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Chapter 2589: A Young Womans Voice

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“He kicks quite hard while hes at it, so during your pregnancy, you cant hug him.” If he accidentally kicked her tummy, it would be no small matter.

Little Yijun just kept hearing Xia Qingwei speak and refuse to let Older Sister carry him, so he got anxious.

He waved his little hands around and babbled non-stop in baby language.

Han Zhuoli then reached out and said, “Mom, let me hug him so he can lean close to play with Man Man.”

Xia Qingwei then passed Little Yijun to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli placed Little Yijun on his lap to protect him.

He did not use much strength, but he could still keep him in place firmly.

Little Yijun could reach out to hug Lu Mans elbow, but if he wanted to do anything else, he would not be able to.

Little Yijun tried many times.

When he hugged Lu Mans elbow and tried to reach further into Lu Mans arms to cuddle and kick his legs around, he realized that he could no longer move forward.

His small waist was held by Han Zhuoli, so no matter how he moved, he still remained in the same spot.

In the end, he even ended up with sweat all over his face.

After many tries, Little Yijun finally understood that he could only hug Lu Mans elbow at most.

Little Yijun smacked Han Zhuolis hands and babbled in baby talk, complaining to Lu Man.

This bad man, he doesnt let me hug Older Sister!

Lu Man held Little Yijuns hands and pinched his chubby little fingers affectionately.

Little Yijuns hands were soft and delicate, which made Lu Mans hands seem rough in comparison.

“Older Sister also has a baby in my tummy, so I cant hug you.

After the baby is born, I will hug you again and play with you,” Lu Man explained with a smile.

Who knew if Little Yijun understood, but he stopped making a fuss and just sat in Han Zhuolis arms quietly, blinking his big eyes as he stared at Lu Man.

Lu Man was afraid that Little Yijun might not understand, so she pointed to her own tummy and said, “In here, theres an even smaller baby than Little Yijun.

When the tummy becomes this big—”

Lu Man gestured to him with her hands, drawing a semicircle above her tummy, and continued, “The baby will be born.

When that time comes, the baby will be slightly smaller than you, Yijun, are now.

When the baby grows a little bigger, the baby will be able to play with you.”

Little Yijun suddenly pointed at Lu Mans tummy and started babbling in baby talk.

As if he was very surprised that such a flat place could actually hide a baby that was as big as him

Little Yijun looked left and right, but it did not seem like a place that could hide a person.

Little Yijun leaned over, babbling in baby talk as he wanted to reach out and touch Lu Mans tummy.

For some reason, Han Zhuoli felt as if he understood what Little Yijun meant, so he brought him closer to Lu Man.

Little Yijuns small hand then rested on Lu Mans flat tummy.

Xia Qingwei was really afraid that Little Yijun would not know better and hit it with his hands.

But Little Yijun leaned back after touching it twice and stopped.

Lu Man turned to look at Xia Qingwei in astonishment and said, “Mom, why do I feel that he understands what Im saying”

Xia Qingwei was also stunned.

“I did read something about this before.

They said that babies can understand some words after they are past six months old.

Maybe he can understand a little more than that Based on what you drew, he probably got it.”

“Our Little Yijun is so smart.” Lu Man pinched Little Yijuns hand affectionately to tease him.

She teased little Yijun until he giggled happily, though he really did not ask for Lu Man to carry him anymore.


Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya stayed on for some time at the family home before leaving.

The two of them walked out of the family home and were about to get in the car when they suddenly heard someone call out, “Zhuoling”

It was a womans voice.

Shi Xiaoya felt that it was strange.

It even sounded like a young womans voice.

Shi Xiaoya knew about Han Zhuolings temper.

Hed never had a good relationship with any person of the opposite sex before..

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