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When CEO Li coldly hung up the phone, confusion could be seen clearly on Yu Xingzhous face.

Could it be that everything was really over for him now

Climbing off the sofa, Yu Xingzhou went and opened the door of the small fridge near the coffee table.

He then took out a bottle of pre-mixed cocktails and then opened another secret compartment inside the fridge; it had ice 1inside.

He then poured the ice into the pre-mixed cocktail and raised his head to take big gulps of it.

The drug pierced through his nervous system, making him high and feel like everything right now was his dream, and he felt himself float in the air.

It was just that Yu Xingzhou did not think that Wang Lu who had just left would actually return.

Having met Yu Xingzhous assistant on the way out, he remembered that there were still some things he had not grabbed on the way out and thus, he came back with the assistant.

Since the assistant had Yu Xingzhous houses keys, he did not knock either.

With the keys, the assistant directly opened the door and entered with Wang Lu.

Surprisingly, the two of them saw Yu Xingzhous abnormal look.

That was absolutely not the look of a normal drunkard.

Furthermore, Yu Xingzhou was holding a typical mixed-cocktail which honestly had no alcohol content, so he should not be drunk at all.

Wang Lu frowned and happened to see the ice on the table.

At that instant, his face scrunched up, and he went to take a look.

After confirming it, he suddenly turned his head to look at the assistant.

The assistant was also stunned, “Brother… Brother Wang, this is…”

“Go quickly!” Pulling the assistant with him, Wang Lu quickly left.

“I dont want to be implicated and brought down by him!”

All this while, the assistant was stunned and standing still.

Luckily, Wang Lu still had some conscience and remembered to pull the assistant out.

Only after they exited, did the assistant ask, his face pale as he had yet to calm down, “Brother Wang, Yu… Yu Xingzhou, hes ….


However, Wang Lu did not wait for the assistant to finish speaking and his face darkened.

“I didnt think that he had such guts!”

Before this, a tourist had already taken photos of Yu Xingzhou seeming to take drugs, but since the photo was not clear, he had just covered it up and put it aside past it.

In private, Yu Xingzhou told him that he was curious, and others urged him to tag along to try some marijuana.

But the truth was that he had never touched that thing before and had only tried it that one time.

At that time, Wang Lu had blindly believed him.

Who knew that he was actually secretly keeping Ice!

“Brother Wang, then what should we do now” The assistant was flustered.

The best thing for them would be to keep Yu Xingzhous drug addiction hidden from the public eye forever, otherwise, if Yu Xingzhou was over, even their career would go down the drain.

Wang Lu knew that he definitely could not let Yu Xingzhou implicate him.

Taking out his phone, Wang Lu called 110.

“Hello, police officer, I want to report a case.

Someone is taking drugs.”

Meanwhile, the assistant was stunned watching this the side; he had not thought that Wang Lu would personally report Yu Xingzhou for drugs.

Taking drugs was definitely not a small matter.

Yu Xingzhou was a rising star, and now that someone had caught him taking drugs, his future in the entertainment circle would be completely ruined.

Even if he continued to struggle in the entertainment circle, he would never be able to make it.

Wang Lu was very clear, it was best to report him right now rather than Yu Xingzhou being caught later on and letting Yu Xingzhou implicate and affect Wang Lus career too.

After all, if he could not even control his own celebrity and keep him in check, letting him have and let him so many scandals under him, then in the future, no talented celebrity would be willing to follow him.

Thus, he reported Yu Xingzhou right away.

Anyway, Yu Xingzhou himself wanted to die, so it was not his fault.

After Wang Lu gave them the address of Yu Xingzhous home, he pulled the assistant and left hurriedly.

The assistant still did not feel at ease, and asked, “Brother Wang, is that good If we dont report, perhaps no one would know — ”

“If youre worried, you can go back to look after him!” Wang Lu said coldly.

Hearing that, the assistant did not make any noise .

Wang Lu harrumphed, “Do you think I have no sense of loyalty”

Seeing that assistant was still quiet, Wang Lu said, “Yu Xingzhou is such an idi*t, how can I be loyal to him Even if you are loyal, he wont remember the good things about you.

Furthermore, he is taking drugs, before this, he had already had a photo of him taken while doing drugs overseas.

However, just because there was no actual evidence, and his fans supported him a lot, this case was not dug deeper into by anyone.

But now, hes back in the country, and he still doesnt know how to control himself! This way, he would be caught eventually, at that time, not only his but even your and my career will also be affected.

Anyway, theres no need to mention about how Ill be affected.

Youve been his assistant before, and how could you not know that hes doing drugs At least others will feel that you were hiding the drugs for him and protecting him.

Then, who in the industry would dare to ask you to be their assistant They would be scared sh*t that their reputation would be ruined by you.”


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