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Saga Of Jyron, Overlord Of The Dead Moving Forward

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After composing himself Jyron decided to do what makes the most sense to him.

First things first, check my new spells. And so he did.

[Conjure Skeleton: Using either a multitude of skeletons for less mana or by summoning one from the land of the dead, conjure a skeleton to fight for you. This spell is limited to low tier undead and will only grant the user skeletons. The spell can be used to mass conjure on physical skeletons while summoning can be used one at a time.] the spell was pretty basic and self explanatory. It would allow for cannon fodder units to be made en mass assuming he had the resources. And if not he could slowly build an army of skeletons.

What use is an army without generals to lead it… a undead army would be mindless… Jyrons thoughts were intelligent. An army is only useful when something intelligent could lead it.

Could I get human or living generals? No. That definitely wouldn work. The humans especially hate the undead and anything living would despise the idea itself. Oh well, Im sure theres a spell for it I can get later. Jyron decided to not waste much time and move on. Why overthink things so much, if no solution presents itself hell have to wait for one to later.

[Void Movement: You are one with the shadows and belong to the void. Using mana, move in quick bursts as a shadow. Your shadow is from the void and as such can be used in the brightest of lights. Lights created with divinity or holy power may prohibit advanced movement.]

A truly powerful ability indeed. It could make escaping that much easier. As a mage, Jyron had no desire to fight in close combat. Magic was his greatest strength so why would he forsake it for swords or spears?

And finally this skill. I have a feeling that its what woke me up.

[Unbindable: Dushar The Unbindable was a Demi Lich who wasn binded to any master. He followed the Necromancer of his own free will. This skill is a testament to his existence. He was the only Undead to ever exist unbound. The Necromancer followed in his footsteps and now you, Jyron, do too.]

A unique spell… something finite in the world. And Im lucky enough to have it. Perhaps it was the will of the world or maybe even blind luck but I have been set free from the shackles of servitude. It seemed almost too good that a Demi lich would be found injured without any help on the battlefield. Its even suspicious.

Despite his short life, Jyron already despises being manipulated. It only takes once to know wether you like something or not.

Well I can be too upset. Even if someone is manipulating me, it is by that very manipulation that Im here to ponder on it. He can only afford to be angry because of whoever placed Dushar there for him. He shouldn be too upset.

Now onto the big question; what do I want to do? With no one directly telling him what to do he had no direction. No purpose other than to grow stronger.

Do I want anything? Not particularly. What should I do then…? I suppose I can start with getting strength. Jyron wasn sure what to do. But getting the strength to do anything would be a start. Maybe down the line he wild begin to develop desires and with strength he could act on them.

Now onto the next order of business. Do I want to stay in the army? One question at a time is sometimes all a man needs to move forward.

Yes, yes I do. If I can stay apart of the army I can have the captain under my control work its way up through the ranks. I can have it gain power and become a powerful follower while maybe scoring some spells for me… Jyron paused for a minute.

Yes, I do like that idea quite a bit. If a skeleton could smirk Jyron would have right now. Its a simple plan, continue having the skeletal captain work its way up. Once its granted intelligence he can have it accomplish greater feats. Once that happens he can have it gather strong spells for him.

The only thing left is to head back to the garrison. Jyron began to head back with what he considered an ingenious plan.

I will become strong! With a steeled resolve Jyron picked up his pace, doing his best not to get caught.

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