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Chapter 2399: Use Flattery as a Weapon

The bunch of them rambled on because they were worried about their own performance.

After hearing out everyones worries, Robert said, “Your worries are all very normal.

When Hayer and I first went up on stage officially at Broadway, we also felt very nervous.

And at that time, the two of us could only act in minor roles with only a few lines.

“We already felt nervous with that, much less you guys.” Robert smiled and said, “So today, just before you all go on stage, we wont rehearse anymore.

Lets do some relaxed performances to loosen up yourselves.”

“Just now, when you guys were rehearsing, your performance was already not open and relaxed enough.

But because your performance was still quite good, were afraid that you guys might not perform as well if youre too relaxed, so we didnt bring it up,” Hayer continued.

“But now, you all are really way too nervous, which wont do any good for the competition in the afternoon.

So, lets all relax ourselves now.”

“We call it relax, but this is related to performing as well.

You all dont have to worry that being too relaxed will affect your performance in the competition,” Robert said.

“This is also one of the methods we commonly use.”

It was similar to a game format, but they still needed to perform.

Gradually, everyone indeed relaxed quite a bit.

When the time came for the audience to be seated in the venue, Lu Man and the others also went backstage to prepare.

Robert and Hayer did not immediately go to the seating area but followed them backstage, likely with the intention of boosting their morale with their presence.

Shi Xiaoya applied makeup for Lu Man backstage.

At the seating area, the four principals from the four schools had also arrived.

They especially came to watch this exchange competition and cheer for their respective schools.

The two teams used different dressing rooms.

Before the performance officially began, the students from either side did not have a chance to bump into each other.

The Han Family people also arrived early on at the venue.

Xia Qingwei carried her child and sat together with Wang Juhuai.

The audience members were waiting when, suddenly, a commotion occurred.

Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong actually came.

The two of them came during their private schedules and did not announce it publicly, so even the fans did not know.

Only the audience who had arrived at the venue and who happened to be their fans started exclaiming in surprise.

It was really worth going on this trip!

They did not just come to see the performance, they even managed to see their own idols!

Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong first came over to greet Principal Liu and the other three principals.

“I didnt expect that both of you would come too,” Principal Zhang said, smiling.

“We met Lu Man at the charity gala and told her that we would like to come and watch the competition,” Gao Zishan said.

“Both of us are very interested in Lu Mans performance, so we came here to watch.”

“We wont talk about winning.” Dong Qinrong smiled as she said, “But we are really looking forward to the young peoples performance.”

Principal Liu smiled with a grimace.

“In the domestic media side, I dont know who had purposely hyped it up, actually saying that this time, the chances of us winning were very high.”

Principal Lu also frowned and said, “Yeah.

Although this time, we are all looking forward to Lu Mans performance quite a lot, we arent expecting that their chances of winning would be very high.

We also told this to Lu Man and the others in private as well, that we dont ask for them to win, just for them to lose a little more gracefully.

To try their best to reduce the gap between both sides and not be crushed utterly.

For some reason, the domestic media seems to think that they will win for sure this time.”

Gao Zishan thought about it and said, “Then I think there might be someone behind the scenes who doesnt like one of the students in the team and wants to use this chance to use flattery as a weapon against them.”

As for who was the person being disliked, she felt that the probability of it being Lu Man was the highest.

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