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Escape To Paradise CHAPTER 9

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"Are you hungry?" Tristan asked as soon as they arrived home "yes , Im starving " she said as she proceeded to the kitchen " ohk ... where are you going? " he asked noticing her movements " I want to cook Tristan, what else?" she asked washing her hand " what?...you cant do that , youll wear yourself out if you go on doing that "tristan said as he approaches her standing behind her " Tristan , Im fine , I ..." she said , Not knowing tristan was behind her , she turned to put something away when she bumped her head into his broad chest " ow " she winced holding her head ..... " shoot , Im sorry .. did I hurt you ?" he said caressing her forehead " Im fine " she said proceeding to drop the glass cup she was holding " if you had just listened to me , this would not have happened " tristan said exiting the kitchen to his room " what the ....." she mumbled

Food was already prepared and displayed on the dining table . Tristan descended the stairs, noticing his presence, malia looked up to him to see if he was in a much better mood but for some reason she couldn get her eyes off him , she didnt want to start imagining things but damn , he was one hot freak , She let all his physical features to penetrate her eyes , her mind screamed telling her to stop but her heart said otherwise , he looked like one of those babe magnet she use to see in romance movies ( malia!malia!) her mind screamed as if bringing her back to earth "MALIA" Tristan screamed " huh " she said " jeez , what were you thinking about , you looked like a statue " he said pulling a chair for him to seat " spaghetti bolognese " he said giving a small smile away " do you like pasta ? " she asked amazed at the way he asked so childish in front of a pasta " yeah .... I do " he said with a hint of pain in his tone . He took a spoonful of pasta into his mouth, he chewed for some seconds and looked at her , noticing his gaze , she looked back at him , their eyes locked for some seconds, suddenly , he stood up and stormed out , confused and somewhat worried, she followed him .

Tristan stood looking at the skies , his mind and heart wandered here and there , he looked up hopelessly , he didnt know what to think anymore , he took a bite of her spaghetti and all the painful memories he had tried very hard to keep came rushing back . Tristan looked up to the heavens with intensity , his face was reddened, he wanted to scream and share his pain but he just couldn , his eyes were tightly closed , he felt dead , suddenly a soft touch grazed his shoulders , his eyes immediately flew opened , it felt like he was in a dark tunnel and after that touch , he found a light at the end of the tunnel , that touch blew life into his already dead body . " Are you okay ? " she asked genuinely concerned , trying to avoid her seeing his teary eyes , he answered " Im fine " he responded casually " you are not " she said convincingly " Malia , Im fine " he responded with his eyes shut " look into my eyes and tell me you are okay Tristan " she said , he slowly opened his eyes and turned to her , she beholded his pained face , she was broken when she saw his face , she was equally pained to the core , she slowly lifted her hands and cleaned the tears that slid through his eyes "Tristan " she whispered, not able to contain himself , he hugged her earnestly, she gently rubbed his back , she could feel that loneliness that dwelled in him. she knew that feeling very much , so that was why she pitied him greatly . He felt comfort around this woman , he had insurmountable problems , but wrapping his arms around her made him forget all his complications.

" Malia " He called after they retracted " you dont have to explain anything to me Tristan, its enough for me knowing that you are okay " she said " When my mother was still alive , she always made me spaghetti every time I was down , it was my happy food ..... our happy food , bit when she passed , I tried to forget every damn thing that made me remember those painful memories " He concluded "Im very sorry about your mother , Im also sorry if I made you remember things you never wanted to remember, I feel like its my fault , I shouldn have...." she was about to finish her sentence when he uttered " if anything, you made me feel better , so thank you " he replied, he breathed a heavy sigh and said " time to get you in bed " he said dragging her by her wrist " but Im not sleeping yet " she said pouting " will you answer me , or do you prefer I carry you ?" he asked smugingly " this guy " she echoed in her head , without any response , he carried her princess style , surprised and utterly annoyed she asked " Tristan, what the hell do you think you are doing ? put me down " she demanded " oh common , don pretend you don like it " he said giving a small smirk away "are you crazy , put me down " she said " yeah right " he said laying her gently on her bed " you know I have legs right? " she said feeling utmost annoyance " Good night " he said exiting her room .


The morning light shone on malias face, she blinked a few times before deciding to get out of bed, remembering what Tristan did to her made her giggle , she removed the sheets wrapped around her body and made her way to the sitting room to get herself coffee, before that , she made her way to Tristans room , she knocked a few times , not hearing any response , a hint of worry set in her mind, she made her way to the sitting room , she breath a heavy sigh when she saw Tristan seriously discussing with someone she dudnt know , seeing how serious they were , she decided not to bother them , she was about to leave them when Tristan uttered her name " Bummer " she gritted and turned to face him " Good morning " she generalised " tristan " she called asking for an explanation " oh ... this is Benjamin ojeda, he is my business partner " he said . Benjamin came forward and extended his hand for a hand shake " nice to meet you , Im Benjamin, benny for short , you are ..." he asked " malia , nice to meet you " she said shaking him " you guys continue with your discussion, Ill bring you a hot cup of coffee, tristan here does not know a thing about gesture , I apologise for his behaviour " she said heading to the kitchen " you are right about that " benny said giving a loud chuckle, tristan gave him a hard stare which made him stop his chuckle " makia , are you sure you can do that , do you need any help ?" Tristan asked " you see this .... there is nothing this super woman cant handle its a piece of cake , so get back to work " she said showing him her muscles " alright , but be careful " he warned returning to take a seat "bro youve got a lot of explaining to do " benny said .

" Tristan , Im afraid we have a big problem at hand, our clients do not like the designs we showed to them , they are ready to pull out of the deal anytime from now " Benny said looking disturbed "benny , I have run out of options, i dont know what to do " he said sweeping his hair to the back " I myself do not understand or believe whats happening, they say its outdated " benny said scratching his head " why not give them something different, something.... out of this world , You know , design is not just what it feels like or looks like, Design is how it works , something simple will do because ...mm" she was about to finish her sentence when he cut her off " simplicity carried to an extreme is elegance " tristan said completing her sentence " exactly " she said dropping the two cups of coffee on the table and exits the room " Ben , tell everyone we are having a meeting , wait for me in the conference room , in about two to three hours , Ill join you " he said and walked away "What the heck " he said surprised .

Tristan knocked on Malias door waiting desperately for her to answer " come in" she said " are you going out " he asked seeing her all dressed up "Nope , I just wanted to rock this outfit " she replied " so .... how do I look " she asked " you look .... fine "he said nonchalantly " just fine ?" she asked slowly approaching him " why ? where you expecting something else?" he asked , she was now standing just a few feet away from him , receiving no response from her , he walked behind her and whispered " you look gorgeous " he said , trying to distract herself , she asked " you didnt tell me you have your own company " she said " well you didnt ask "he replied " anyways we are heading out " he said " to where ?" she asked " youll see "he replied "Ill meet you downstairs " he said and exited her room .

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