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Supreme Warrior Chapter 7: Divorce!

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The palace Lotus Flower is spacious. Its objects are finely carved and gold-plated, its people are crowded, and its right arm is tattooed with the Phoenix bird, the symbol of the Lotus Flower empire.

Returning to his place in charge this time, Henry Richard felt extraordinarily relaxed and relieved. He walked straight into the room, hitting a good deep sleep. However, because he was sleeping in the car earlier, Henry Richard only slept for a moment and woke up.

Mr. Conal has been standing by waiting for him. As soon as he opened his eyes, Conal Joshua bowed his head with reverence:

- Master, a lady Smith here!

Layla Smith?

She couldn wait, came here to see him right away?

Henry Richard, changing his clothes, asked in question:

- Was she alone?

- Yes, Lady Smith is with five other men!

Conal Joshua answered quickly.

Henry Richard frowned his eyebrows tightly. His button-up movement also stopped. His sharp eyes grew more and more silent.

Layla Smith is standing in front of the God of Electricity. The five men who follow her are called "brothers," and they have a teacher together. Since her fathers death, Layla Smith asked a famous teacher who taught traditional medicine and ancient insect techniques who lived in seclusion at the foot of the Western Mountain. However, after discovering that her fathers death had many abnormalities, Layla Smith decided to visit Lotus Flower, asking Henry Richard for help.

Because Henry Richard is incredibly talented, her father was a high-ranking official under her former employer when he was alive, so Layla Smith had even more excuses to ask Henry Richard for help.

- Do you think Henry Richard will readily agree to help us? Don forget that hes notorious for his brutality and mastery of cruelty. Its hard!

Mervyn Louis, her oldest brother, was puzzled by the warning.

Layla Smith had already anticipated the situation, so she only smiled lightly.

- You forget that although Henry Richard is the ruler of the mighty Lotus Flower empire. But hes got a weakness.

She had just mentioned it here, and the other five brothers immediately turned around, looking at her curiously.

- What weakness? Tell me!

Layla Smiths lips bent with satisfaction:

- Be greedy for money!

- What?

A bunch of people almost threw up all the water in their bodies. Henry Richard is rich, he spends so much money on his face and still wants money.

While they were still talking, Conal Joshua immediately appeared from afar. Layla Smith watched with her eyes open, a little disappointed. Henry Richard still refuses to see her.

Mr. Conal approached Layla Smith, bending politely to say:

- Master agreed to meet the lady. However, on one condition, only the lady was allowed to set foot there. If the lady and the five of you disagree, the compromise is abandoned.

Mervyn Louis was furious. He clenched his hands together, shivering.

- Master Richard said that. Isn it like kicking us out of The Palace Lotus Flower?

Layla Smith is still the calmest person. She pulled her five brothers out in a hurry, then gently consoled them:

- Everybody stays calm. Wait here for me. Ill be back in a minute!

Although Mervyn Louis wasn very happy for Layla Smith, he nodded. If they are still slow, they will all be kicked out of The Palace Lotus Flower by Henry Richard.

Following Conal Joshuas instructions, Layla Smith was subordinated to a large room, about twenty meters wide, not considering the rooms length. All items are gold-plated: from pots and chopsticks to bed lamps,...

Right in the middle of the big banquet table was a tall, plain-clothes silhouette, just jeans, and a broad black T-shirt. However, his face is perfect, and his five senses are sharp, especially his eyes are more profound than the sea, quieter than the mountains, etc.

Henry Richard did not raise his head to Layla Smith, just calmly drinking a bottle of wine, then coldly said:

- If I want to help you, there must be proper exchange conditions.

Layla Smith did not need his invitation, directly sat down on the opposite side. At this point, she could get closer to a better man than this one at such a close distance. If only the appearance were dressed, no one would have thought Henry Richard had such a noble identity.

She reached for a cup Henry Richard had just poured for her and drank it without hesitation.

- You

e a pretty good drinker.

- I can ! I have a lot to learn from you.

Layla Smith answered modestly. Stop for a moment, and she goes on to say:

- I want you to come to Washington with me. Fathers body was buried in Washington. If Im not cleared, Im dead, and Im dead.

