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Supreme Warrior Chapter 2: Longevity Ceremony

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When Henry Richard returned to Walters mansion, Clara Walter and Raymond Vincent had already said goodbye. Seeing her husbands crummy appearance, Clara Walter immediately raised her contemptuous lips:

- Its Walters son-in-law, and the naughty ones are always dirty.

Henry Richard didn want to have much sex with women, so he just smiled and turned a blind eye, then walked up to his room.

Down the hall is constantly transmitting to Clara Walters loud and small.

- Henry Richard, whats your attitude?

Although the two married for five months, they have never been physically touched or slept in the same room. Clara Walter forced Henry Richard to live in a cramped storage room at the end of the second-floor corridor.

Henry Richard did not speak out against it. They happily accepted it.

He lay in bed with his hand wrapped in a red necklace, the exclusive symbol of the Lotus Flower empire. Henry Richard signed. The master ruled a kingdom, which now had to live the life of a mediocre man, only to cultivate his fiery temper.

Henry Richard might be willing to smash a big city out of frustration because the food didn suit him. If he can control this personality, only the Lotus Flower people will not obey and resist the reaction.

Lying in a deep sleep for a while, Henry gradually fell asleep. He dreamed that he seemed lifted high, then suffered a tremendous stream of power crashing through his body. The organs seem to have broken apart as well.

The frightening nightmare startled Henry Richard to sit up. He wiped the sweat across his eyes with his hand and breathed a sound. At 7 p.m. Henry Richard calmly changed into his pajamas, then walked downstairs.

Walter and his wife were back early, and as soon as they saw him, they called in:

- Henry, come here!

Contrary to their daughters hateful attitude, Walters grandparents immensely love this son-in-law.

For Walter, Henry Richard was not only grateful for saving his life in the stroke that happened a few months ago but also for the one he trusted the most.

- Tomorrow, Patricks House will hold a memorial service for the old lady, you and Clara Walter, prepare yourself a big present. Remember, Lady Patricks doesn like luxuries.

Henry Richard nodded. He understands the Patrick family doesn like him, especially Rufus Patrick, her eldest grandson.

Ever since Henry stepped foot in their house, Walters been suffering thousands of words coming in and out, cursing, scolding behind his back. Hes too familiar.

However, his parents-in-law wanted him to choose the gift himself, and Henry Richard could not embarrass his grandparents.

Clara Walters monthly living expenses weren enough to buy him a loaf of bread, where she could afford a valuable gift. Henry Richard rushed upstairs, knocked on Clara Walters door, and said:

- Clara Walter, I have something to discuss with you.

- Get out! You and I have nothing to talk about.

From inside the room, Clara Walters sour voice came out. She forbade Henry Richard from being allowed to set foot here even a millimeter.

Henry Richard is no joke. If he doesn let him in, he has to go in. Henry Richard swung his foot and kicked a heavy toll on the door.

The door swung after a moment, and the lock burst open in front of Clara Walters astonished eyes. She opened her mouth wide, looking at Henry Richard looking at the door that had broken the lock, which choked her body:

- Henry Richard! How dare you come into my room?

In the face of Clara Walters extreme anger, Henry Richard remained remarkably calm. He walked toward her bed, suddenly flung down, directly into the matter:

- Mr. Walter asked for a gift for Lady Patricks longevity. Clara Walter, the money you gave me isn enough!

Clara Walter was furious, grabbed the vase on the table with her hand, and aimed at Henry Richard.

As soon as the vase approached his face, Henry Richard graciously grabbed Clara Walters hand, pushing her backward. Clara Walter fell on the bed, her slim back hitting the ground. The sharp pain on her back caused Clara Walter to shed tears, and the vase fell to pieces.

- Henry Richard, you... friend...

Clara Walter, the fat one, says no, and his fingertips shake.

Henry Richard lowered his head to her, his beautiful mouth slightly bent:

- Don be rude to me here. Are you going to be humiliated every day or two? Clara Walter, you underestimate Henry Richard me!

- Im telling you, Im not going to give you any money. Henry Richard, lets see how you will deal with Patricks tomorrow.

Clara Walter opened her mouth and cursed.

Henry Richard shrugged his shoulders, then stood straight outside, despite her constant struggle and screaming.

No matter how badly Clara Walter treated him, Walters grandparents were the ones he respected. Henry Richard drew from his pocket some change, counted it over and over, then sighed. His monthly salary was wiped out by Clara Walter, leaving his husband with only a few pennies.

