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*5 Hours Ago*

"We need a healer "woman says

Anon"no ,its okay Serena ,am okay"

Serena" no we need one ,we can find them at the school"

Anon"ohhh the school thats right,we still need a a swordsman and archer"

"just seal it, then we can get the healer and the rest of the crew".

Serena"You know I can control my magic."

Anon"don worry about me just do it."

Serena" Are you sure about this?"

Anon"yeah ,just do it ."

okay she said

she brings out her grimoire as she recites twice

"Sfrágise tóra kai méchri pou thélo na spáso sfrágisi (sealing spell)"

"you have to rest you know your head was hit,I will drop you off at the sch"Serena said

"Who are you?,where am I?,OOUCHH!My head"

"Noonoooonooo this is what I was avoiding "Serena screamed

"I don feel so good..."falls unconscious

"Anon wake up"

*wakes up*

Was that a dream ,what kind of dream was that,oh right I didn know how I ended up here unconscious and with an injury on the head but is that what happened or is that just a dream.

"hmmmm Serena,who might that be and what could be our relationship."

"hum am sleepy ,let me go back to sleep."


*Yawns*"hmmm its morning already,let me get ready for school."

*School bell rings*

As I approached my classroom I noticed Felicia staring at me but this time it was a glower ,I didn mind and just walked into the class room.

As I entered I saw Angel but to be honest ,this girl is pretty and very beautiful then having a name that fits her well,I walked up to my seat and sat.

"Hey" I said

*she ignores*

"you can just keep ignoring me,you know that"

while staring at Felicia who was frowning"yes I can and..."

*SPEAKER*"Angel will you please report to the principals office".

Angel looked at me with fear in her eyes, what have I done.

With tears already dropping out of her eyes she glazed Felicia who was enjoying the moment

"You better that cost me my future ,Felicia!!"she shouted at her

"just see what youve caused me ,we don even know each other"Angel says as she walks out of the class to the principals office.


What have I done,what have I done ,I have to do something.

"Anon where are you going to?"Miss Stella asks

"Is that supposed to be a question?,to the principals office of course ,I can let someone take a fall for what I and this BRAT!! caused."

"Anon,don you talk to me in that manner or you will get..."Miss Stella said with anger

"Expelled!! like I care I didn even want to come here in the first place"I said that and walked out on her .

*Door slams*

I ran after but couldn catch up to her on time ,she had already entered the office I badged in and shouted "You can expell her or I go too"

"And may I ask ,who might you be"principal ask

"well I am Anon Hemsworth " I replied

"why would you expell someone that did nothing wrong."

"just like my daughter said ,you are a handsome man"principal says

"so thats why you want to expell her, because I chose to sit beside her?"

"Who said anything about expelling ,(chuckles)I ain expelling anybody,and why would I expell someone that hasn done anything besides I can expect anyone"the principle commented.

"But what about the other girls and boys Felicia got you to expell"Angel added

"Ohh don mind that girl,shes just spoilt she has never made me expell anyone and can never,those boys and girls did very bad things that I can say and by chance they association with Felicia in one way or the other ,so that would have caused the rumours."He replied

"Then why was I called"Angel stated

"Yes you were called but not to be expelled,I just wanted to tell you Felicia is a very unique kind of girl but very perplexing in nature,If she troubles you in anyway either report your instructors or you can come directly to me"

Angel felt relaxed and happy and before I knew what was happening she hugged me ,it was very surprising because I didn know why.

she whispered into my ear"Thank you Anon,if it weren for you I would have lived in fear for someone that deserves hate."

"Thats enough ,Angel you can leave I want to have a word with Anon"The principal stated , Angel obeyed as she excused herself and went for class.

I also have some questions for him regarding why I can leave and how I got here with an injury.

"I know you have some questions for me I can answer all but I can tell you this,I am sure Rose would have told you this and yes we don know how you got here and it seems you have Amnesia and secondly yes we are keeping you here under strict conditions"

" And the reasons why is?"

" I cant say,orders from the managerial board "Principal replies

"Okay so you are not the head "

"Yeah Im not the head ,thats the reason I can expell people cos thats not my decision to make"

"Oh okay I still have have some questions and ooh! before I forget, I had a dream I don understand, can you explain that for me."

"Hmmmmmmmm a dream ,I will see about that but now you need to get back to class it will soon be the GIVING CEREMONY."

"Is it to get how types of magic I would get?"

"Yes you and the other freshers,mages to be precise ,we will talk about your dream and your other questions tomorrow after your classes,you can come and meet me then"

"alright,"I said . I walked out of his office and hurried to my class just to find nobody but one person in the class and that was Angel

Hurry she said, "they all have gone to the library ,lets goo"

"wow you waited for me!so FRIENDS"

She replied"no,just classmates"

I laughed it and we departed to the library.

"ooh!Thank goodness,they haven started ,you would have caused me a lot if they had"

I laughed it off again.At least this is better than being ignored.Wow this place is huge and filled with so many books.

Instructor: "Mages we are about to begin,stretch forth your hands and recite these words to summon your grimoires to you (we all did as she said and stretch forth our hands),okay recite ,ÉLA SE MÉNA, KAI GÍNE TA GRIMOÚRA MOU





It was getting louder and louder and I joined them



That was when it happened grimoires started flying around the library then started landing on mages hands ,it continued until I got mine for some reason I was the last to get grimoires.

INSTRUCTOR:"I assume you all have gotten your grimoires and now the word on your grimoire will be your magical attribute and note you can steal a grimoire because it will be useless am saying that in the sense that only the mage chosen by the grimoire is can wield it.

*students murmuring*



"I know you guys are shocked by what you got but it is what is it."

"All grimoires come with just one spell and as you advance more reveals itself, now eat and drink for your great success,good day Mages."

"Wow so cool what did you Angel"

Angel replied saying"Oh me, I don really like mine I got summoning magic and plant magic"

"wow so you can summon anything of your choice thats cool"

"No it isn , from summoning from what am seeing here I can only summon nonliving things of close distance."Angel replies

"well we will get better together and grow stronger"

"alright ,judging from the way you are blissful you must have gotten something nice and what could that be?"

I replied as I watch Felicia stare at us spitefully"*smiles* oh yes ,to me it is nice but to others it might be normal ,I got...."

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