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Supreme Warrior Chapter 3: Buy Directly No Discount!

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Henry Richards ungrateful attitude drove Radley Lawrence mad. He whirled his hand around his mouth, trying to squeeze out a wicked smile:

- Can you hear me when I say it? How about... Is there a problem with your listening level?

- I have wanted to see the pearl for the last seventy years!

Henry Richard pointed at the pearl with his hand, definitely asking. The corners of Radley Lawrences lips immediately twitch. He looked at the staff next door, pouting his lips:

- Im sorry! Our store does not allow direct viewing of pearls if scratches adversely affect the pearls condition. You can look through the glass.

Henry Richard is a little unhappy to hear Radley Lawrence speak. He flung his face to the next stalls, smiling:

- What about the other guests? Are they violating store regulations, too?

Following Henry Richards direction, Radley Lawrence saw that the remaining guests were given pearls for observation by the staff in charge. They held them, cherished them in their hands, and nodded in delight.

He was teased, however, still trying to look like he was scolded:

- No, no, you can do it! Please go away!

Radley Lawrence thinks: pushing aside Henry Richard with his hand. This push by him almost made Henry Richard fall to the ground, making a fool of the people here.

Henry Richard put his hand around his collar, rolled his palm, held it up in front of his face, opened his mouth, and blew a puff.

- Are you saying I have no money?

Henry Richards voice began to subside. He smiled faintly, raising his eyes more profound than the bottom of the sea and staring at Radley Lawrence. His breath began to grow heavy.

Hearing Henry Richards question, Radley Lawrence only opened his mouth with a rude smile. He doesn have to take any attitude so far. A poor, dirty man like Henry who dares to argue and demand. As the senior manager of the citys largest pearl shop, his role and relationship were also in the position of authority, such as how Radley Lawrence would let Henry Richard pass by without hesitation.


Radley Lawrence swung his arm, directly punching Henry Richards abdomen.

- Put your **ing eyes away! Don look back at me like that! Get the ** out of here before I call security!

Radley Lawrences punch immediately caught the attention of the people around him. All stop every move, then the probe walks towards Henry Richard, pointing to the conversation. Everyone laughed at him, mocking Henry Richard without mercy.

With his hands behind his back, Radley Lawrence was increasingly pompous, walking around Henry Richard in the most voluptuous manner.

- You see, in this whole stall, is there anyone on your side?

Listening to him, all the employees and customers in the store turned their heads and did not hesitate to intervene. Henry Richard stood still, watching Radley Lawrence play his part as calmly as he could.

This place is so different from Lotus Flower. In his Lotus Flower empire, the people loved and united. The two words "unusual" were never allowed to exist in their way of life.

The more he think, the more Henry Richard felt sorry for Radley Lawrence with the people here. He sighed, utterly despondent at their contemptuous behavior.

- Hey, manager, I think you

e a little out of line!

From behind, a girl dressed elegantly with a beautiful face gently parted the crowd. As soon as the girls innocent gaze passed on Henry Richard, he suddenly felt something familiar.

- Everyone who comes to this store is a customer. You are an employee who needs to be responsible for respecting and meeting their requirements!

Radley Lawrences expression immediately narrowed as the girls voice rang out. Well, hes despised by a woman, pretending to be a mans self-respect.

Radley Lawrence did not say no, stepped up to the bar in front of the girl, then pushed her back with his hand.

Following the inertia, the girl lost her momentum and fell to the ground. Just as Henry Richard reacted quickly, he immediately reached out and pulled the girl firmly into his chest. The four eyes looked at each other, and the thought suddenly became complicated.

- Thank you.

The girl nodded gently toward Henry Richard. He didn land, plodding towards Radley Lawrence, kicking his face hard. Radley Lawrence was lost, unable to resist. His mind immediately darkened and rolled a few turns on the ground.

This step by Henry Richard caused Radley Lawrence to ache to numb, fresh blood dripping from his nostrils, seeping into his mouth.

- Call security!

The rest of the staff urgently shouted. The situation at this time became highly panicked.

- How dare you hit me?

Radley Lawrence wiped his mouth with his hand, realizing that his nose had been crushed and that Henry Richards shoes had cut a long way on his cold cheek.

Henry Richard always used to put a razor under his thick base for self-defense. Therefore, with only the last kick, Radley Lawrence was naturally seriously injured.

- How dare you hit a woman? What a shame!

