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"Uh huh," I said distractedly, glancing at Henry soft cock. It was…it was kind of big. Not sure if it will really fit into my hole when he is turned on

As i lay under him, with my legs spread wide, i felt…weird. I was torn between being turned on and being terribly self-conscious. This is wrong, I shouldn be doing this and with my best friend of all the people.

"The lube?" Henry asked and I pointed at the drawer beside him. He stretched, opening the drawer and bringing out the lube.

He kept it aside before pulling on the other side of the bed. "This won work, make it hard." He ordered.

He seemed okay and wasn even freaking out. Seems he is really down bad and he needs a release. At least, this is going to be for only a night and that is only tonight.

We won be going at it again, seeing that Henry is straight and I have James waiting for me on the other side of the world. I stoop low, around his member, taking the entire thing into my hand. I ran my hand along the shaft, and I continued that way.

I looked up to see that Henry had his eyes closed and was sulking in the air, as if he was trying to hold back his moan but I will love to hear him do it so I used my tongue to lick around the shaft.

At first, it felt weird and with the way Henry was wiggling around my hand, I though he didn like it so I continued to play with the shaft with my hand. "Use your tongue." He gritted out.

Fuck, he sounded sexy for that and I was lost for a minute because I took him in my mouth, the entire length into my mouth. I gagged when he reached the back of my throat, and I brought it out with a pop sound. "Do you like it?" I asked him, trying to sound sexy also but I didn get a reply from him.

All he did was push my head back and I continued to bobbed my head up and down his shaft until he was close. "Aiden, I am close." He moaned out loudly, making me take my member into my hand and I began to run my left hand over it while my other hand and my mouth continued to do it work around his shaft.

Without a warning, I felt something hot and slimy in my mouth. I swallowed the whole content, licking the side of my lips and leaving nothing behind. "That was hot." I commented before helping him roll a condom on and squeeze a little amount of the lube on him.

I made sure that the entire length was covered in the lube before I stationed my hole on him. I was stopping and beging myself not to freak out on him. It is just a one night thing and before I know it, we will be done.

After a few push, I was half way from taking him in entirely but I couldn take anymore so I began to move on him, making him moan harder and same goes to me. His eyes were still closed, as if he doesn want to look at me while we were at it.

I crunched down, taking his lips in mine and it was meant to be a peck but he took me by surprise when he opened his mouth, pushing his tongue into mine. We fought for dominance for some minutes and that made me stopped my movement.

Apparently, that made him angry and he took over, dumping me on the bed and he pushed his penis all the way in. I winced in pain when he went out and slammed back into my hole. After everything tonight, I am sure I will wake up with a sore hole tomorrow morning.

Henry was moving faster than the pace I had expected him to move. He slammed into me, faster and more harder that you could hear the bed cracking against the wall.

If the some of walls were not soundproofed then someone would have heard how hard I was moaning with the way my best friend came on **ing to me to my insanity. "Do you like it this way? Wait until I make you go on all fours." He dirtied talk and I left myself coming more closer.

Now that he said something about going on all fours, I want to try it but I want him to be the one to turn me over and ** me from behind while he slaps my ass, dirty talking to me.

My nails dugged hard into his back, due to the pleasure I was getting from him **ing me hard and with no mercy, maybe this will explain the reasons why he had his eyes closed. "All fours." He ordered, turning me and without breaking our connections.

I couldnt see the expression on his face, neither will I know how he was going to act but all I know was that, he gave my ass a slap as if he said me when I said so and he continued to rammed into my hole. "God, Aiden. I think I will cum now." I informed, moaning and holding the bed frame to support myself.

"Don you dare cum now. Until I order you to do so." He warned with a stoic voice and I felt the pain of not being able to release when you want to.

I stopped stroking my member, taking his command. Until I heard him groan and I felt his member expanding inside me. I couldn hold myself back and I also let it out.

Together, we moaned out loudly and releasing. Mine was on the bed while Henry had his inside me, with the condom still on him. "Damn, that was hot." He commented, before dropping by the side of the bed and getting rid of the used condom.

My shuttle self would have collected the used condom and swallow down all the content in it, but I don want him to think otherwise of me so I was lift with one option, let it go.

It was meant to be only a round but we couldn hold it. We were burnt with the desire and lust, that we didn remember it was only a one night things.

For the whole night, me and Henry were at it. We **ed until the sun breaks out and I wasn left with any energy to take him again. That was when we both collapsed on the bed and we went to sleep.

This morning, I woke up before Henry and found it hard to leave the bed. My entire body was sore and my neck? It feels as if it was snapped out of my body and was attached back.

I never knew that Henry was into BSDM until yesterday when he tied my hands, covered my eyes before he **ed me with my neck chocked. But I didn care, I was a whore now.

A male whore that will take in everything and I don really bother with the way I have become. The only issue I will have is my father. My mother won really care about it, she will support me through this phase but my father, he will definitely make a deal out of it. But the deal is to never let him find out.

Thinking of my man made me want to talk to her. I picked up my bed from the bed stand and couldng find it. That was when I noticed the room was disarranaged and everything was scattered.

I shifted, checking the floor and I found my phone at the very end of the bed. It took me a lot of my energy to get to me before I returned back to my laying position and I dialed her number.

It was just eight in the morning but i am sure that my mother should be wide awake. She picked after the third ring, er voice sound so cheerful.

Half way through the phone call, Henry stirred in his sleep and I felt his hand going to my member. I sucked in a breath, trying to hold back a moan. "What is wrong, Aiden?" My mom asked.

She must have heard when I sucked in a breath and I stopped talking to her. "Yes. I am fine." I replied.

I tried to get rid of Henrys hand but it was no avail so I left him to have his way while I try my best not to let my mom suspect anything. I quickly said my goodbyes when I heard the voice of my father in the background, I have no intention of talking to him as of the moment and I doubt if I ever will.

"Henry." I cried out and he let my member go knowing I was close. I touched him, noticing that he was still sleeping or maybe he was faking it.

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