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Supreme Warrior Chapter 6: Punishment!

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Clara Walter took the paper suspiciously, still grumbling:

- What are you going to do again?

However, as soon as she read the first lines, Clara Walters eyes suddenly darkened.

- What? A divorce application?

Her shocked the whole family, including Walter, who could not believe his ears. Mrs. Walter rushed to her daughters side and snatched the divorce papers back.

So far, Henry Richard doesn have to pretend. He smiled faintly, his handsome face having ten wicked parts:

- Thats right, you

e not blind! Clara Walter, lets get a divorce!

Henry Richard... How dare he divorce?

Clara Walter grinned at her belly like she heard Henry Richards joke in her ear. However, his attitude towards him was extremely calm and a bit of a joke. Henry Richard is trying to tease Clara Walter, to turn her around like a pinwheel in the palm of his hand.

Mr. Walter is the calmest man. He called Henry Richard up to stand beside him, earnestly asking him again:

- Do you want a divorce?

Henry Richard immediately replied: "yes." Hes already disgusted with this life in the law. Moreover, after living together, he also realized that human nature is doubtful to change.

The happiest person right now is Clara Walter. Divorced from someone she hated, she was so pleased that she laughed her eyes out. Men without careers stalk their wives houses. Its despicable.

Henry Richard looked at Walter with a sturdily fixed look, not much of the stuff he had brought carefully packed into his suitcase.

- Father, its not, Uncle Walter! Thank you for being so lovely to me. Its time for me to leave!

Clara Walter signed and then threw the ballpoint pen hard to the ground, put her hands behind her hips, and laughed:

- You urgently want to divorce me, and you pack first. Or is there something to hide inside this bag?

In all words, Clara Walter, despite her appearance, rushed to Henry Richards eyes, aggressively snatched the luggage from his hand, then pulled the lock and emptied the contents.

- What the hell are you doing?

Henry Richard rolled his eyes, so angry that his ears were red. He gave Walter a face and didn punish her with a lesson. And yet Clara Walter still suffers from that disorder, not knowing whats etiquette.

Theres nothing worthwhile inside the suitcase except for some clothes and personal belongings. Clara Walter kicked Henry Richards clothes with her feet, pretending to be unfair:

- I want to check again to make sure!

So far, Henry Richards patience has finally crossed the line. He grabbed Clara Walters hair with his hand and slapped her face hard.

Clara Walter got slapped, her face darkened, and fell back to the ground. Her right cheek was red and swollen, with five long Henry Richard fingerprints printed.

- Your parents can teach you, then let me! Id rather beat up women than let a spoiled woman like you shame the generation of women today.

Before Walter and his wife could react, Henry Richard immediately pulled Clara Walter out of the street, leaving the Walter family in a panic, in great fear.

Walters house is a train-only railroad in front of the villa. Henry Richard dragged Clara Walter around on the ground, aggressively throwing her onto the tracks. Whenever Clara Walter crawls out, Henry Richard frantically forces her to lie still in the street.

The train whistle sounded from a distance. If Clara Walter doesn get out quickly in just a few minutes, shell probably be crushed by the train.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter said the bodyguard came with a revolver. Seeing the crisis in front of them, they couldn help but be afraid. The train will arrive in seven minutes, and Walters family must be able to get Clara Walter out of Henry Richards hands quickly.

- Henry Richard, let my daughter go!

Mr. Walter raised his gun to him, threatening fiercely.

Henry Richards attitude is still extremely calm. In front of more than ten gunfights pointing at him, he only bent his lips and smiled blandly:

- Killing me means you

e killing your daughter.

After all, Henry Richard walked into the tracks and covered himself with Clara Walter.

- How was it? You still think Im useless, cowardly. Im showing it to you today. Are you satisfied?

Clara Walter stopped looking at the train approaching, looked at her father, cried, and begged:

- Father! Could you help me? Im afraid of death!

Walter and his grandparents wanted to come to my rescue, but Henry Richard was smart enough to let her cover his chest. If they miss the bullet, they kill their daughter.

Mr. Walter broke his bank, knelt on the ground, repeatedly begging for money:

- Respect my love for you. Please let her go. I pledge my life to redeem myself!

Henry Richard snatched his tongue, clasped Clara Walters throat with his hand, and said briefly:

- Its too late!

Boom! Boom!

