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MermaidHuman Love Chapter 4

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"She is pregnant"


We both screamed

"Congrats, you two"

Joshs POV

I did not know whether to be happy or sad

Having a baby

Oh my God

Well, it was fine as long as we were happy

I drove her back home, we both did not talk to each other

Rosies POV

Oh my gosh

A baby

I am so excited, I hope it is a girl

I can not wait to see her



I was sure that it would be a girl because Josh told me that God would always fulfill our heart desires

I turned to look at Josh, he was just speechless

He had not said anything to me after we left the hospital

Was he mad at me?

For what though?

For getting pregnant?

He can not be

Josh loves little children

We finally got home

"Josh, are you not happy about our baby?"

"Why not? I am just still in shock that is all"

" Oh ok, me too. I kinda did not expect it, I have been feeling sick for some time but I decided not to tell, I did not want you to be worried "

He smiled and cupped my face

" Rosie, whenever you are sick or anything tell me , ok?"

"Ok" I answered shutting my eyes then reopening them

" Is that a promise? "

" Yes"

"Good, lets something to eat"

Claudias POV

For months now my son,Josh as refused to come back home

I trained him better

He now refused to heed to me

Something must be wrong with him

Last time Vivian told me she saw him with a woman

Who could she be?

I will have to visit my son

I picked up my car key and walked to the garage

Rosies POV

Josh and I were gisting about how Andrew reacted when he found out we were having a baby

"He was so shocked"

I said as I laughed

"Did you see the way his spoon fell from his hand? "

" Yes, it was so funny. I was actually about to laugh but the mature of me was like Josh please don laugh I tried my best"

Then there was a knock on the door

I stood to open the door

"It might be Andrew"

"Hey" I greeted the person

She didn even respond to me before pushing me out of the door and forcefully entering

Who did she think she is?

Rude much

Josh stood up


"You look shocked to see me ,honey"

"Hey mom"

"I decided to visit since you have decided not to"

" I have been busy"

" Busy with what? Busy with this trash? "

She said pointing at me

" She is not a trash, Mom. She is my girlfriend"

"Your what?"

She asked as her mouth widened

" You heard me right , Mom"

Claudias POV

This boy wants to drag our familys name

Look at the trash he calling his girlfriend

I turned to her

"Hey there,if you know whats good for you , leave my son . You are not fit for him"

Joshs POV

What was she doing here?

" Mom!!! Stop it "

*Stop what?Is she fit to be your girlfriend?"

" Mom for your info, the lady you are calling a trash is carrying your grandchild"

" What?She is pregnant? Oh my God. What have you done Joshua? You left Vivian for this thing?"

" Mom ,this thing..."He said as she made a quoting sign in the air

"...is carrying your grandchild. She is the one I actually see a future with, not that Vivian of a girl"

" I am very sorry for you ,I am so disappointed in you. You have disappointed our family, finally drag our name on the mud"

She said as he picks up her bag and walked out

Rosies POV

Josh fell back into the chair while I walked to him

He was stressed out

I didn want him to be at war with his family members because of me

"I am sorry"

"For what?" Josh asked raising my face by my chin

" For everything, if I had notcome into your life this would not have happened, I am so sorry"

" There is nothing to be sorry about. Let me tell you something, before you came into my life, I was a very sad man ,there was not any happiness left in me. My every decisions were made by my parents,this is actually the first time I am standing up for myself. You are worth fighting for, you complete my life.

And I don care what happens . Don worry my love ,I will talk to my mom,ok?"

" Okay" I replied nodding

" You don need to cry or be sad, you would not want to endanger our baby, would you?"

" No,I would not want that"

" I love you so much"

" I love you too babe"

General POV

That day,they both cuddled and planned their lives together

Rosie told him she wanted to own a big boutique because that was the first place she went to after he found her

In Oceania, Queen Ursula continued to make the lives of the mer-creatures a living hell

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