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The smile on his face was so gentle.

Wang Qianyun wanted to seize the opportunity and scooted over to take a peek.

Who exactly was Han Zhuoli talking to Was it his girlfriend

Han Zhuoli coldly hid his cellphone.


After that, he stood up and spoke to Wang Juhuai sitting across him.

“Uncle, I will make a move first then.”

“Youre leaving so soon” Wang Juhuai stood up, feeling a little regretful.

“I still have another meeting later.

The next time Im here for work, Ill visit you again,” Han Zhuoli said.

This time, he was entrusted by Han Xijin and thus came to visit Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai was a famous composer.

He had composed music for many Hollywood films, and had even won an Academy Award for Best Original Score three times.

Such an honor was even very hard to come by Americans themselves, let alone Asians who are discriminated against in Hollywood.

Here, Asians were discriminated more than black people.

Moreover, in such a competitive field, Wang Juhuai had achieved great success.

It was obvious to anyone how impressive his status was in the musical field, and even in the movie industry.

Small screen television shows wouldnt even think of asking Wang Juhuai.

Be it locally produced or overseas produced big productions, all were more than willing to work with Wang Juhuai.

Right now, Wang Juhuai didnt even have to look for any work, and tons of movies producers were already inviting him, waiting for him to select them.

When they were younger, Wang Juhuai and Han Xijin were good friends.

When Han Zhuoli was a child, Han Xijin would sometimes bring Han Zhuoli over when he went abroad for work.

Back then, Wang Juhuais younger brother and sister-in-law would often bring Wang Qianyun along to Wang Juhuais house.

Other than their regular family visits, they were mainly trying to gain some benefit from Wang Juhuai.

Han Zhuoli always didnt like Wang Juhuais younger brother and sister-in-law.

Their eyes were always gleaming with schemes and tricks.

And after the first time they met Han Xijin and Han Zhouli and learned about their identities, as long as Han Xijin brought Han Zhuoli over, Wang Qianyun and her family would always be there too.

This annoyed Han Xijin and Han Zhuoli greatly.

This time too, he, unfortunately, met Wang Qianyun again.

Wang Qianyun was smarter than Dai Yiran.

She didnt keep saying that they were “childhood sweethearts”, but her behavior and actions stemmed from her assuming that they were childhood sweethearts.

Han Zhuoli hated it a lot and was sick of it already.

He had already shown extreme rejection and coldness towards her, yet Wang Qianyuns skin was extremely thick and she pretended as if she didnt see it at all.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was standing up to leave, Wang Qianyun stood up too.

“Brother Han, youre here to discuss a partnership with Maxus Company, right How is it coming along If theres anything you need help in, feel free to let me know, Im working in the production department in Maxus.”

“No need.”

A Hollywood producer did have much say.

But Wang Qianyun was just an assistant producer.

She didnt even have that much authority.

She had only got into Maxus Company because Maxus liked Wang Juhuai and wanted to benefit from Wang Qianyuns relationship with Wang Juhuai and make it easier for him to invite Wang Juhuai to compose for movies produced by their company.

Wang Qianyun completely couldnt come in any contact of the official business that Han Zhuoli was discussing with them.

Moreover, even if she could help, Han Zhuoli wouldnt give her any chance to stick her hands into this.

Han Zhuoli was really absolutely annoyed by her.

He didnt even bother hiding his frustration and annoyed expression on his face, letting Wang Juhuai and Wang Qianyun see it all clearly.

“Uncle, Im here to greet you on behalf of my father.

Next time Im here, I hope that youre the only one at home,” Han Zhuoli enunciated his last sentence loud and clear.

Yet Wang Qianyun really deserved quite some praise.

Even after Han Zhuolis words, she could still smile without batting an eyelid, as if he wasnt talking about her at all.


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