Henry Richard Grasped his teeth, gently stroking his hair. His eyes became more and more dangerous, making his opponent temporarily shiver.

Now, Radley Lawrence discovered that he had accidentally confessed to someone who was no joke. The guards quickly surrounded Henry Richard. Everyone was aggressive, waiting for orders to come in and teach him a lesson.

The situation became highly chaotic. Both sides attacked and threatened each other. After the last counterattack, Radley Lawrence was also more frightened.

- Radley Lawrence, whats going on?

From the top floor, a tall figure quickly came down. After receiving the news, the pearl shop manager rushed to find out.

Radley Lawrence noticed that his rescue had arrived and hurried to his feet, hurriedly making an announcement:

- Mr. Enda Douglas has no money to come here and ask for pearls. Im warning you, and you

e playing a game of defiance!

- You shut up! I extracted the camera, and you were the one who started the fight!

Enda Douglas gave a voices rest, slapping Radley Lawrences cheek with his hand. The evidence was right in front of his eyes, and he dared to deny it.

Fearful Radley Lawrence, at once, bowed his head, unable to speak again.

- Sir, Im very sorry that our staff was rude to you. As compensation, our store will give you a fifty percent discount on this transaction.

Enda Douglas sincere attitude also made Henry Richard feel more comfortable. He glanced sideways at Radley Lawrence with a pale smile on his lips. Henry Richard pointed to the pearl and coldly replied:

- Get me this jewel. You don need a discount, and you swipe the card!

Henry Richard put his hand in his pocket, took out his black card, and gave it to Enda Douglas. Enda Douglas politely picked it up, then asked the other staff to wrap it carefully. Because pearls are precious, their wrapping moves are also slow.

As soon as the employee brought Henry Richards black card to pay for it, the long-running number line on the computer screen surprised them, and they could not believe what their eyes saw.

The balance on Henry Richards black card has reached fifteen figures. Indeed, it is impossible to judge others by their appearance alone.

After about half a voice, the pearl belonged to Henry Richard with a lifetime of up to seventy years. He picked up the small box, carefully grasped the handle, then sauntered in front of the respectful eyes of many people.

Henry Richard had just walked a few steps and saw the girl who had helped him standing right before him. Now, he can look at his face very closely. Purely beautiful appearance, long hair hanging over bare shoulders, aristocratic manners, may have come from a family.

Henry Richard wanted to thank you for what happened before. He gently stroked his hair and walked in front of her with a friendly smile:

- Hello. I appreciate your help.

Hearing that, the girl leaned her head back to look at him, her face as beautiful as if she were not smiling, indifferently to reply:

- Oh, Im just itching to see what hes doing!

The girl turned away and was immediately stopped by Henry Richard standing up.

- Hey, girl! May I have your name, please?

Henry Richards standing posture is very unkind right now. He raised his hands in front of her, and his lips grew sensibly. If outsiders look at him, he will think he is an eager thug trying to seduce and tease the girl.

- Get out, of course!

The girl gritted her teeth.

The more proud Henry Richard was, the more teasing he became. He won let him go if he can ask his name today.

The girl raised her lips in a cold smile, then used her strength to contract her legs and stepped on Henry Richards foot hard. Despite the pain, Henry Richard tried to remain calm as best he could. He let her do whatever he wanted on her feet, and his eyes never left her. She shouted:

- Get out!

After nearly ten minutes of no one giving in, Henry Richard finally let her go. He closed his hand and scratched his nose, a little disappointed:

- Thank you anyway!

The girl walked directly past him. She waited for five paces away from Henry Richard, and then she said:

- Layla Smith!

Layla Smith? Is that girl named Layla Smith?

Henry Richard muttered in his mouth, then looked at her shadow, his lips twitching slightly.

When he got back, Walters villa was closed. The deep dark sky finally rained heavily, pouring water on Henry Richards shoulders. He pressed the doorbell with his hand, but butler Raymond hurriedly covered his umbrella.

- Master Walter, you

e going on business?

Henry Richard laughed, didn answer, and quickly scrambled inside. Clara Walter was asleep a long time ago. Perhaps, the incident that happened before made her wary of him, and the door was also strengthened.

Henry Richard put the pearl box on the table, took off his shirt, and rested. Tomorrow theyll be at the longevity party, afraid those rich people will undoubtedly continue to play tricks on him.

That Henry Richard didn worry too much. He sees them as flies swarming around, shaking their hands and chasing them straight away.

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