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Supreme Warrior Chapter 4: Thief!

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After a good nights sleep, Henry Richard woke up at eight oclock the following day. He stretched his shoulders, adjusted his hair, picked a nice, agile suit, and walked downstairs. Clara Walter and her parents were waiting in the living room.

As soon as she saw him, Clara Walter immediately raised her hand, pointing to Henry Richards accusation:

- Father, you must help me. Last night, he dared to sneak into my room and steal more than a million dollars in cash.

Mr. Walters usual gentle face has fallen into disrepair. So far, he hates people who are petty thieves. Therefore, as soon as he opened his eyes, hearing Clara Walter sobbingly confessing to his husband, Walter was distraught.

He pointed down to the empty seat next to Clara Walter, raising his face to Henry Richard:

- Sit down!

Henry Richard was still bewildered, unable to understand what had happened. Clara Walter went on to say aloud:

- At 7:00 last night, he smashed my door and forced me to give him the money. I didn agree to it, but Henry Richard broke the vase on the table and slapped me hard.

After all, Clara Walter lifted her long hair that covered most of her right cheek, revealing five bright red fingerprints. Henry Richards eyebrows immediately frown. In the fight that happened last night, he still remembers Henry Richard didn slap Clara Walter.

Every parent feels sorry for their child. So as soon as she saw the wound on Clara Walters cheek, Mrs. Walter couldn help it, angrily holding a cup of tea in her hand, throwing it hard in Henry Richards face:

- You

e just a poor, lowly son-in-law. How dare you hit my daughter?

Henry Richard stroked the water on his face with his hand and indifferently replied:

- Parents, its true that there was a fight between me and Clara Walter last night, but I didn slap her.

He had just finished saying, Clara Walter cried loudly, glaring up at him with hatred:

- You

e lying. After hitting me and leaving the room, waiting until midnight, he sneaked back to my room and then suddenly stole a million USD in cash.

- You falsely accused me!

Angrily Henry Richard protested.

- You always say Im a thief, so give me the evidence!

In the face of Henry Richards hard-line attitude, Clara Walter is still very proud. She grabbed her fathers stiff, somewhat choked hand and interrupted him:

- Theres only your room and Henry Richard upstairs, and if he didn steal, whod come in? Father, please let the man search Henry Richards private room. Isn it obvious?

Walter heard her say and nodded his head, signaling Henry Richards private room to search.

Looking at the silhouette of two men rushing boldly toward their rooms, including Clara Walters overconfident attitude, Henry Richard had a lousy hunch in his heart.

He knows that this is Clara Walters conspiracy, and she may have infiltrated the money into his room.

As Henry Richard predicted, less than five minutes later, the bodyguards immediately shouted:

- Boss, theres two big money in his bathroom!

Mr. and Mrs. Walter immediately rushed in.

Two lumps of money worth one million dollars were carefully wrapped in plastic, then hidden directly under the toilets lid of the water storage tank.

The corners of Clara Walters lips gently bent up, folded her arms in front of her chest, and added oil to the fire:

- Father, I didn expect you to marry me to a thief!

Mr. Walters hands held tight. He looked at Henry Richard, coldly asking:

- You stole Clara Walters money, didn you?

Henry Richard still shook his head affirmatively. He didn do it, and theres nothing to be afraid of!

Henry Richards rebellious attitude made Walters family more hateful. He raised his lips and smiled silently, considering he was going through an excessive joke.

Contrary to his situation, Clara Walter is highly pleased. She clasped her fathers arm, continuing to point at him:

- Dad, why did he hide a million dollars from me in his bathroom? These two coins grow on their feet and come in here?

Walter sighed deeply. Until now, he had always believed in this son-in-law. Now that hes in such an ironic situation, he can ignore it.

- I don want any more investigations. Henry, if you stole it, you should apologize to your parents and wife.

- Father! I didn steal it. If Clara Walter insists I stole this money, please do a DNA test. The fingerprints on the two envelopes are sure to remain.

Listen to Henry Richards presentation. Clara Walters beautiful face has hardware. She hesitated, glanced at her parents, then hurriedly replied:

- Who knows if youve been cleaning up your fingerprints on it?

