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22ND December 2:30pm

"Everyone is tired, we have been rehearsing since 6am. They can go now, we did very well", Catty said as the dancers sat down.

"I think its impressive for today, tomorrow is the D-day. Everyone has to prepare very well. The program starts by 5:30pm, so everybody has to be here by3pm unfailingly.", Mr. Hawkins said.

"Yes, everybody is free to go except Catty maam", the director said.

"Thanks", Sharon, one of the dancers said and the other dancers stood up, murmured their thanks and byes and left amidst noise.

"Why?", Catty directed the question to the director.

"We have to work on your song, Happy Christmas, you have to rehearse well, the instrumentalists are still around. The album is okay, youve got to watch it but youll only watch it after it has been launched, so lets get to the point", the director said.

"What is the point", Catty said feebly.

"Go over there", he pointed to the mini stage with a mixer mic "and start singing, don worry about back-ups, well play the song".

"Okay", Catty replied and walked over to where the mic was and waited for command to start singing.

"1 2 3 sing", the director called out to her and the album play began."Its a boring Christmas time, My mama said that its worth the try. I plan to travel to Bethlehem to spend the Christmas", Catty sang, "Follow me, follow me to spend my Christmas. I don need, I don need to cry for Christmas cause Ive got a very, very Happy Christmas…

23rd December 4:45pm

"Now, you guys should rest your voice, your body everything for the program and don be scared or be nervous. Everyone that is going to be sitting down is just like you. Don get intimidated by their facial expressions", the director ended.

"And don drink anything cold", Mr. Hawkins added with a chuckle and went over to Catty and whispered to her, "Be careful, I am going to make sure no unauthorized person enters"

"And make sure Jade or Jeffs secretary don enter, they are prime suspects", Catty replied.

"Okay, maam", Mr. Hawkins replied and left.Catty turned and caught a dancer trying to hide a phone. They had been told not to bring in any phone and they had been searched thoroughly before entering. She turned back and acted like she saw nothing and sent a text message to Hawkins telling him.

Hawkins entered the back stage and his eye caught Cattys and she pointed to the dancer and turned back to the meat pie that she was eating. Hawkins stylishly went over to where the dancer was and tried to steal the phone. After like 2 minutes which seemed like 30 minutes, he succeeded and left that place.

Catty turned to the dancer and saw her looking for something, probably her phone, her name was Daisy, "Daisy, are you looking for something?"

Daisy turned back and started smiling, "No, I was looking for em… my-my pen"

"Your pen, what are you writing? You have to rest your body, your hand. You are going to need a good deal of your hand while dancing on stage", Catty said.

"Oh yeah, I need to rest", Daisy said uneasily and sat back.In the next 10 minutes, the make-up crew entered with Hawkins and Mrs. Donald, the fashion designer.

"Everybody, start getting ready and dress up, we have 30 minutes more and the hall is already getting filled up with fans", Hawkins said and he left.

"Good evening everybody, good evening Miss Katherine Wells, I am honoured to work with you", Mrs. Donald said.

"I am flattered", Catty said smiling.The head of the make-up crew stepped forward, "Good-day Miss Katherine, we are from the Marissa make-up, we are so happy to work with someone like you"

"Thank you, so how are we starting?", Catty asked and they laughed…

24th December 10:30am

Catty was discussing with Hawkins."Why did you return the phone?", Catty asked.

"Wanted me to keep it?", Mr. Hawkins asked mockingly.

"No, but did you delete the pictures?", she asked.

"No, why would I and I had no time", Mr. Hawkins replied and Catty sank into her chair.

"How could you- Hawkins how could you have been so careless and incompetent to have let it back with whatever information she would have stolen", Catty spewed out angrily.

"I didn delete the pictures but I removed the memory card", Hawkins said as he brought out his wallet, removed the memory card and kept it on the table and Catty gave a smile full of hopes, "She took different pictures but…"Cattys phone was ringing, it was her secretary,

"Hi, whats the problem?"

"Maam, have you seen the Californian this morning?", Miss Carlos asked."I have not had time to read those magazines", Catty said."And the California times Newspaper?", she asked again."No, whats the problem?", Catty asked."Theyve been carrying rumuors per say that you are cheating on Jeff…"

"Cheating?", Catty asked"Yeah, and that you are dating Mr. Hawkins", Miss Carlos said.

"Hawkins? Please just send the magazine and newspaper to me- now!", Catty said and ended the call. It was so obvious that she was burning with rage.

"Whats wrong, Catty?", Hawkins asked.

"Rumours! Rumours! Rumuors!!", Catty said as she banged the table and stood up. Hawkins stood after her as Miss Carlos entered the office with a magazine and a newspaper and handed it over to her.

Catty sat down and started opening the Californians magazine."From page 28", Miss Carlos told herCatty quickly flipped through the pages to page 28 and saw it boldly,

"New threat in the entertainment industry and in Jeff Drews life as Catty, the popular American singer and actress who is Jeff Drews girlfriend starts cheating on him in not up to 4 months of their relationship with her manager, Mr. David Hawkins…",

Catty stopped reading and saw the pictures of her and Mr. Hawkins which was a solid- fake proof because it was real. It looked like when Mr. Hawkins was whispering to her backstage but Mr. Hawkins said he removed the memory card from Daisys phone. Or who else brought in a phone or camera? Catty was frustrated and she flung the magazine to the other side of the office knocking down her pictures that were at that side of the office. Mr. Hawkins went over to that side of the office, picked the magazine and opened page 28. He read it and was speechless.

"Maam, the newspaper", Miss Carlos said passing it to her and Catty took it from her and flung it.

"Hmm, who else would have taken a picture backstage", Mr. Hawkins whispered to himself then he turned to Miss Carlos, "Get Jane here now- its important"."Okay", Miss Carlos said and left quietly.

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