Her fathers death remains an unexplained mystery. While alive, Barrett William was originally a healer under Kelsey Richard, Henry Richards father. He served in The Palace Lotus Flower for forty years. As he gets older, Kelsey Richard lets him return to his hometown.

Layla Smiths family had only two fathers and children. To her, Barrett William was the most important person in his life. One day last fall, Barrett William was taken by a stranger. When Layla Smith returned home, only her fathers right hand and right foot were found left, accompanied by a closed letter. It says, "Barrett William deceived his superiors, bullied his subordinates, and angry citizens. Now bring to Washington, bury the sacrifice!"

Layla Smith didn understand the story, so she collapsed for a long time. She believed in her fathers purity, and he would never do anything against her conscience. Therefore, after looking into the details, Layla Smith decided to go to Lotus Flower, asking for Henry Richards help.

The road to Washington is very rough. Moreover, this place is famous for being the land of cold insect medicine. If only by her power, shed die without even seeing him.

Henry Richard contemplated for a moment, then breathed heavily. Hes still healing, and hes working hard to help strangers.

- Tell me a good reason why I agree to help you.

Hearing his challenge, Layla Smith did not hesitate, her lips bent slightly, frankly answering:

- I will meet any of your requirements.

- Even if I ask you to cut off your hands and feet?

Henry Richard laughed coldly. Its too easy and too easy for her.

Seeing Layla Smith quietly not responding, Henry Richard turned his eyes, carefully watching this girls appearance.

The oval face, the five beautiful mandarins, the long, soft white hair curving, the first, the third round burning, the beautiful body, and the most beautiful.

His throat began to move up and down, and his eyes began to flood with the most primitive desire.

- Have you ever had sex with any man?

Henry Richards questioning reddened Layla Smiths cheeks. Each of the long fingers is constantly intertwined, so confused.

- You... You are shameless.

Layla Smith stammered. Shes never had an intimate encounter with the opposite sex before.

Henry Richard understood as soon as he saw it and immediately smiled:

- Then... Could you give me your first sacrifice?

- What are you talking about?

Layla Smith was startled, glaring at Henry Richard. However, his handsome face was extremely calm. Henry Richards not kidding. The words that came out of his mouth were all true.

In the face of Layla Smiths startling attitude, Henry Richard was still adamant. He reached out to her, wrapped a soft curl of her hair with his finger, and smiled:

- You have five minutes to think!

Layla Smith clenched her plump lips, each of the green veins floating on her fair skin. After a while, she raised her face high, looked him straight in the eye, and said:

- Yes! But you have to write a commitment. If you turn the noose, Ill kill you!

- Ha Ha...

Henry Richard burst into laughter. So far, hes always said one is one, bending his tongue seven times before speaking. Therefore, the two words "turnover" should never exist in his brain.

And this girl was the first one to dally with him. If Layla Smith liked it, hed be willing to indulge her!

The evening at Lotus Flower was tranquil.

The moon shone brightly on the edge of the line, dangling over the strangely lonely, gray sky. Standing on top of the Lotus Flower, if one reaches out ones hand, one can quickly feel each fingertip approaching the moon.

Layla Smith soaked herself in a bathtub full of rose petals. Her long white hair was hanging on the tub wall, her eyes were closed, and her body suddenly trembled. She volunteered to give herself to a strange man to clear her fathers name. On second thought, Layla Smith never felt remorse.

- Lady Smith, your pajamas are ready!

The electric maid gently said. Layla Smith slowly opened her eyes and sighed for an hour. She wiped the body with a towel, then took a sleeping dress, and put it on her body.

What? This son of a bitch Henry Richard, is a pervert!

Her cheeks were red, so angry that she just wanted to put Henry Richard under her feet and beat him to death. Henry Richards sleeping dress is made of soft, thin, and short silk. The back is cut to the waist, revealing the slim waist. The shirts chest is a deep hollow, covering only two small soft objects. The rest are open to the outside.

The skirts tail is made of a small lace fabric that fits perfectly to cover Layla Smiths crooked ass. As soon as she put it on, Layla Smith felt like her body didn have any cloth covering her body.

She had to use a towel, wrap it around the outside, awkwardly to walk with the maid to Henry Richards bedroom.

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