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It Could Get Worse Last Goodbye

Author:Charlie Category:urban Update time:2022-11-24 23:01:30

This chapter is for mature audiences only. It contains strong themes of suicide, trauma, and mental anguish. If you think any of these themes will be overwhelming or triggering don read or read with caution. Leave a comment if you need a summary of the chapter because of the mature themes.

I awoke to my dad rushing into my room. He shook me awake and laughed when he saw the shock in my eyes. "Get up girl! Why am I up before you? Its your birthday, not mine." I grumble and try to hide under my blanket. He reveals the cupcake hidden behind his back. The taste of cake and the sting of sugar makes my mouth water. I scramble trying to sit up. "Happy Birthday to you." He starts to sing his knee planted into the mattress.

"Wait dad! Don we have to wait for mom?" The smile on his face falls for a second. He quickly recovers and pinches my cheek.

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