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After running like hell, Jin ended up reaching a narrow street surrounded by huge establishments. The sunset was off, so it was understandable why the area was quite dark.

While Jin was catching up to his breathing, he had a glee on his face, assuming that he managed to escape from Drakes aggression. However, that expression easily faded away when he heard a deep voice coming from his behind.

"Ha! Do you really think you can escape with me?" Drake asked furiously, at the same time, showing that he didn feel exhausted chasing him.

It seemed like when Koja was making a commotion, Drake decided to jump over the corridor to reach the ground floor immediately. Well, Jins room was located on the fifth floor, but it doesn matter to Drake since he materialized his muscle in any areas of his body. By doing that, he can absorb and minimize the force.

Jin took a glance at the origin of the voice with his trembling eyes, knowing this was the place where he can easily ask someone to help him. Then, he changed his glance to the corner of the street, noticing Drakes group was also approaching.

One of them was armed with a metal bat, even Jin was clueless where sixteen year old got this weapon. Still, he tried to move his legs.

By just simply reading their expression, Im sure they are going to attack with that bat. He uttered to his mind, then planning to use the narrow street and dark areas to flee.


However, Jin instantly fell to the ground after hitting by someone. Yes, it was Drake that jumped to mid-air to block Jins path and used the [Muscle concentration] skill to solidify his body.

For Jin, it was like he bumped into the concrete wall. "W-What are guys doing? Can we talk about this..."

At this point, he was well savvied trying to escape was a bad decision. Why? Because he knew Drake could cast his skill to raise his speed, as well as his strength. So now, the best thing to do here was to convince them with his flowering words.


Yet, Drake didn give him a chance to spit as he used his knees directly on Jins stomach. Through this, it made Jins body hunched and coughed some blood out of his body.

In a simple attack, it was impossible for someone to cough blood. But Jin had a different case as his organ was damaged.


His eyes turned white while red bubbles formed in the corner of his mouth. Plus, he was rolling surface, enduring the excruciating pain appearing in his stomach.

"Im sure that he frame us! You ask teacher Zak to watch you walk in the schools entrance, thats why we caught!"

Even though the three young men were surprised by the occurrence since Drake used his hunter power toward the regular. Still, they nodded their heads, blaming Jin for their consequence.

You deserve that!

If you did not snitch us, this would never happen!

Stand up! I know that you are ready for this pain!

Well, it seemed like the three were quite guilty as their expressions were showing their true emotions, not their words.

Jin looked at them in the corner of his eyes, asking himself why they always blamed him if there was something not going according to their plan. After that, he gradually leaned his back against the wall to regain his footing.

"W-What are you saying, Drake? Its just a coincidence Teacher Zak was there." He stuttered, feeling the taste of iron inside his mouth.

"Teacher Zak is always in our room before us, I know that you are aware of that! So answer me, how I could believe your explanation?" Drake asked.

"I already explained, its just a coincidence-" He paused for a second, noticing no matter what he said here Drake would never listen. So... He deeply bowed his head, "I apologize if that happens, I didn mean to-"

Before he could finish his sentence another punch landed on his face.


His world was now shaking to the point that he can recognize the image of the person in front of him. Plus, feeling the red blood dripping out from his broken nose.


He groaned in pain while crossing his arms as the three boys started to attack him as well. In his mind, why do they have to go this far? No matter how cruel the punishment given by teacher Zak was, it was not enough reason to hurt someone.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Soon, his entire body was full of scratches and his vision now was filled with red blood after the metallic bat struck directly his head. When he fell to the ground and wasn moving, that was also the time when Drakes group realized the situation.

Is he dead?

What we have done?

What we are going to do now, Drake? If someone knows about this, our dream to become hunters would lose for sure!

The three of them asked Drake with obnoxious expressions on their faces.

Drake looked at his bloody hands, at the same time, asking himself why he used his hunter power against the mere regular. But first, he moved his head left to right, hoping there was no CCTV camera nearby.

"The luck is still on our side since theres no camera around. For now, lets separate our paths here from now on, and make sure no one should know about this." Drake said in a nervous tone.

A young man with blue hair and armed with the bath pointed his index finger toward Jins body. "B-But what we should do in his body? If we bring him from the hospital right now we can save his life, at the same time, avoid losing our dream to become a hunter."

Drake pushed forward his arm, then yanked him upward. "Do you have a death wish? If we send him to the hospital, the hunters would surely gather an investigation. And you know what will happen next, isn it?"

The blue-haired man tapped Drakes arm. "I-I get, so let me go."

"If each one of you dares to betray me, you should pay the consequence."

"But what we are going to his body?" The blue-haired young man asked once again.

"We are planning to leave his body here. With his current condition, I can easily tell its impossible for him to ask someone to help him. Also, it would be better if we leave right before hunters nearby catch us."

"Thats right!"


Meanwhile, a young man covered by bruises was lying on the cold surface, trying to endure the pain he was experiencing. When he knew the pain won easily disappear, Jin simply looked at the glittering night sky and smiled.

"Im weak thats why they were doing this to me..."

At this point, he can stop tears from going to his wound which adds more pain. Well, he hasn care anymore as the only thing in his mind was to die right now. Why? If he continued to live this life, more people like Drake would surely approach him. Apart from that, once he went back to their home in this state, his mother would be hysterical and ended up wanting to get justice for her son.

Hmm... Jin can blame his mother as it was her instinct for being a mother. But at the same time, it can be a reason to put the life of his family in danger. By just simply looking at Drake, you can already that he came from a wealthy family, and thats why he acted so cocky in front of the others.

"Just take my life, Im fine. Also, I don want to put any more trouble in my family before I left."

Of course, it came to his mind to revenge. But what he could do? As of now, he hadn had the ability to do it, in terms of power and speed, he had no match with Drake. Although he knew one martial art which was taekwondo, still, it wasn enough. To be more specific, even though he used that skill on Drake and managed to land a contact, yet, he was pretty sure Drake will absorb the force with his [Muscle concentration] ability.

"If I just have some power, I would never let this happen."

He bit the bottom of his lips and used his arm to cover his eyes. He surrendered everything even his dream to become one of the strongest hunters in this world. In his opinion, there were a lot of things in this world that can achieve no matter how much effort he put into them. Unless... You are good with that profession.


And all of a sudden, a weird tone went to his ears which made him open his eyes once again. Now, his face was illuminated with a blue light as he was glancing at the screen.

[Great! You successfully unlock the Bloody System!]

Yes, he wanted to know more about the screen. However, his strength wasn enough to do so he passed out.


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