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Chapter 1734: You Did This All for Me

Not long after, he confirmed the schedule and came back to tell Han Zhuoling.

“Young Master Ling, Ive arranged everything,” Tong Chunian said.

“The flight will be at 11 AM in the morning.

It takes two hours to arrive at Ning City, so yours will be around 1 PM in the afternoon.

After youve alighted, the drive will take one and a half hours.

If everything goes smoothly, you can reach the hotel booked by the production team at slightly after 3 PM.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Tong Chunian continued, “As for the return flight, it will be on Monday afternoon at 1 PM, with the time needed to travel from the county to Ning City already accounted for, as well as the extra time for arriving early at the airport.

If the flight was too early, you all might need to set off before dawn.”

“The timing is fine.” Han Zhuoling calculated the time needed to return to B City and said, “Cancel my schedule on Monday.

After I come back, I will settle the work for Friday and Monday.”

“Yes,” Tong Chunian answered.

After he went out, Han Zhuoling then sent a message to Shi Xiaoya.

“Are you working now”

Very soon, Shi Xiaoya replied, “Im editing a video.

Arent you busy now I regretted sending you a message, afraid that I was disturbing you from work, so I did not dare to message you again.”

“Its alright.” When Han Zhuoling saw her explanation, he then understood why she only sent him the word “okay.” His spirits instantly lifted and his mood went back to the point when he first received Shi Xiaoyas message in the meeting room.

“I went to arrange the flight schedule just now,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“Its an 11 AM flight on Friday.

Are you okay with that”

“Yeah, sure.” After learning of the filming location, Shi Xiaoya felt very fortunate that she had Han Zhuoling going there with her.

After sending Han Zhuoling the message, she went to check the address of the hotel that the production team had booked.

It was in a county that was far away from Ning City.

There was no railway in that county, so she and Guo Yujie could only sit in a car ride all the way there.

But to be honest, as the closest place to the fortress, that county was a place that tourists had to pass through.

Wherever there were many tourists, there would naturally be some common disturbances typical of tourist destinations.

Situations like overcharging customers and the like were notoriously common and severe, and the situation had not seen improvements up til now.

If it were just two girls like her and Guo Yujie, they would not feel assured and it would really be quite scary for them.

With Han Zhuoling around to make arrangements, they instantly felt more assured.

“We are returning on Monday.

Is that okay” Han Zhuoling asked again.

“The filming ends on Sunday.

Arent we going back straight after” Shi Xiaoya asked.

She thought that Han Zhuoling would be rushing to return to work.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow.

He could not help but chuckle.

“Am I such a workaholic in your eyes”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “Isnt that the case”

She was struggling to think of how to reply to Han Zhuoling, but Han Zhuoling had already sent another message.

“After the filming ends on Sunday, it would take quite a while to return to Ning City from the county.

Since thats the case, we would need to rush back overnight.

By the time we arrive, it would nearly be dawn.

This will be too tiring for you.”

Shi Xiaoya paused for a moment.

She paused the video she was editing and stared dumbstruck at the words Han Zhuoling had just sent over.

So, he decided to come back a day later for her sake

If it was just him, he would definitely go back overnight.

Next, she saw Han Zhuoling send the return schedule on Monday.

Shi Xiaoya roughly calculated.

In this way, by the time they reached B City, it would be the afternoon already.

Many of his work schedules that hed originally planned for would need to be changed.

Just for her, he changed the habits and principles he had been used to all this time.

Shi Xiaoyas heart was beating especially fast.

“Then… Young Master Ling, youre doing all this for me”

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