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Hollywood [The Dreamer] Chapter 3: Work/Acting

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My sleep gets interupted by Jeff telling me that we

e landing from New York To Australia The Pacific is a war series so well need a lot of open fields for wide shots and Australia is suitable for it but before we start filming the actors have to train in a military base for a month so that we can better act out soldiers mentality and habits to make the series as realistic as possible

we drive into the military camp where Ill be staying and training at for the next month

Alright so wait in the car Ill handle the accomodations and stuff Jeff told I nod as he gets out of the car coordinates with the staff


I enter my living quarters a dozen bunk beds closely and neatly packed I go to my assigned bed I see I already have a bunk mate

Hi Henry Stein Ill be playing Eugene Sledge Hi offered a hand shake I see his face I immediately recognize him The person that won Best in a Leading in the 91st Oscars with Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek

Hi Rami Malek Ill be playing Merreill Snafu Shelton nice to meet you We started to familiarize ourselves with eachother and with the other actors


The Military exercise has been easy for me because of my inability to explore the world in my last life cause of **ing cancer I have been always a bit of a daredevil rock climbing, skydiving, Heli skiing, Ice climbing, Hang gliding, Volcano boarding, Bungee jumping, and etc and all of them have been pretty physically demanding. Ive done every type of daredevil activity you can think of and a side bonus is that it drove my father crazy everytime he found out about it because Im his money maker

the only thing that has been bothering me has been the discipline and stuff they teach us on how act like a soldier we wake up early we sleep late we eat in under 5 minutes and repeat

but there is an upside theres a few veterans in the base that went through a lot just from the looks of it I sometimes ask then about their expierinence in war some of them avoid me immediately but there is this middle aged man that answer me everytime I ask it helped comprehend the character of Eugene Sledge to whole new degree

the horrors of war the brotherhood thats formed during it, it made my blood boil with excitement, the connection with the human emotion with fear, the thirst for survival

Thats why I fell in love with acting the ability to become a soldier, priest, king, politician, musician... the ability to explore the lives and emotions of others fictitious or not it delves into the primal emotions of humanity.....

I love it

Hey can I ask you a question I asked at the soldier that has been answering for almost a month kow

What the hell have we been doing he

e for the last month shoot he said to me in his thick Australian accent annoyed and sarcastically

Why are you answering my questions with out holding back

He looks at me for a good while before downing his beer

I don know... I really don he said to me a little lost

Cmon you can give me a better answer than that

Well it was curiosity I guess, other actors ask us questions which is expected their playing soldiers but you ask me what I felt they do too but you ask me what I feel every second of my expierinence it helps me remember reminisce about my memories during my active duty the good times and the bad times he said as he looked at the starry sky

Wow Im sorry if I made you remember your bad memories I apologeticly said

No no I should thank you I hear your questions it helps me bring back my comrades..my brothers back to life he said as he wipes a tear

Thats great That was all I could think of saying without ruining the moment

he suddenly slapped my back hard

What was that for I rubbed my back where he slapped me

You better give a good **ing performance in your work he looked at me seriously I nod heavily

Now ** off and go back to training thats an order he yelled at me

Sir yes sir I replied vigorously and I ran back into the barracks

He had a small smile in his face.......

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