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Chapter 2445: Last Hope

“Hah.” Wang Juhuai scoffed.

“No wonder Wang Qianyun is so arrogant, conceited, and unreasonable.

She now even dares to treat a human life so recklessly.

With such an upbringing under you both, I finally understand now.

“Everything will be left to the judge to decide,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Since you both think I dont treat you like family, then you both can stop coming to look for me anymore.”

“Wait!” When Wang Jugu saw that the negotiation actually fell through, he immediately stopped Wang Juhuai.

But Wang Juhuai already had no intention to continue wrangling with them.

Just as Wang Jugu reached out to grab Wang Juhuais elbow, Wang Juhuais bodyguard appeared in a flash and stood in front of him and Xia Qingwei, separating them from Wang Jugu and Luo Wangyuan.

Wang Juhuai protected Xia Qingwei as they got into the car, and the driver drove off.

Wang Jugu and Luo Wangyuan could not chase after them even if they wanted to.

In the car, Wang Juhuai turned and looked at Xia Qingwei.

“Were you afraid that I would agree to their request”

“I dont know.

They are your family, after all,” Xia Qingwei said.

“So I wanted to hear your reply first before deciding.”

Wang Juhuai understood what Xia Qingwei meant.

If his reply had made her disappointed, she would likely have rather fallen out with him, or ended her marriage with him, to insist on seeking justice for Lu Man.

Wang Juhuai held Xia Qingweis hand exceptionally tightly.

“Qingwei, you have to believe me.

I will never do something that will disappoint you,” Wang Juhuai said.

“No matter what happens, you just need to believe me.

Never ever think of divorcing me.”

Wang Juhuai paused for a moment and said, “We finally managed to get together, so dont think about those things.”

“Im sorry,” Xia Qingwei said in a low voice as she hugged Wang Juhuais elbow.

She knew that even though she had not said anything just then, with how smart Wang Juhuai was and how well he knew her, he had understood her thoughts instantly.

He knew that for her to have such thoughts, she must have felt awful too.

“Its fine,” Wang Juhuai said in a low voice, pulling her into his embrace.

“Qingwei, you just need to trust me.”



The two of them arrived at the hospital.

Han Xijin and Shen Nuo were there as well.

Han Xijin had just arrived today.

He had just touched down and had not adjusted to the jet lag yet, but he came over to the hospital immediately to see Lu Man.

Lu Man still had not woken up.

This was already the fourth day that she was in a coma.

Han Zhuoli said, “The doctors from Chu Tian Hospital will arrive tonight.

The next morning, they will come over and consult with the doctors we hired regarding Man Mans condition, to see if they can find out what exactly happened.”

Meanwhile, the person that Wen Ren had mentioned would only arrive tomorrow night.

But even if the other party arrived, the person could not immediately do anything either.

They would still have to wait for the results to come out from the doctors side first.

If so many renowned doctors collectively were still not able to find out anything, once his family members were not around, he would let that person come and see what exactly was going on with Lu Man.

Because the others did not know that Lu Man had been revived.

He did not want to let the others know either.

Even if they were family, he did not dare to take this risk.

Aside from him, Lu Man did not tell anyone about this.

She was also afraid that other people would not be able to accept it and would treat her like a monster.

He did not know if Xia Qingwei would continue to think that Lu Man was her original daughter after she found out.

Even if Lu Man was just Lu Man.

So, for this matter, Han Zhuoli did not intend to tell other people.

He could only do it secretly in a low-profile manner.

He only hoped that it would really work.

If the doctors still could not find out anything, then that person would be his last hope.


Lu Man did not know that it was the fourth day that her self in the hospital ward had been lying in a coma.

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