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25th December 4:30pm

Catty called Jeff, "Hello, Merry Christmas"

"Merry Christmas", Jeff replied, "I was wondering why youve not called. I decided not to call till you call first".

"You wanted me to call first? Well Hakuna Matata, Im waiting for next years Christmas", Catty replied.

"So what time should we go out?", Jeff asked.

"Ill be okay with 6pm", Catty replied.

"Okay, I was thinking well go to the cinema, then to a Chinese restaurant and then to a Christmas party which will be holding by 10:30pm", Jeff said.

"Well thats not a bad plan. I love it, Okay bye, till 6", Catty said.

"Ill pick you up by 5:50, so be prepared, Bye", Jeff said as Catty hung up.

Catty sat up from bed as Hawkins called again, "Hello, Hawkins, Merry Christmas"

"Merry Christmas, I just called to tell you that I recorded a conversation between Jade and Jane and its important you listen to it. Maybe tomorrow so I won spoil your Christmas", Hawkins said.

"Its okay, now that youve told me, I want to listen to it. Just send it to me on whatsapp and delete it from your phone immediately youve sent it", Catty said as she stood up from her bed to prepare to go out with Jeff today, "Julie! Please come here at once!...

* * *

Jade and Janet were discussing in a dark room."Honey, that idiot Hawkins recorded our conversation", Janet said and they laughed, "your plan worked, he is such a fool as you said".

"I knew he was that daft. He has always been a fool, he can never change. And at least this can help you with your plans…

* * *

"You look so beautiful maam but why don you want to use an eyeliner, it would highlight your wonderful eyes", Julie said trying to straighten the back of her gown with her hand.

\No, I think Im okay", Catty said as her mind quickly went to the audio that Hawkins was planning to send to her, "Julie, check my phone, if anyone has sent an audio message to me on whatsapp".

Julie checked it, "no but youve had other messages"

"Forget it, do you think this pink lipstick is okay, Ill prefer the purple", Catty said looking at the mirror.

"No, the pinks better", Julie said, "purple- purple. Wait try the pur… or don worry. The pink one fits your gown perfectly".

"Thanks", Catty said.Julie stepped back and looked at Catty nodding, "now you look like an angel. Now, Jeff would not be able to stand your beauty. When he sees you, he won be able to withstand the urge of kissing you,"

Julie kept on saying silly things.

It was obvious that she was day dreaming."Will you wake up from that silly dream, Julie!", Catty screamed at her."Im sorry maam", Julie looked at the fancy wall clock hanging on a secluded corner of Cattys room and said, "Its 5:45, Sir would be here any moment from now. So give him your wildest smile".

"Yes, just go, when hes around send a message to me", Catty said and Julie left."Oh God, why won Mr. Hawkins send this audio to me", Catty thought within herself and then Hawkins sent it.Immediately, Julie came in, "Maam, you

e operating your phone? When you should have been resting. Anyway hes here".

"Jeff?", Catty asked."Who else? Who else are you expecting?", Julie asked smiling."Okay, thank you. Ill be downstairs in a short while", Catty said to Julie."Okay maam, Ill send this to Jeff right away", Julie said leaving."Hmm… Id have loved to listen to it", Catty stood up, looked at herself in the mirror once more and left. When she was going downstairs, she saw Jeff coming upstairs, probably to look for her.

"Hi, em, Catty", Jeff stood still, "You look like… like and angel. Catty blushed as she continued walking majestically down the stairs.

"Thanks", Catty replied smiling, "you look good also"

"Thank you", Jeff said as Catty came to meet him walking hand in hand with Jeff to his car.

"Where are your drivers?", Catty asked surprised about him driving.

"No, I decided to drive us-together- alone", Jeff said and winked at her and Catty smiled. Jeff opened the door for her and she sat inside waiting for Jeff and he entered.

"You know I really like this car, its small, comfortable and expensive, really expensive I guess. I just like it because it is comfortable", Catty said putting on her seatbealt.Jeff smiled, put on his seat belt and asked her, "You want it?".

Cattys smile drop, she was shocked. Did she hear well? "Em, what?"

"If you want, instead of giving you this, Ill get you a new one or a better one", Jeff said. He could sense the astonishment in her, "You know, this is Christmas season, the season of giving".

"Em… Oh I get it. Wait… uhn", Catty was speechless, she looked away embarrassed and turned back to Jeff, "Im sorry about that".

"Its okay, I was thinking my first gift to you should be and unforgettable one", Jeff said.

"You have giving something already", Catty said.

"What? I have given you not…"

"You have given me something that worth more than this car… love. I like it that way. Thats more than I could ever ask for from you and I am willing to give it back generously", Catty smiled, bowed her head and started blushing, she was ashamed of herself for saying that out. She guessed she couldn control herself.

Jeff smiled at her and nodded, "I love you".Catty couldn look at him.Jeff kicked the engine and started off. He noticed Catty was still avoiding to make eye contact with him, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes", Catty replied."Why do you seem so shy around me?", Jeff asked.Catty was dumbfounded! Why did Jeff have to ask that question? What will she tell him?"uhn? I mean- Im sorry, I keep doing that over and over again. Who told you I was shy? Im free", Catty replied.

"okay", Jeff said…

* * *

Jade and Jane were on black with black sunglasses. They both walked over to a black car and entered. Jade looked around to see if anyone was watching or following them then he kicked the engine.

"Are you sure that they are going to the cinema first?", Jane asked.

"I am sure of what I heard. The Christmas party will be holding by 10:30pm", Jade replied.

"Which cinema?", Jane asked.

"The normal one. Girl, you ask too much questions", Jade replied angrily.

"No honey, I just wanted to be sure you know what you are doing. We can be a step ahead of Catty, Hawkins and Jeff", Jane replied with a sad look.

"What are you saying? We are already a step ahead of them", Jade said."No, Jade, we are 10 steps ahead of them", Jane said smiling and Jade smiled also.

"Lets do our job now", Jade said…

* * *

25th December, 6:54pm

In a lavishly furnished house:"Mum, I can believe that you believe all these rumours about Catty".

"Don try to support your sister. I knew it, being a celebrity won just make her, it will mar her. Now, see what shes doing to that my wonderful son, Jeff. Shes letting him slip away, she is repaying his love with this. Dating a man old enough to be her father", Patty said.

"Oh mum, Hawkins is not that old. Lets say, 7 years older than Jeff, thats just 9 years older than Catty", Celia said.

"Don even say anything again, Celia. I have to speak with Catty", Patty said picking her cell phone, "I, Patricia Wells will not allow this".

Celia quickly collected the cell phone from Patty, "Catty and Jeff maybe hanging out this evening. Lets not spoil the Christmas mood for them and for us. Mum lets go out to a Christmas party by 10:30".

"This night?", Patty asked."Yes mum, if you will be feeling tired, sleep now, 9:30, Ill wake you up", Celia said.

"What do you think I am? A prostitute that will be going for night parties", Patty asked, she was obviously getting g furious.

"Don worry ma, you can go out this early and come back in time to sleep well this night since you are oo holy to attend night parties. But in case you change your mind", Celia said, dropped her mums cell phone and left.

"Children of nowadays!", Patty said lamenting, "Thay have just grown invisible wings. How will I be talking and Celia will be talking back at me…

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