Mrs. Walter listened to her daughter very intensely. She pouted her lips, her sharp eyes tight:

- Thats right! Boss, you have to get him out of the villa. From the beginning, I stopped this hateful marriage. And yet you insist. This is ridiculous!

- Shut up! Well talk less. Get out of here. Henry, go down to the chapel and move into the storage room for two days and two nights.

Although Henry Richard was unhappy, he knew that being a son-in-law had no voice, so he had to listen carefully. Walters also for his daughter, so hes obedient, so its better to punish him than defend him.

On Walters orders, Henry Richard was taken to the old warehouse by the bodyguards.

This warehouse is Walters second warehouse, more significant than his bedroom. However, because it is only used for loading wood and torn packaging, dirt is stuck, and moist mosses grow in the way. The ceiling rotted through holes, and the sunlight could pass easily, revealing every corner of the warehouse.

Henry Richard kicked the log with his foot, scolded with anger:

- Its just that my grandfather forced me to stay in the groom. Theres no shortage of patience.

Henry Richard arbitrarily chose a dry corner of the wall, leaning up, limping to sleep. Because it was still morning, no matter how hard he tried to close his eyes, they were still open.

The outside of the yard suddenly heard the car engine. Henry Richard sat up and approached the door through a small opening that looked at the situation outside. Walters family is about to go to the longevity ceremony. Clara Walter also holds a pearl box that Henry Richard has worked hard to buy since the night before, constantly praising:

- Parents, how do you like my gift?

Mr. Walter just smiled, nodded, pleased.

It turns out Clara Walter dared to steal his pearls, his own business, and his parents favor. Such a deceitful woman is despicable.

Henry Richard shook his head with a wry smile.

He has no intention of competing with these troubled people. It was also what he wanted to live through a series of challenges.

The supercar quickly left. Walters family decided not to let Henry Richard come along. He returned to his old position, stretched out on the ground, counting the bricks on the old floor.

- The little boy is cheap, has a reputation for being Walters son-in-law, and lives more humiliated than a dog! Haha...

The nearby taunt came out clearly, startling Henry Richard. He looked out, saw the servants, glanced at the warehouse, and covered his mouth with his hands.

- Thats right! I used to look at his face, and now Im locked in a warehouse. Even if I die, no one will ever forget.

Henry Richards hands held tight. He is very hot, especially when he hears taunts and liars about him. However, thinking of the God of Electricity officials pleas to pay him before coming here to stay with the groom, Henry Richard had to hold back, biting his teeth to ignore.

However, the more these people talked, the more passionate they were, constantly uttering offensive words against Henry Richard. They even deliberately speak loudly, seeming to want him to hear it himself.

For a moment, Henry Richard thought they had left. Suddenly, from the roof of the warehouse, in the direction of the available hole, a thick, dull yellow, stinking water poured down Henry Richards body. Because hes right underneath the big hole, hes got this stinky water all over his body. The sewage ran into Henry Richards mouth and nose, causing him to cough up for a few hours, stroking the dirt on his face with his hands.

He crawled up, covered in excrement and urine, looking miserable just as the outside continued to make a series of bright and happy laughter as if cutting into each of Henry Richards five senses.

- Master. Sorry, we accidentally dropped the wastewater tank!

The careless voice of Leighton Mark, the head of the bodyguard at Walters house, suddenly rang out. He was one of the four men who pulled Henry Richard into the warehouse. Since Henry Richard stepped foot as the son-in-law in this family, Leighton Mark has been highly hateful and itchy.

In Leighton Marks eyes, Henry Richard was just a tiny man, but in a moment, a step up to the clouds was also listed in Walters enormous inheritance as the beauty approached him.

Thats not fair!

So, Leighton Mark decided to incite his men to bully Henry Richard on this one thousand-year-old occasion. However, he couldn have expected that he had just poked at someone who wasn supposed to.

- Mr. Leighton Mark, will we be able to do that? Im afraid the owner will find this scene hard to say!

- Stupid! Well clean him up after the game. Do you think hes such a useless, cowardly man to speak out against?

Leighton Mark folded his arms in front of his chest, laughing.

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