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Saga of the Saiyans Monster A: The Monsters Combined

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Later, the Saiyans and Beasts flew over to the Base and into the back door, all while being undetected.

Kila was looking for Zidda in order to introduce her to them when...




A loud buzzing sound accompanied with flashing blue lights appeared around the room they were in which was the floor where Ziddas Holo Map room was located.

"Intruders! Set off the blasters!" They heard Zidda say through the sound system from somewhere and suddenly, red dots like the ones from sniper guns covered the Beasts from to toe. Almost at the same time, undetectable blasters and lasers began to charge up with electrical energy.

Kardine quickly acted, rushing towards the nearest sound speaker and talking into it saying:

"Its cool, Zidda. They

e our new friends, the Beasts." As he said those words, the blasters stopped charging and the red dots disappeared from their body.

"Phew." Khris, Niles and Daniel sighed out in relief.

Suddenly, Zidda appeared from the door that led to her Holo-Map room and sighed out in relief.

"I thought the Monsters had infiltrated the Base." She said as she wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on her head.

She looked forward and indeed saw the Saiyans, their armor slightly broken and a few pieces missing. Next to them were Khris, Niles and Daniel who looked to be in much better shape.

"Zidda, this is the Beasts. They

e humans with a special ability and they have decided to help us in our fight against the Monsters. Khris, Niles and Daniel." Kila explained to her and Zidda just nodded, amazed.

Khris walked to her slowly with Niles and Daniel not far from him. He took Ziddas hand which caught her by surprise and sent a jolt through her spines.

Zidda thought he was going to kiss her hand but he had just bowed shortly before releasing her hand. Zidda took her hand and recognized a lingering scent of a mix of dew and fresh apples. Zidda blushed before welcoming Khris, I mean the Beasts to the Base.

The Beasts wouldn be staying at the Base as a living space but they would come to train with Ziddas equipment which was much needed due to their improved abilites.

They were in the living room right now and one of Ziddas helping bots was serving them french fries and other foods. They were conversing with each other and smiling while eating the food. Cyrus had a little sauce on his chin that Jette quickly pointed out and made fun of. Those two didn get along perfectly but they truly cared about each other.

Kila couldn help but admire it and smile.


e like a family. She thought.

* * * *

Meanwhile, the three female Monsters returned to the Space ship, bruised and battered.

"We failed you, masters." The three said humbling while kneeling down in front of Aquarius and Gemini.

Gemini gestured for them to stand up and told them to enter their Chambers. They did as instructed and Aquarius closed them from the outside. He also pressed a button on the Chambers and gas began to fill it up, putting the three Genetic Monsters to sleep.

"I honestly don know what else we can do to improve their abilities. We could try finding another Power Source but who knows how long thatll take." Aquarius and Gemini said and sighed simultaneously.

Just then, Taurus barged into the room through the door, his powerful feet stomping on the ground but not in anger, that was just how muscular his legs were.

"I see the Monsters have failed and not only that, the Saiyans have gained new allies as well." Taurus said, reserved anger clear on his face.

Aquarius and Gemini closed their eyes in fear of what he would do.

Taurus just breathed in and breathed out and a crazy amount of air left his nostrils. He stood there for a while until he finally had it. An idea.

"What would happen if you were to merge these remaining Genetic Monsters together?" Taurus asked them and Gemini got the idea so he immediately answered.

"Not only would their strength increase, it would be multiplied several times over." He answered with a new cheerier voice.

"Ill be back in a minute or so. Don do anything yet." Taurus said as he walked out of the room with the same large bangs being made on the metal of the floor.

In a short while, he had returned but he had his hands folded behind his back.

"Add your energy when you mix them together and also add this." In Taurus hand was some sort of see-through canister with a shiny ball of multiple colors held in it, but not particularly a rainbow but different shades of different colors.

"Really! But didn you.."

"Its okay. Scorpio already said he had another one on him, plus this one is more of a much weaker back up." Taurus eased Aquarius worry.

"Once you

e done merging them, let her absorb it." He finished as he left the room once again for the two scientists to do their thing.

They both got to it. Gemini began to carry the chambers where the Genetic Monsters were sleeping on closer together while Aquarius used a tube to make a connection between the three chambers. Gemini also carried an empty chamber to the centre of the three that Aquarius also linked to the other chambers.

Aquarius typed away on the chambers one after the other and immediately, bluish gas began to fill up each tube and the Monsters energy began to leave their bodies through their eyes and mouth.

Their dark energy was then sent to an empty canister and Aquarius and Gemini added their energy into it. This made the dark energy slightly lighter before it got moved to the body of a non-living monster.

The body was grey everywhere and in the shape of a female but as the energy began to enter the body, it started to morph.

It appeared to look like M. Kila but she had pink and red stripes on her waist and legs respectively but the rest of her skin was a dark grey color.

She opened her eyes, malice and evil could be seen in them. Those swirls of purple and black.

The former bodies of Monsters X, Q and Kila had turned to dust.

Gemini opened her Chamber and she walked out. Aquarius walked towards her, holding the canister carefully in his hands. He stood right in front of her and opened the canister.

The Multi-colored ball moved out of the canister and into the Genetic Monster known as Monster A. When it did, those same colors appeared around her in a close skin aura.

"You know what to do, right?" Aquarius asked her and she nodded and licked her lips.

"Kill the Saiyans on Earth. No matter the cost." She told them.

Kila, Kardine, Cyrus, Jette, Korra. Ill make sure to break every last one of you. She thought to herself as she smiled again.

She was out for blood.

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