As soon as he finished speaking, the train finally rushed in, accompanied by a deafening whistle. Clara Walter shouted a scream, then the long train immediately ran in, leaving only the loud cries of all the people.

- My daughter!!!

Walter and his wife screamed hysterically. She was a father and a mother but had to look at her daughter crushed by the train right before her eyes. They cried bitterly, and the couple would have rushed into the tracks if the bodyguard hadn stopped them.

Waiting for the train to pass, Mr. and Mrs. Walter immediately rushed to where Clara Walter was standing. And yet, not even a trace of blood. While they were still bewildered, unable to understand what had happened from a nearby vacant lot, Henry Richard walked boldly outside. He even had Clara Walter on his arm, and by now, her legs were limp, white with no blood on her face.

- Clara Walter!

Mrs. Walter rushed to her daughters side and picked her up.

Henry Richard put his hands behind his back, his handsome face showing satirical features. If he kills Clara Walter, its not by his code. No matter how bossy, calculating, and authoritative Clara Walter is, she hasn touched anyones life.

- Give me my daughter back. I hope shell change the next time I see her.

Brum... Brum...

From far away, the engine suddenly sounded. Five shiny new supercars quickly appeared. A gray-haired older man opened the car door and walked down smiling.

Roderick Walter, as soon as he saw the older man, immediately startled, hurried up to him, bowing his head:

- Sir Conal Joshua, I didn know youd come in person, but Walters family was in short supply.

Conal Joshua is Mr Conal, Henry Richards junior official. In addition to managing significant jobs at God of Electricity, he frequently went down the mountain, conducting diplomacy with prominent domestic and foreign officials. Therefore, no one knows Conal Joshuas excellent reputation and role.

Roderick Walter is no exception. As soon as he saw him, Roderick Walters face immediately changed, afraid of unfortunately confessing to the men of Lotus Flower or Conal Joshua himself.

Mr. Conal rubbed his hands in front of him, not sad enough for Roderick Walter to see directly into the matter:

- Im here to pick up Mr. Master is back!

Mr. Master?

Roderick, Walter, and the others there were all startled, glancing around. Could some of these people have such vital roles and authority?

- What do you mean, Mr. Master is in charge of Lotus Flower? The Lotus Flower Empire is under a new master. We have heard that the master is excellent, the trick is excellent, moves like a storm, but his temper is boiling. But why would he be here?

- Really? Walter, after all this time together, don you think I haven been so hot, so desperate as theyve been told?

Henry Richard smiled faintly, pacing his long steps toward Conal Joshua.

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole family of Walter immediately sprang to his feet and turned to stare at him. Thats impossible! The master of the entire Lotus Flower empire is the poor son-in-law Walter always despises.

The most astounding person right now is Clara Walter. Her mouth moved, wanting to speak, but her throat was choked, and she could not utter a word. There were a hundred, a thousand speculations. Clara Walter couldn have imagined that the husband she despised was so noble.

All the men who came to pick up Henry Richard stood in two rows, bowing with all due respect. Conal Joshua circled his arms in front of his chest, politely opening the car door for Henry Richard, gently saying:

- Master, youve suffered a lot!

Henry Richard took off his coat and threw it at Conal, sobbing:

- Human nature is hard to change. Conal Joshua, this move of my father, and he failed miserably!

The events that happened before us left Walters family in a state of uncertainty. Roderick Walter rushed to his wife and daughter, kneeling on the ground, apologizing to Henry Richard.

- Mr. Henry, can we start over? I want to test you a little.

Clara Walter plucked up her courage and begged. If Henry Richard agrees, she will take a step up to the sky, becoming the noble young wife of the second-largest Lotus Flower empire at home and abroad.

Hearing her entreaty, Henry Richards lips were only slightly bent.

- Excuse me! Im not interested in women like you!

The wheelchair left. Henry Richard rested his hand on the glass wall, glancing at the busy street where he had been attached for a long time. He dimmed his eyes, enjoying some of his favorite tunes. Finally, when did Henry Richard sleep sound asleep?

By the time he regained consciousness, the car had stopped in The Palace Lotus Flower. Nobody also dared not raise his voice to wake the masters sleep, being as quiet as possible so he could fall asleep.

Henry Richard stretched his shoulders, opened the car door, and stepped down. All the senior officials in the palace stood in large rows, bowing to him. Henry Richard waved his hand, and they knew the meaning immediately stretched out, paving the way for him to enter the hall.

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