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Escape To Paradise CHAPTER 8

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"Hey. handle that properly its worth a lot more than your life " Mr culpa said pointing at the coffin filled with weapons in it "Are we really going to do this tonight dad ?" Mia uncomfortably asked " unfailingly, when those Chinese people get here , well have no problem with the rest " he said pacing up and down the room " Boss we have all the weapons ready for export " said Greco "Good ... make sure nothing goes wrong , understood ?"He said authoritatively " I assure you , there will be no complications " greco assured "Any news about that post " Mr culpa asked with disgust "Non so far" Greco said " We really underestimated that woman , she is like a cat with nine lives , she just won die , she is good at hiding "He said scratching his head " Im starting to really find it difficult to understand you , do you want to find her for your company or because she knows about your little side business ?" Mia asked " Do you think Im joking , Im trying to solve our problem and all you could think of is finding every possible ways to annoy me , you really are something " He said really annoyed " its your problem dad , not mine " she said in one breath, surprised at her sudden statement, he lashed " what are you saying exactly , do you know that the money you used to open that stupid jewelry company was from this , remember child , if I go down , WE. ALL . GO . DOWN .. Get the hell out of my side you ungrateful thing " He said with fury " dad Im....." she said wanting to apologise when her father cut her off , " I said out ! " he shouted , She quickly rushed out of the building with tears rolling down her eyes , she rested on a tree and clenched her fist and used the other hand to wipe her tears and whispered

" Once I find you , I wouldn think twice about killing you over and over again , and this time , j will personally make sure that you do not escape death . I PROMISE" she said giving a small smirk away and proceeded to her car " lets go " she said to the driver .

" Boss , they have arrived " said Greco putting his phone on his pocket "Good , get the weapons into the car " Mr culpa generalised . soon all the weapons were transferred to a large vehicle parked out side "All done boss " Greco said " Good , lets go "he said entering the vehicle


" Bosd , they are here " Greco said when they arrived at a deserted area , he came down and waved at the other vehicle parked in front of him, a man in his early thirties descended his black luxurious Mercedes Benz , his hair was combed to the not a single strand of hair was out of place, he had this silver eyes that made him look supernatural his skin was smooth and fine , he was one hot guy . "Mr chai " he said extending his arms for a hand shake " mr chai , its been a while , how have you been ?" He asked waiting for him to shake him " doing well gael"

mr chai said accepting his handshake " do you have my order " me chai asked in a much serious tone " of course ... do you have my money? " mr culpa asked " oh .. gael , can you ever do without money ?" mr chai asked giving a signal to one of his men " greco.." mr culpa called , " understood ! " Greco responded , loads of weapons were brought out of the vehicle , mr chais men proceeded to carry the weapons , while greco proceeded to collect the money . " Nice doing business with you gael "mr chai said and headed to his vehicle.

" did you get it " asked a man " yup , I did , now lets get out of here before they notice us "responded his friend.

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