Ring... ring

Suddenly, his cell phone rang a bell. The phone number has only one, which is typical of the Lotus Flower empire.

- Sir, if theres any difficulty, you can contact the God of electricity for help!

Mr. Conals husky voice rang at the other end of the line. Henry Richard lay down on the bed, casually saying:

- Black card! I need a black card immediately.

Mr. Conal remained silent for a moment, then quickly replied:

- We have deposited your black card at the bank. However...

Speaking of which, Mr. Conal suddenly hesitated. His great attitude made Henry Richard unhappy. Until now, he has hated stammers and indecisive words.

- Why? You know my personality, don you?

Realizing Ngoan Henrys cold language, Mr. Conal immediately smiled and then answered:

- You should go to the bank at the address I sent you.

Speaking of which, Mr. Conal quickly hung up the phone. The long mending sound sounded like teasing Henry Richard. He threw his phone aside, crossed his hands over his forehead, thought for a moment, then decided to wait half an hour to go out.

Because Walters family is on high alert, its hard to get out until 10 p.m, and the entire villa is set up for automatic security. If Henry Richard doesn arrive at the bank until early tomorrow morning, it won be in time for Lady Patricks birthday celebration.

He stretched his shoulders a little, stood up for his coat, and quickly walked downstairs. Its eight oclock in the evening, and Walters villa will be closed in two hours.

Henry Richard squeezed his shirt over his shoulder and walked straight outside. As soon as he got out of the villa gate, he immediately took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit a cigarette. The white smoke came out in front of his eyes like a roll of his muscular body inside.

How does it feel to be free to walk on a road like this?

Henry Richard smiled slightly and stretched out his shoulders a few times, strengthening his bones. Clara Walter never knew, even without her petty cash, Henry Richard could afford to buy a house with a card, a red book, and put on a scale.

Because Walter was very kind to him, Henry Richard was comfortable, enthusiastically fulfilling his wishes.

Henry Richard arbitrarily caught a taxi parked on the side of the road, directly taking the address to the citys most delicate and modern pearl counter. The driver was a young man in his twenties. After hearing about the location where Henry Richard wanted to go, he was startled.

- Hey... Hey, brother! Did you know that the most famous pearl restaurant in the city costs billions?

Hearing him ask, Henry Richard, nodded indifferently:

- Got it. What do you mean?

- Haaa... Don you look back on yourself? Be careful not to stick a toe in the store and get chased like dogs by employees with brooms!

The drivers insulting words didn come into Henry Richards ear. He raised his smiling lips and leaned his head against the car, his eyes dim with comfort. Its starting to rain outside. The tiny raindrops fell pitilessly on the roof of the vehicle, causing Henry Richard to feel uneasy. He frowned, reached up to the cars wall, and enjoyed some moist air.

Soon, the largest pearl shop in the city was also right in front of us. Henry Richard opened the door and walked down, looking around the store with his eyes open. The decor of this store is exquisite. The primary color here is soft white.

Outside the entrance, six male guards were standing on either side of the guard. Henry Richard wiped the rainwater still stuck on his shirts shoulder, calmly stepping inside.

He pushed the door in, his gaze temporarily overwhelmed by the magnificent and magnificent scene before him. Rare pearls and diamonds are carefully wrapped in glass cabinets everywhere in the store. Employees travel a lot, such as festivals and busy visitors. At a glance, this place is for the upper class. Outsiders can afford to put a heel in here.

So Henry Richard walked in, and everyone present immediately turned to look at him. Henry Richard only wore old pajamas, a torn overcoat soaked in rainwater, making him more distinguished from the luxurious people here.

Henry Richards attitude is remarkably calm in the face of a somewhat contemptuous look. He walked over to the pearl counter, carefully examining each one.

Glittering pearls of all different sizes make Henry Richard more interested in the eyes.

The seventy-year-old pearl was listed for seventy million dollars!

Henry Richard touched the glass with his hand, and his face showed interest.

- Excuse me... What do you want to buy?

The pearl counter clerk frowned at Henry Richard with vexation. He wants to get Henry Richard to throw himself out of the store immediately.

From time to time, the staff even put their hands around their nose, hating to tease:

- I think you may have gone to the wrong store. This is a real pearl shop, not a fake pearl. If you want to buy phony jade, please go to the market opposite the other side to buy it!

His name is Radley Lawrence, the stores manager of the number one pearl counter. Radley Lawrences insults didn offend Henry Richard. He just shrugged, completely ignored.

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