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Chapter 1845: Asking the Obvious

They were adults, after all.

Even so, that was only when he couldnt see them.

Now that he saw it, could he not care

Hes just like someones parents who wouldnt wish to see their own daughter being passionate with her boyfriend right in front of them.

“Harrumph!” Shi Nancang gave an angry snort but couldnt say much else.

It would have been too awkward.

“Its already late.

How long is Young Master Ling planning to stay” Shi Nancang asked irritatedly.

“Im about to leave,” was all Han Zhuoling could reply.

“Thats great, Ill leave with you,” Shi Nancang said.

So as to prevent Han Zhuoling from returning halfway.

Shi Xiaoya walked them to the door.

“Ill send you both.”

“Send us for what Its so cold outside, stay at home,” Shi Nancang immediately answered.

Shi Xiaoya looked at him resignedly before turning to Han Zhuoling.

“Arent you guys seeing each other tomorrow Theres no need for such parting sorrows,” Shi Nancang quipped again.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Whys her brother so talkative!

“Stay home, its too cold outside,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya could only agree and send them to the elevator, waving sadly at Han Zhuoling.

When the elevator door closed, Shi Xiaoya ran to the balcony to look.

Not long after, Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang appeared.

Both did not enter their cars immediately but stood outside talking about who-knows-what.

Meanwhile, downstairs.

Shi Nancang smiled.

“Want me to send you back”

“…” Han Zhuoling said, “No need, I can return on my own.

Rest assured, I wont return halfway this time.”

Shi Nancang smiled and said nothing else.

Since this was between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

He merely bumped into it this time.

He couldnt concern himself with their affairs when he did not encounter it.

They were dating.

It was one thing for him to come across instances like today, but even he would find himself overbearing if he intended to concern himself with everything.

Though he was afraid Shi Xiaoya would be taken advantage of.

“Alright, then,” Shi Nancang said.

Both entered their respective cars and left.

This time, Han Zhuoling did not return.

Shi Xiaoya then changed into her pajamas rather than the sleeping robe.

She couldnt face this sleeping robe properly for the next few days at least.

As long as she saw it, she would be reminded of her intimacy with Han Zhuoling, much less if she wore it.

Had Shi Nancang came later, her garment would have been removed by Han Zhuoling.

Her skin still tingled with the feeling of his fingertips ghosting over it.

The sensation was still fresh and clear in her mind.

Shi Xiaoya burrowed under the covers but couldnt fall asleep.

She was clearly beyond exhausted just now, her eyes barely opening.

Yet the moment she closed her eyes, she dreamt of Han Zhuolings hands on her body, his lips on hers.

Some time after, her phone received a notification.

Still awake, Shi Xiaoya quickly read it.

Indeed, it was from Han Zhuoling.

“I just entered my home.”

Not that he had reached home, but that he had entered his house.

The moment he stepped into his house, he messaged her.

Shi Xiaoya was figuring out what to reply when she received a second text.

“You asleep”

“Nope,” Shi Xiaoya replied honestly, “cant sleep.”

Han Zhuoling looked at her text, feeling just as if Shi Xiaoya was in front of him, saying that she couldnt sleep in that red-faced, disheartened manner of hers.

And he couldnt help but laugh.

“Werent you tired”

“Asking the obvious!” Shi Xiaoya muttered, then replied to Han Zhuoling, “You know why I cant sleep.”

Han Zhuolings smile grew bigger.

“Youre back!” Just then, Lin Liye came out.

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