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The day was better even though Henry did all his best to annoy me. He would say things that he knew would push off the edge but I didn pay any heed to him.

Since I knew he was doing it just so he could make me angry, I left him. "Won you get angry?" He asked.

"No boo, it won work really." I responded taking the mug I had taken my coffee in to the kitchen.

I washed it and the rest of the dishes that was in the sink before using the towel to clean my hand dry. "Let watch something together before I leave." He suggested but didn get a reply from me.

The phone in my pocket vibrated, almost scaring me in process. I slowly wiped it open to see what was that.

"Turn on the television and watch the news." It was a message from mother and I wonder why she wants to me to watch the news.

Henry has already occupied the single seater and was hovering over the remote control because he wants to watch Netflix. "I promised to give it back. Mother asked me to turn the news on." I explained and he finally gave up the remote.

CNN was the first channel that came to mind and played it. It was a short video of people at the hospital compiled together.

They seemed badly sick and kept on coughing, my eyes followed all the movement of the camera until I saw the headline below. The Government Has ordered a seventy eight hours lock down due to the new disease break out. Words will be passed across the state. It says.

I turned to look at Henry, who was also speechless. He needed to be back at Ohio, anything tomorrow morning and this, will hinder him back. At the same time, his phone rang and he hurriedly stood up, getting it.

From the say he spoke, it seems like it was his mother that had called him. "Alright then, I will stay here until after everything is fine." I heard him said before ending the call.

"It was mom. She said that Ohio is also affected and from the looks of things, it won end soon so I should stay here while she takes care of things there." He informed.

His mom is also a part time scientist, so when she said that I knew it won end anytime soon really. This seventy eight hours lockdown doesn mean anything.

He doesn even seems bothered about it like I do because I don know how long the pandemic will last and how I will be able to cope with Henry here.

"Why are you looking that way?" Henry asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, passing him the remote control and then left. I could hear his footsteps following me behind. "Aiden, I am talking to you." He said again.

"What do you want me to say?" I answered him back.

I don even know why i was starting to get emotional at this stage. There is nothing wrong here right? I have lived together with Henry ever since I was a child but why do I hate the idea of staying with him again? "Nothing, Aiden. Nothing." He gritted out, hitting the wall and then left the room.

He is not the one in my shoes, so he won understand what I am really going through. "Damn it." I screamed, closing the door.

This damn pandemic is going to affect my life and now, I have to live with my best friend whom I suspected I like. It is a like right? So it shouldn matter really.

I wiped away my tears, picking up my laptop ad logging into the dating app that Henry had installed on it. He had taken my laptop without my knowledge to install the dating app after installing it on my phone.

I had gotten a request from a James and the app had dictated us to be a perfect match. He had a picture on his profile which I can help but drool over. "What if he is a cat fish?" A mind asked and I pushed it back.

I don care if it is a catfish but I will definitely give it a try. He looks attractive so I accepted the request. I shifted to pick my phone from the other side of the bed, only to see that he had sent me a message. Hey handsome. It said with a smiley emoji.

I caught myself smiling at that. I don really want to get so immersed in this then I will later get hurt. I nervously back a hi and waited for his replies.

Of course, it is a lock down period so he should be free. How are you doing? I am James by the way and I stay in Ohio.

Even though, a mind was telling me to abandon this plan and get a girl for myself, I just couldn help it but to try it more. I am Aiden, I stay in Oregon.

That was when I noticed how far we stayed around each other and if it will ever work out for us, which I doubt. I have never gone anywhere apart from Oregon. I belong here.

Distances doesn matter because regardless I will still make you mine. That particular message made me blush.

I was going to reply when another text from him came and he was asking if we could talk on facetime, with his phone number attached to it.

It took me a while before I finally dialed the number on facetime and he didn waste time to pick up the call.

I will definitely be lying if I said I wasn taken by surprise with the way he looked. He looked so handsome, with his curly hair falling down his face and his lips tinted red. Hi I said with my voice breaking.

Maybe, he is the one to show me what I was and what I want to be. It seems like it.

After an hour of talking to James on facetime, something in me stirred and I found myself opening that particular drawer that I had locked away from months.

I thought despairingly as i pinned down the brand new, six-inch-long dildo, suction-cupped to the bed in the bedroom. It was a toy I had brought online, thinking about giving my fantasies a try but I never got to do it.

I always have a second thought whenever I wanted to do it but today, talking to James had turned me on and I knew I had to give it a try. I want to know how it will feel to have Jamess member up in my ass.

I squeezed a little amount of my lube on the toy cock before settling my ass on it. A groan left my mouth, due to how tight my opening was around the toy but I kept on pushing until I was half way through it.

A silent moan left my mouth when I felt myself tightening up against the dildo. "Damn it." I cursed repeated.

The fullness was incredible, amazing but it felt as if it wasn enough. This is my first time trying it but it feels like I was missing something. I began to move my body up and down the toy, feeling my body tighten up against the toy.

Biting my lip hard, almost hurting myself, I started riding the dildo harder, little moans slipping out of my mouth.

At this rate, I don even care if Henry is outside there in the living room and might be hearing me moan loudly. He caused this, he made me who I am and I found my origin.

"Fuck, **, **." I uttered as the dildo-cock hit away prostate.

This is actually the first time I had found my prostate and I knew what it feels to have something hitting it up. I felt my body building up and I prepared for what was coming next.

I turned my gaze to my now red hard cock, trembling in anticipation and I felt a wave of orgasm. I came without touching my cock, moaning out loudly and my voice didn even sound like mine.

God, What have I done?

I quickly dismounted the dildo-cock, with my own cock glistening with my cum and a particular side on the bed spread was wet. Without any hesitation, I removed the bed spread and headed for the bathroom, washing it clean.

I then returned spreading a new bed spread, hoping that Henry was so engrossed in watching the television that he didn hear me moaning and won suspect anything later.

When I was down, my attention turned to the used dildo-cock that needs to be clean and I knew it is going to be my new addiction. But it is not going to be enough.

Bloody hell, I need something different. Something that feels so real, full and will be the one to ram into me.

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