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Lyka exhaled deeply and rested her forehead on the steering wheel of her car. After she had disagreed to her fathers order, he had said nothing other than chuckle after staring at her for more than ten seconds before finally walking out of the sunroom leaving her alone there.

She knew too well that her father wouldn let her get away with defying him, she had to think of something to do soon or she would have to spend the rest of her life in a loveless marriage. She didn want that, that was not the future she had envisioned for herself.

She drove out of her fathers house oblivious of his intense glares at her from behind.


"Wait, you mean your father who hasn called you in like months, called you yesterday only to tell you to get married?". Tacha, one of Lykas bestie asked again as Lyka nodded.

"And what did you say?". she asked curiously as she watched Lyka take an apple from the table and took a bite.

" What do you think I said?" she replied with a question.

"I don know, you can be unpredictable most times and also you do everything your dad asks you to do".

"Well, this time I didn . I told him I am not getting married." she paused and stood up venting her frustration in the air.

" I mean, why would I ever get married?, I am not ready to get married and even I am, why would I, in my right senses, get married to someone I don even know. Its absurd, barbaric and....."

"Calm down sweetie, calm down". Tacha said to Lyka with an understanding smile as she took a plate from the table and poured the already crushed apple in Lykas hand into the plate.

"Oh, sorry about that".she said and sighed tiredly.

"You are stressed out. I think we should tell Chantelle about this". she pulled Lyka down to sit.

"No, you know too well that Chantelle acts without thinking. I don want her to get into trouble with my dad".

"So, what are your plans?. what are are you going to do?"Tacha asked worriedly

"I think I know just the right thing to do", "something that isn that risky ".Lyka smiled and stood up as she looked at Tacha right in the eyes. "I am going to run away".


"So, how was Harrys child like, is she hot?, sexy?, flir.....". he immediately shut up when Nolbett quietly looked up at him and looked at Danica instead.

"Hey, tell me, how was she like?" He asked with so much enthusiasm like he was asking for exams expos.

"Ugly, mannerless and she also has no attractive features" she bad-mouthed guiltlessly making Rex smirk mockingly.

Danica was the one that followed Nolbett to Harrys house.

" Yeah.... like I would believe anything that comes out of your mouth"

"You shouldn ".Derrick said walking in with long strides. He passed his phone to Rex."Had her checked out already".

Rex, Danica , Derrick and Nolbett were almost like siblings. They had lived together for so long as they were all orphans but Nolbett being the richest and introvert among them had moved out and lived on his own though he frequently visits them. They were all adopted by Gerald , a very wealthy and kind man. Derrick was the computer guru among them.

Rex collected the phone and scrolled through it. He whistled flirtingly and handed Derricks phone to him.

"Wow!, that is what you call a smoky, professional looking doctor. You

e lucky dude" he said to Nolbett.

"You haven seen this". Derrick said and passed his phone to Rex again. It was a picture of Lyka in bikini.

Seeing this, Rexs eyes widened in surprise.

"Damn!,I swear,if Nolbett wasn getting married to her,I would have gone for her. Like **, she has a hot body and she is gorgeous too. She looks so appetizing in bikini". he said staring at the picture with delight.

" Gigolo". Derrick mocked and slapped Rexs head.

"Hey, I told you she didn pay me". Rex said fiercely but Danica and Derrick only laughed.

The Playboy had slept with a woman last night only to wake up the next morning and discovered that the woman had dropped a hefty check for him telling him never to contact her again. It was a bruise on his ego.

"Yes she did, I saw the message and the check". Danica said to annoy him the more.

"Say whatever you want to say. I don care".

"The picture is photoshopped. I searched almost everywhere on the internet but I could hardly find anything about Lyka Osvaldo. I guess her father cleared off everything about her. Only the doctor picture is real". Derrick explained as he sunk into the cushion beside Rex.

"Why would her father do that?"

" Obviously, to protect her from gigolos like you". Danica replied and smiled devilishly.

"Danica!". Rex rushed at her and they were soon chasing each other around the room but making sure they stayed away from Nolbett.


"Lyka, are you sure about this?". Tacha asked worriedly.

"Yes I am, this is the only way to escape from that stupid marriage and I am definitely doing it". she replied with so much determination.

