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“So then whats wrong with us talking about Lu Man Why do you bother about that when Lu Man herself doesnt care about us mocking her”

Lu Man tugged onto Pan Xue.

“Just leave them alone.

Paying heed to them is a waste of your time.

Its their business if they are so happy to waste their own time, we dont have to join them.”

Han Leilei also continued, “Lu Man is right.

Pan Xue, just let them talk.”

Han Leilei took out a small MP3 player from her bag, plugged her earphones in and stuffed them into her ears.

“Let them talk about whatever they want, we just wont listen to it.

When the results of the exams are finally out, we wont even know who would actually have to eat their own words.”

“Wow, you are too sneaky, you even brought an MP3 player!” Amongst them, Pan Xue had the most straightforward personality, and also the most explosive temper.

When she saw that Han Leilei had actually been so well-prepared, she was completely thrown-off.

Han Leilei smiled.

“Did you not learn your lesson from the time back in midterms Back then they just kept making so much noise and causing such a ruckus, we completely couldnt even revise at all.

In the end, all of them had terrible grades, anyway.”

Pan Xue nodded.

“Right, right.”

“Dont worry, we have our handphones.” Zheng Yuanshi took out her cell phone, plugged in her earphones and blocked her ears.

“Lu Man, do you want something to block your ears” Pan Xue asked.

All this while, Lu Man kept her lowered and didnt respond at all.

“Lu Man” Worried, Pan Xue carefully shook Lu Mans shoulder.

It couldnt be that Lu Man was not as strong as she appeared and was in fact hurt by their words, right

Yet who knew that Lu Man raised her head, in looked confused and was in a daze.

Then, she took out the earplugs from her ear.

“Whats up”

Pan Xue: “…”

“You win.” Pan Xue was about to cough up blood.

Lu Man was even more infuriating than Han Leilei.

“Do you want any” Lu Man took out a box of earplugs from her bag.

“I brought a box.”

Pan Xue: “…”

“Do you want them or not”

“Give me two,” Pan Xue said, her face darkened and wrinkled.

Lu Man quickly took out a pair and handed them to her.

Copying Lu Man, Pan Xue also stuffed them into her ears.

Instantly, the entire world was so peaceful and quiet.

All the students: “…”

Lu Man must have done it on purpose!

It was so infuriating!


To accommodate for Lu Mans finals revision, Han Zhuoli changed the venue of their romantic date to their home.

Of course, it wasnt Lu Mans home, but his home instead.

Currently, Han Zhuoli was working in the study room and Auntie He had already cleaned up Han Zhuolis gym room for Lu Man.

The gym room was spacious.

Along 3 of the walls laid all sorts of exercise equipment, and the fourth wall was completely covered by mirrors.

This was perfectly suitable for Lu Man to practice in front of the mirror.

She practiced according to the content in her Performance Studies textbook.

Then she tried performing the characters that she had analyzed before.

She played the video of the characters in the show and tried to figure it out on her own in front of the mirror.

She practiced over and over again, working on all different sorts of performance methods.

Just when she was midway through her practice, there was a knocking on her door and Han Zhuoli walked in.

“Youre done with your work” Lu Man stopped practicing.

She was still holding onto her script.

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli looked at the script in her hands.

“Is there anything you need help with”

Lu Man thought for a moment.

“Why not… you help act together with me”

“Sure.” Han Zhuoli took the script over.

He flipped through it.

It was a rather holistic book.

Inside it, there were so many classic scenes from various shows.

“How about this” Han Zhuoli pointed at one of the paragraphs inside.

Lu Man looked at it.

It was a romance scene.

Suddenly, having realized something, Han Zhuoli asked anxiously, “During your performance test, will you be performing alone or will you be grouped together with other classmates”


First, its an individual performance.

Then, we are grouped up to have another performance examination,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli said solemnly and seriously, “Youre not allowed to perform any romantic scenes with any male classmates.”


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