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Aidens POV.

It was a lie when I said it was going to be a one day experiment. In morning or in the night, I always find myself masturbating and thinking of that six inches dildo-cock.

And today, I decided to order a seven inches dildo-cock. Maybe, it will fill in the gap that I feel like I am missing. Whenever I sit down on the six inches dildo-cock, I alway wish that I had something that can go in more, explore me and do the moving.

I might have need a human but at this rate, I can get anyone because almost everyone is infected with the P-22. Henry on the other hand is not gay and won be gay for my sake.

I am not even going to have a conversation like that with him because I don know what he will think of me really.

According to the logistic company, the package will be arriving later today and I couldn be more than happy.

My cock wilted at that thought of getting a new dildo that only needs to be charged and it will do the rest of the work. "What are you thinking of?" Henry asked, upon entering the room.

"Nothing." I mumbled to him. Despite making noise all night and day while **ing my dildo-cock, Henry has never said anything about it. He acts as if he doesn have an idea of what I have been doing for the past few days.

But I could see him move under the dim light when I return to the room and I also never said anything to him. The more he accepts this side of me, the more it will be better for the both of us. "Of course." He uttered before snatching the remote control out of my hold.

I screamed in annoyance. "Why do you always have to be so?" I stopped, looking for the right ad perfect words to use.

"Selfish perhaps or what?" He cocked his brows and then erupted into a series of laughter when he saw that I was not going to have any of his jokes. "Okay, I am sorry. I will put the show that you were watching before, okay?" And I nodded my head with a smile.

He played Sex Education for us and then moved to switched off the lights. There was a particular scene that came up the screen and I could see him moving again, trying to cover his hard ons.

Of course, he will be hard because it has been long since he got laid and also, he is a guy that has a very high libido. I could see the shape of his cock, and it looks bigger than the six inch dildo that I own.

I had wanted to ask him if he was okay and if we should change the channel, but I stopped myself. I loved seeing his erection and then, I began to imagine myself going down on him.

"No, no." I whispered to myself, still it didn get his attention as he was focused on watching the scene that seems to never end.

But will he really care if I only give him a hand job? I mean it is a mere hand job and he will get his release even though it is not the same as getting laid. I gained all the courage in me and turned to him. "Henry." I called out.

I called him twice before he was able to trun his attention to me. "Yes?" He furrowed his brows.

"Forgive me." I said before pressing our lips together. I swear to God, I could see the stars swimming around me. I never imagine I would really have the courage to do this but I really do blame it on lust and desire for a human.

Henry was shocked and surprised that he couldn react until the door bell ran and he pushed me off his body. "What do you think you are doing?" He asked angrily and left to get the door before I could even apologise for my mistake.

I hurriedly stood up, running into the room and not caring if it was my parcel that was delivered. I locked the door behind as hot tears fell down my eyes and ran to the bathroom, turning on the shower.

Crying heavily, I got rid of my clothing and stayed under the shower, allowing the cold water hit my back. I should have never allowed myself to get so immersed that fantasies.

I should have stayed patient and continued to use the dildo-cock until the pandemic is over and have James over here. Poor, James.

We had started daily online, and most of the times, he masturbate together with me. Apart from mother and Henry, he is the third person that cares about me and what I want to do or be. He is the best boyfriend ever, even though he is yet to ask me out.

Making up my mind, I turn off the shower and wrapped a towel across my waist then exited the bathroom. I got dressed in a short pants and a white shirt before taking a deep breath. I headed to the living room, seeing Henry sitting on the sofa and a box by his side.

It was fully unboxed and the mighty seven inches machine dildo-cock I had ordered for beside him. I gasp, getting his attention. He turned to me with a look I can comprehend. "Sit." He ordered.

I did as he said becaue I was too stunned and shy to talk at the time. "What is this?" He asked, calmly.

"A dildo-cock of course." I answered sarcastically.

I even rolled my eyes at his questions because it doesn make sense when he can clearly see what that was. "I know Aiden but why are you getting a new one? What of the one you have in your drawer? It is not enough?" He interrogated.

"Yes." I gave him a cunt reply.

"I need something better than that. Something that will be moving itself in me and not me doing the work. It is the pandemic period and James can fly over here." I gasp again when I realised that i had said out the information I had been hiding away from him.

"James? Your new addiction?"

Wait, how comes he doesn even looked surprised or jealous. Sometimes, you can even read him really. "Yes, James. I have to admit that after the day I found my prostate, I always want something up in me and since, I don have a human to do it, I chose to go with the dildo-cocks." I explained.

I can believe that really came out of my mouth. Like, I was really surprised. "Then how can I be of help? I mean, how can the both of us get our release without getting emotionally attached?" He asked.

His question really took me off the edge and I acted like I didn even understand what he meant. "I can hold it in, I need a release and I don masturbate as you know." He pointed out.

I had thought his cocky ass will never allow him to say it or point it out. Well, I think I have a solution for the both of them and if it doesn work, we can let it go.

Both I and Henry agreed to give it a try. He had repeated that he is not gay but is willing to give it a try and see if it was worth. I don mind until he said there will be no kissing and he would actually ** me from behind.

Of course, that won ever work on me because I prefer to be kissed while being **ed. I told him about it and it took us a lot of time before we finalised. We will give the kissing a try and if he doesn like it, then we can stop.

And about him **ing me from behind, I was totally okay with it because Damn, I need something like that. I saw a porn video the other day where the top rammed the bottom from behind and later choked him. It was blissful and I will love to try it.

Now, I am currently at the bedroom, getting things ready while Henry took a bath. I just hope, we end up liking it and then there won be no feelings attached since we both have partners. A mere fling it is.

Talking about partners, I picked up my phone sending James a message because we haven spoken today and then, I don want to be the bad person because u had ignored his message.

I pressed send when I was done and then headed to the kitchen to have a glass of water because it felt like I was going to suffocate. My heart was beating faster than normal and I don know if it was a good sign.

But it doesn even matter because I have put my mind into giving it a try and I am doing it because I don like Henry, just because I am horny.

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