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The sun shone brightly into the room, making Aiden to to wince and groan at the same time. Now, he regrets coming back home and not putting down the curtains.

Today is Saturday and he doesn have anything to do, well except he promised his best friend Henry that they will spend the day together and maybe, have a little fun.

To say, he is really looking forward to it because Saturdays and Sundays are the only days that he gets to spend with his best friend that he grew up with.

After Aiden turned eighteen, he left to live with his mother far across the state in Ohio and also visit on the weekdays. Then when his father died, he has no reason to return to Oregon but for his best friend, he constantly came back for the three years.

And now, they are twenty one years old, both in college, pursuing their dreams and living the best they could. "What a way to begin the morning." Aiden grumbled as he switched off the alarm clock by the vanity stand and sat down.

He looked outside the world through the window, and wonder what could possibly be going on. He ruffled his curly hair with his hand, frustrated about everything. Guess he woke up on the wrong side as he couldn stop frowning.

"Damn it." He uttered when he accidentally threw his phone to the other side of the bed and it made a loud sound. From that sound, he knew that there was no way it will come up again and he was right, it didn .

He kept it aside, moving to the bathroom to brush his teeth and have his breakfast so that he can prepare for the day before Henry will arrive. He grinned in front of the mirror, just so he could see how clear his teeth are before he left.

Living alone has been Aidens biggest flex. From walking around shirtless or naked to everywhere he wants, without his mother or his siblings on his neck. And it was a decision he never regret making in his life, an achievement.

He opened the cupboard and brought out the rice cereal, then moved to the fridge to get the fresh milk when he noticed that he needs to go for grocery shopping and that has to be before Henry comes. "Everything is finishing. Fuck." He cursed.

Aiden didn even sit down to have his breakfast and when he was done, he hurriedly dressed without taking his bath, took his tesla car card and he locked the apartment when he was done.

On his way down, all he prayed was not to run into the stripper living next door. It is not like he doesn like her but she is a disturbance to him and that is what he hates the most.

He made sure that the black hoodie covered his side face in way that she can recognise him when she sees him and then headed for the underground garage. "Let us go for a ride baby." He mumbled against his lips, roaring the car to life.

He drove out of the apartment building and towards the city shopping mall. First, he will get a new phone and then get the grocery that he needs before he will check with his parents and return home. Since Henry won be arriving until in the evening, he has a lot of time to waste.

"Would you like to try the new iPhone 14?" The shop owner asked and he began to think about it. He never really bothered about the phone that he is buying and he has never used iPhone to begin with but now that the man said it, he wants to give it a try.

He nodded his head and the man proceeded to bring out an iPhone 14 that was recently released and passed it to Aiden. "Set it up please." He requested and the man did as he was asked.

When everything was concluded, he used his black card to pay and left, not knowing if he should feel happy that he has finally gotten an iPhone and with the way those in the phone shop were looking at him.

Realising that he was looking at the phone and that was attracting people to look at him, he slid the phone into his pocket and walked into the city mall, picking a cart by the side.

Although he doesn have a list, he made sure that he didn forget anything that he needs and as usual, he will buy in excess that will take him more than a month or two. He hates going for grocery shopping because it irritates him and he doesn like been amongst people that he doesn know personally.

"Sausage, rice noodles, cup noodles, shrimps, crab, rice." He counted after getting all the greens that he need and the cart was already filled to the brim.

He went to the front desk, where he kept the cart then took a new one and continued to pick out the things he need. He went to the frozen aisle to get the sausage, crab and shrimps then he saw the fresh meat when he remembered how much Henry loves steak. "Maybe for him." He said, picking five packs of the meat before he left the aisle to food stock aisle.

It took him one hour to conclude everything and he paid for the goods. "Who said shopping is easy?" He smiled at the old security guy that always help him loads the stuff in the car.

"It isn sir. I hope you have a great day." The man prayed and Aiden gave him the last fifth bucks he had on him.

"It is going to be, I can feel it." Aiden uttered before driving out of the city mall and drove to town side where his parents lived.

Bobbing his head to Nicki Minajs song, he drove through the busy street of Oregon since it is a Saturday and knew that it will take him almost half an hour go get there, but he doesn mind, as long as he gets to see them.

He kept a clear face when he parked into the driveway and silently said a prayer that his father will not have anything to say about him. With a last breath in take, he exited the car, not forgetting the chocolate he got for his two siblings and the wine he got his mom.

He stayed at the terrace, pressing the bell and having a wish that isn guaranteed. The door was later opened by a seven years old girl. "Aiden." She screamed, hugging him like her life depends on that hug.

"Kay kay." He called, picking her up and juggling the things in his hands. The girl kissed his forehead, and that made him happy.

Everything he need, his happiness and dreams lies in his two siblings and his mother. They are everything he needs to keep moving forward. "Where is Josh?" He asked for his fourteen years old brother.

The age gape between the siblings is something most people don practice but in their family, it is normal and it has been adopted easily. "He is playing video games even though dad asked him not to." She informed, dropping to the floor and squealed when she saw the pack of chocolate in his hands and then collected it.

"Aiden." His mother called out. "Why are you standing there?" She asked. That was when he realized that he has been standing under the mistletoe by the door. The poor mistletoe that their mother didn allow them to get rid off because of her beliefs.

He moved closer to her, following her into the kitchen, giving a hug and a chaste kiss on the forehead. "Mom, I missed you." He mumbled keeping the wine bottle on the kitchen aisle.

"I miss you too my little pumpkin. Ouu, wine. Thank you." She smiled putting it away.

He said nothing, listening to how the house sounded with only noise coming from Joshs room. "Is father home?" He asked and his mother nodded her head in response.

"In his study." She informed.

Aiden knew that he has to go and say his greetings or else, the outcome will not be good for him and his mother. "I will be back." He told his mother that was bringing out the crust pie from the oven.

He took slow stride to his fathers study and waited for a while before he knocked. He immediately got an answer and he went in. There, his father was going through some of his files and attending a meeting, or rather, having a personal call with his personal assistant. "I will get back to you when I am done." His father told the young lady on the other side of the phone and the line went off.

"You have finally decided to come here." He father gritted.

"I don get it Aiden, I just. Why don you want to live here with us? I am tired of paying for your expenses so I will give you a month. A whole month to think about it and move in here with us or else, you will have to cater for yourself." He ordered.

Aiden opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by his father. "I have nothing more to tell you and I don want to hear anything from you. Go." He barked.

Aiden dragged his cold body out of the study and headed to the kitchen. His face held a fake smile that can instantly be recognised. "Mom, I will be leaving. Henry should be on his flight by now." He told her.

She didn argue more, neither did she ask him to stay more. His mother passed his a packaged pie and he smiled. "Share it with Henry and tell him that I love him."

Aiden bade them goodbye before he drove back home, Where his happiness lies.

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