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Chapter 6.1

Life Is Not Easy (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


TN: I’ll refer the system as “it” from now on.


Since that day, Wen Wenyao has been wandering around the school from time to time, looking forward to seeing Song Nanqiao.


However, Song Nanqiao seemed to have expected this long ago.

Except for necessary meals, going to the toilet, and going back to the dormitory, she never wandered around and always hid in class F.


“Is it necessary for you to avoid the heroine like this” The system can’t help but spit.


Other people always hope to see the heroine, but Song Nanqiao is always trying to hide.


Wen Wenyao walked to the door of class F several times.

The system tried to trick Song Nanqiao but failed.


The students in the school also feel strange.

They feel that Wen Wenyao’s recently had a lot of energy.

She can be seen everywhere in the school.


“What’s wrong with Wen Wenyao recently I can hardly meet her in school.

Now I can meet her two or three times a day.”


“I also feel strange.

I always feel like she is looking for someone.”


“Anyway, she’s not looking for you.”


Wen Wenyao walks along the school path.

She has been looking for Song Nanqiao for several days, but she hasn’t seen Song Nanqiao.

She frowns with frustration.


“Classmate, have you encountered any difficulties”


When a boy saw Wen Wenyao, he boldly approaches Wen Wenyao and asked patiently.


He wants to make a good impression on the goddess.


“No, thank you.”


Wen Wenyao smiled and politely refused.

Although the tone was mild, the meaning of the refusal is clear.


The boy was a little discouraged, but quickly pulled himself together and said to Wen Wenyao, “I’ll go first, you be safe.”


Before leaving, he did not forget to wave to Wen Wenyao, hoping to leave a good impression on Wen Wenyao in this way.


Wen Wenyao nods, but as soon as she turned her head, she forgot his face.


 ──── split line ──────


A week passed, and Song Nanqiao lay on her desk.

Finally, it was the weekend.

After the last class, she could go out to find a job.


Song Nanqiao takes another look at her bank balance.

There is still 680 yuan left.

This week, she only spent less than 100 yuan.

Even if she saves money at the expense of her body, this money is not enough to support her to survive for two months.


“Speaking of which, do you have any other use for it besides giving me information about the original owner” Song Nanqiao thought about it, this system followed her through, and so far, she has not found any great use for this system.


“Cough cough, my use, of course, is to provide you with a lot of information about this world…”


“That’s it Aren’t all the systems in the novel have golden fingers or something”

TN: If you refer to a man as a golden boy or a woman as a golden girl, you mean that they are especially popular and successful.


“You are so powerful, what more golden fingers…Besides, I can provide information as well.

I’ve been with you for a while, and at least I’ve provided you with a lot of original owner information.”


The system has some grievances.

It was originally a new small system.

Fortunately, Song Nanqiao has her own golden finger.

Otherwise, the system didn’t know how to make sure Song Nanqiao survive.

It doesn’t have any golden fingers like those big systems.


“Tell me more about the world, about finance.”


Song Nanqiao still wants to return to her old roots, what she was best at in her last life were corporate investment and stock trading.

But this world is different, she needs to spend time again studying the financial market of this world.


“I have the detailed information of all listed companies in the world, the bank’s invisible loan policy, the current market development prospects, the country’s inflation rate, and treasury bond yields……”


Hearing this, Song Nanqiao’s eyes began to shine.

This means the system can be very useful to her.


“Pause, that means you know everything.”




“That’s great.”


Now there was no need to worry about the market analysis, the important thing was how to earn the money.


Soon, the last class passed, and Song Nanqiao wandered outside with her phone.


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