding Hood, about to be devoured by the Big Bad Wolf.

He looks over his shoulder at me. And the look in his eyes? Something in my belly twirls and heat floods my face. I don get a chance to dissect the feeling because my lower back hits the doorknob and my hand slides back to grab it.

"Come. Sit," he commands as he stacks wood and fills it with some bits of paper from a rack beside the wood stove. He strikes a match. "Get warm."

He lights the fire, rises, and stares for a moment. I watch that massive cock rise and my head jerks away. I squeeze my eyes shut tight.

Oh **. This is it. Whats about to happen to me?


I open my eyes and see flames flicker as they catch, bouncing off the shadows cast from the oil lamp and my eyes land on him again. I can help but take note of what a perfect male specimen he is. Massive in height and wide, though not remotely husky. His body is muscular. His bulk comes entirely from muscles.

His stomach is a series of boxes and ridges. His dark hair curls down past his shoulders… broad shoulders with defined biceps and well-veined forearms that extend to large hands. My eyes travel back up that naked body that hes completely unbashful about having on display to his scruffy razor-cut jawline.

His chest rises and falls under my obvious appraisal and then he lets out a sound… a low growling sound that seems to make the room vibrate at the same time as goosebumps erupt on my flesh. My eyes wander over the very prominent length and girth of his –

"Lets get you warm first. Its been hard to wait but you need warmth first."

"First?" I inquire in a whisper.

"First." He nods.

I jolt and then I get into a mini scuffle with the doorknob before I win, managing to get the door open, and then Im running. Im dashing off that porch into wet mud that makes a thwacking sound as my poor suede boots pound into it.

I get no more than half a dozen strides before Im scooped up into the air. I cry out in frustration.

"Emerald Milady," he says huskily into my ear as he carries me back toward the cabin. "Do you not realize that running will only excite me further? Do you want me more excited? Do you want me to hunt you down and take you in the cold, wet dirt or would you rather it be in front of a warm fire?"

Oh, God.

"Help!" I scream.

He stalks back through the door and Im carried through the main room, past the kitchen area to the left, into a short hall with a door ahead, a door to the left, and a door to the right. He goes right and sets me on something soft.

Light glows from a lantern he turns on and I see Im on a double bed thats against the wall, also covered by a sheet. This rustic-looking room has a small fireplace. He begins stacking wood into it.

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