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Chapter 2666: I Wont Interfere

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His voice felt as if it was vibrating against her ear.

When she heard that, Shi Xiaoya turned to look at him and replied honestly, “I dont like her seeing you.

Who knows what shes imagining in her mind when she looks at you!”

Anyway, whatever Lian Qingyin imagined would definitely not be anything good.

Previously, at Lin Liyes place, Han Zhuoling only wanted to chase Lian Qingyin out when he held her elbow.

But that expression of hers looked so shy and elated, it was as if Han Zhuoling had done something intimate with her.

Shi Xiaoya really did not dare to underestimate Lian Qingyins imagination, so she subconsciously wanted to shield Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling also felt disgusted when he thought of Lian Qingyin.

He knew that Shi Xiaoya was right.

When Lian Qingyin stared at him, he even felt goosebumps all over his body.

But as long as he took a look at Shi Xiaoya, his mood would instantly get better.

He then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “But youre too tall, I cant cover your face.”

“Its fine, I can lower my head,” Han Zhuoling said.

But in front of so many people, he could not do something too intimate with Shi Xiaoya.

If he could, he would even bury his face directly in the crook of her neck.

“I already called the security officers.

You bear with it for a while more,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What did she need to bear with

Why did she sound like an overly jealous person when Han Zhuoling said that

Was this because she was jealous

Han Zhuoling loathed Lian Qingyin to begin with, so she did not need to worry that he would have any thoughts about Lian Qingyin.

No matter how many looks Lian Qingyin gave him, it was as if she was giving them to a blind man.

Han Zhuoling himself was the one who needed to bear with it.

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Being stared at by Lian Qingyin like that, Han Zhuoling would be the one who felt disgusted.

The two of them just started chatting in hushed tones like that.

Shi Xiaoya completely did not know how intimate they looked to other people.

Lian Qingyin hated that she could not just go up and drag Shi Xiaoya away from Han Zhuolings arms.

Yet at this moment, the security officers rushed in.

They looked quite familiar.

Six of them were the ones whom Lian Qingyin had called over to chase Shi Xiaoya away before.

Those six security officers did not chase Shi Xiaoya, but at this moment, they came to chase Lian Qingyin away.

As Wu Mosens assistant was leading the security officers in, Wu Mosen said at the same time, “Please escort Miss Lian out.

Dont let her come here anymore.”

The security officers were stunned and still did not really understand what was going on.

Wu Mosen then said, “This Miss Lian will no longer represent Men Xue to be in charge of the affairs in the country, so she will have nothing to do with our film anymore.

Thus, you all can just escort her out.

Take a good look at her now.

Dont ever let her come in again after this.”

The security officers nodded and understood.

If the soft way did not work, they would have to drag Lian Qingyin out the hard way by force.

Lian Qingyin was livid.

These people!

When she called them over to chase Shi Xiaoya away before, they had hemmed and hawed.

Yet now that it was her turn to be chased away, these security officers movements were swifter than any other.

Could it be that she could not even compare to Shi Xiaoya!

In the end, she got half-dragged by the security officers, so Lian Qingyin could only leave.

Han Zhuoling then let go of Shi Xiaoya and returned to that formal and stern demeanor.

He said to Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, Xiaoya came for the interview.

As for the results, I wont interfere with them.

“When Xiaoya decided to come and compete for the makeup artist role in the production crew, she already told me that she wanted to rely on her own capabilities.

If she got selected, it was a confirmation of her abilities.

If she did not get selected, then she definitely has room for improvement,” Han Zhuoling said..

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