"I still feel we should have told Chantelle. We just talked about this two days ago and you are already leaving.She isn even aware of anything." she paused and sighed "Anyway, I will call her and tell her. You should go in now or you would miss your flight". she urged

" Thanks a lot Tacha, I owe you one". Lyka said and smiled her million dollar smile.

"Ugh..., don finish me with cuteness. Leave already". Tacha joked causing Lyka to laugh.

She hugged Tacha for the last time before alighting from the car. Tacha couldn follow her inside. She was in disguise and her father had gotten wind of her escape plans, he knew Tacha, so if his men found Tacha with a strange woman, they would immediately know it is Lyka.

"Your father wouldn be able to find you in New York right?".

"Tacha, my dads just the richest man in Beree, he is not God". she said and closed the door before making a sign that she would call Tacha and waved at her before she finally left.


Lyka was on the line and was about to get her passport checked when she saw one of her fathers bodyguards.He was approaching her like he knew she was the one. Though in disguise, Lyka couldn help but panic.

Lord pls, don let him recognise meshe prayed desperately.

The man walked up to the woman in charge and whispered something to her. She nodded respectfully and bowed to him.

When it got to her turn, the woman looked at the passport well before looking at her. She checked the passport and Lykas face for about 10 seconds and then smiled respectfully at Lyka.

"Pls excuse me".she dialed a number and that was when Lyka knew there was trouble. She immediately grabbed her passport and ran away, pushing anyone and anything away and yelling sorry as she did.

"That ugly faced witch, betraying a helpless traveler for money". she cursed while running.

She was trying to prevent the passport from falling off her hands when she bumped into someone as the passport she was trying to protect and her handbag came crashing on the floor.

"Argh, can this happen any other day".she stood up after packing all her to run away only to bump into the hard chest again.

" Are you blind or what, can you...." she trailed off as her eyes met his serene green cold yet attractive eyes.

She took a step backward all flustered and embarrassed. Who wouldn ?, when up close to a gorgeous male specimen like that, there is no way a normal female wouldn be flustered.

" Hey, Mr Revaz, good to see you. What are you doing here?" she asked nervously but Nolbett only stared at her.

" Oh, silly me". she said and laughed shortly. " What do they do at the airport?., its either you are working at the airport or you are travelling or you are coming back from a trip... But for you, you are definitely coming back from a trip and...". she stopped when she realised she was saying nonsense.

She cleared her throat and got serious.

"I am running away from my fathers guards,so I don have much time, but I will tell you this real quick" she paused and gazed around to make sure none of her fathers guards were coming, seeing none, she felt relieved.

" I am sure you are aware of the arranged marriage between us" she paused for his reaction but seeing no reaction on his cold gorgeous face, she continued.

"I don know why and how it happened, but I don want it, I don want to get married to you Mr Revaz. I don know you and no offense but I also don like you. This might seem childish and silly but I believe in love and I don want to get married to someone I don love". she listed out but with everything she said, Nolbett said nothing.

And hes back with the dumb and deaf attitude.she groaned .

"I am sorry if I had hurt your feelings. I know you might have liked me and all, but you are not my type. I prefer guys that are good with words". she said shamelessly jumping into conclusion.

She suddenly saw one of her fathers guards approaching and very close to them already. Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close, smiling at him like he was her most beloved.When she saw the guard had left, she slightly pushed him away, a sigh of relief leaving her lips.

"Im so sorry I did that, had to do something. Its your fault anyway". she said without remorse.

"Bye and thanks for your help". she said this time,honestly, before she continued her emple run.

Nolbett turned to look at her briefly as what could be called a smirky smile formed on his lips while he walked away.

Lyka knew she wouldn be able to travel again, so the only thing she could do now was to leave the airport before she was caught by her fathers men.

She was able to walk out of the airport to the parking lot successfully and she immediately called Tacha telling her of the failed plans. Tacha without asking too much questions had promise to be at the airport soon.

Lyka was waiting at the parking lot for Tacha when she saw another of the guards but this time around, the guard also saw her. Her eyes widened as the guard pointed at her, running at her direction and yelling what she thinks is stop right there.

Of course she wouldn . She dragged her suitcase along as she fled from him. It was like she was blindly running as she was suddenly pulled into a car and the door shut close while her suitcase was left outside on the floor.

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