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Chapter 2382: Extremely Nasty

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“She had only just arrived yesterday and she had already made a bet with Howard.

Howard had already lost to her once before,” the principals secretary said.

“When the second-string team went over for the exchange competition, they lost to the National Film Academys team.”

The principal felt a headache coming when he recalled this.

“She was in that previous competition too”

“Yes,” the secretary replied.

“Lu Man didnt come to our school along with her team.

She only just arrived yesterday.

So when the second-string team went over for the exchange, Lu Man was there too and participated in the competition.

And then…”

“I know, I know.

They won,” the principal said in dejectedly.

“Dont repeat it again.”

“…” The secretary then said, “The moment she came yesterday, from what I know, it was Howard who challenged her first.

Lu Man accepted Howards challenge and won once again.”

The principal felt even more dejected and frustrated.

The principal was so enraged that he slammed the table and said, “Is our schools second-string team standard only this high If they lost once, it could be because they were unlucky, or they didnt manage to exercise their potential to the fullest and other reasons.

But to lose twice in a row, that just means that his capabilities dont cut it!”

The principal asked, “As I recall, Howard is considered to be of quite a good caliber within the second=string team and ranks closer to the top, right”

The secretary knew it a little better than the principal and said, “At that time, Shana went over from the top team to lead that team, so aside from Shana, he is the one with the strongest capabilities in that team.”

“Yet in the end, he lost to Lu Man” The principal was furious.

“…” The secretary could not bear to agitate him even more as he said, “And he got defeated instantly.”

“That means his capabilities dont cut it!” The principal slammed the table in anger.

“So this is the second-string team In the past, even our second-string teams could instantly defeat those exchange students.

Yet this year, we even lost twice in a row! Are they too proud and not motivated to improve themselves such that their capabilities fell short Or if not that, what is it”

“Judging from what I see, its not that the second-string team fell short but that the National Film Academy rarely produced a student like Lu Man.

If not for Lu Man, the second-string team would still have defeated them in an instant,” the secretary said.

“Continue telling me.

Howard lost, and then what happened”

“They made a bet before their competition.

Whoever lost will have to kneel down to the other party and slap him or herself, then promise not to provoke the other party in the future.

This bet was suggested by Howard himself.” And it had always been Howard one-sidedly provoking her.

“Yesterday, after Lu Man won, she really insisted on making Howard kneel down and slap himself.”

“Howard was willing to do it” the principal asked.

“What could he do He said that in front of so many people.

I heard he wanted to just gloss over things, but Lu Man did not let him.

Her teammates also surrounded Howard.”

After such a huge embarrassment, the principal felt his head ache.

“I asked around.

Lu Man is not an easy target to provoke back in their country.

Quite a lot of people have suffered at her hands,” the secretary said.

“So… its also only after Lu Man came that issues started cropping up non-stop.

Robert and Hayer were also asked to come by Lu Man.”

The principal felt unbelievably suffocated in his heart.

What grudge and hatred did the National Film Academy bear with them to send such a character over

They were to blame for not investigating properly beforehand either, for not treating this with as much importance, thinking that things would not be any different even if the other party sent someone over.

They underestimated their enemy!

They underestimated their enemy!

They actually let the National Film Academy send such a person over.

The National Film Academy was really… extremely nasty!

“Principal, what do we do now” the secretary asked.

“Regarding what you worried about at the start, our schools teachers were indeed scared that it would ruin their own reputations so they refused to teach the exchange students.

Yet Robert and Hayer came.

They are not afraid of getting their own reputations ruined at all..

As such, we really ended up falling between two stools.”

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