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“What are you saying Lu Man is my daughter, why dont I have the right to care about her” Lu Qiyuan was displeased, Lu Man was his daughter and she would be his daughter for a lifetime.

“As long as my blood still flows through Lu Mans veins, she must call medad and listen to me! You want to break off relations with me Impossible!” Lu Qiyuan gloatingly had an evil smile on his face, “Unless, she totally loses all the blood in her body and no longer has any of my blood in her.”

Basically, he was asking Lu Man to die!

Either she had to die or as long as she lived even if she did not want to, she still had to call him dad!

“Pei 1 ! You shameless thing! Lu Qi is your daughter, but Lu Man isnt At that time, I also risked my life to give birth to Lu Man for you! I dont ask that you do anything for Lu Man, but Lu Man got the opportunity on her merit, dont block her way! Dont keep working against her! Why do you insist that she must always give way to Lu Qi Lu Qi lacks in skills, so why must Lu Man make a sacrifice”

At that moment, Lu Man finally managed to open the door, but could only open a small gap.

That was because the bodyguards had nailed a thick metal chain outside the door.

Xia Qingyang was enraged and her eyes were red in fury.

Upon seeing the shameless couple outside, she suddenly smiled.

“Lu Qiyuan I can be sure that Lu Man is your biological daughter.

After all, at that time, you were home every day with me.

But can you be sure that Lu Qi is your biological daughter When you were with me, you could not be with Xia Qingyang.

At that time, you and Xia Qingyang were still meeting in secret and you could only see her once in a long while.

Can you be sure that at that time besides you she had no one else She had a husband at that time and since she could not stand the loneliness, she had an affair with you, couldnt she have found someone else because you werent with her all the time”

Xia Qingwei smiled cruelly.

“Of course, Lu Qi could be your daughter, but she could also be Xia Qingyang and her ex-husbands, but shes more likely to be another mans daughter.

When Lu Qi was born, with your suspicious nature, did you really not think of doing a test I need to say that Xia Qingyang is really very talented.

Its not wrong that I lost to her, I could not be as shameless as her!”

Lu Man did not imagine that the Xia Qingwei who was usually an honest and upright person with a good temper would have such a poisonous tongue.

Upon seeing Xia Qingwei lash out, Lu Man felt that her own pent up hatred was finally being released through Xia Qingwei!

Through the gap that was as wide as a palm, she saw hatred blaze in Xia Qingyangs eyes.

“Xia Qingwei, stop spouting nonsense!”

All along, it was Xia Qingyang who would always anger Xia Qingwei, but this time, Xia Qingyang was really angered by Xia Qingwei instead to the point that she almost went berserk.

Xia Qingweis words would induce a heart-attack!

Lu Qiyuan was a very suspicious person, and honestly, he could be easily manipulated by what he hears, if anyone even spurts nonsense, he wont hesitate to suspect.

As expected, she saw Lu Qiyuans expression change.

Xia Qingyang hurriedly hugged Lu Qiyuans arm, “Qiyuan, dont listen to her bullsh*t! She just hates how well you are treating me and feels unhappy in her heart!”

Lu Qiyuan patted the back of Xia Qingyangs hand, “Dont worry, why would I suspect you”

When Xia Qingwei saw them acting like that, she was so disgusted she wanted to vomit and shook the door as hard as possible, even pulling the metal chain on the door until it kept ringing, “Lu Qiyuan open the door now!”

“Impossible! You both can just be well-behaved and stay at home, as for food and water, Ill have someone send it over, but Lu Man definitely cant join the film crew,” Lu Qiyuan said coldly.

“This is illegal, I will report this to the police!” Xia Qingwei said angrily.

“You can call the police, but by the time the police come and let Lu Man out, she wont be able to make it on time to the flight and would have no way of reaching the filming location on time, ending up breaching the contract!” As soon as Lu Qiyuan thought about the 10 million yuan fee for breaching the contract that Lu Man definitely could not afford, he felt great.


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