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Escape To Paradise CHAPTER 6

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" come to my office as fast as possible " he said dropping the call , A few minutes later , A woman on a black lengthened gown approached him slowly , every step she took showed her majesty and beauty, she had a fair skinned complexion, her shape came out gloriously in the body hugged gown that she wore , she had this dark brown hair that complemented greatly to her fair skinned body , her black shiny eyes was beauty on its own, it was enough to spell any body she looked at . She walked gracefully to her husband , she stood just a few steps away from him " you called me ?" angel asked as her sweet voice ravaged the room " Your daughter is one heck of a woman " he said rolling his eyes in disgust " and you called me because....?" angel asked ignoring his statement " she is ruining everything for me , every single thing I worked for , she stole it all .... all!!" he said in frustration, she scoffed " you know gael , I tolerated you enough , what kind of a father are you ?huh? tell me , all you ever did to my daughter was to use her for your good for nothing company, let me make something clear to you gael, I do not give a damn about what the hell you have worked for , its non of my business do you understand?..... gael , your daughter is missing and this is all you could think of " she said at the brik of tears " shes not my daughter ... she is just a piece of trash you brought into my house " he said with rage burning through his spines " at least you said it , you never once considered her your daughter .... gael , after all she did for you to accept her you still think of her as trash and that is why I will never let you ever hurt my daughter... you stupid thing " she said . Her voice echoed disgust . She had never spoken to her husband in such manner , but hearing him call her daughter worthless hurt her to the very core , before her disappearance, she had let her husband use her daughter , she felt that she had neglected her even when her daughter needed her the most , she will do anything to make sure that she finds her daughter and do everything to make it up to her for her shortcomings as a mother . She was so pained , she didn know if her daughter was alright , if she was eating well , all she wanted to know is if hee daughter is alive or not . " How dare you raise your filthy voice at me ...woman , let this be the first and the last time you ever talk to me in such manner or else ....." he was about to finish his sentence when she cut him off, " or what ... will you kill me or will you bury me alive like you did to my poor daughter " angel said , her voice filled with anger towards the man in front of her , receiving no response she said " what cat got your tongue ? Guilty?..." she asked giving a small smirk , even though she was acting tough on the outside , she was seriously broken on the inside , all her life married to this man , she had acted so vulnerable and weak to him but when her daughter disappeared she immediately realized that she had to be strong , not just for herself but for her daughter . " You monster , you had the gut to bury my daughter alive , tell me ? how the hell do you sleep at night , how is your mind at rest knowing all the evil things you have done " she said as tears trickled at the corner of her eyes . Her words hit him like daggers, with rage and anger at full intensity he attempted to slap her , holding his big arms , she said " Dont you dare " she said and gave him a hard stare , seriously astonished he said " how dare you ?" he asked surprisingly " what? do you think Ill stand here and watch you take advantage of me , Never again " she said as she majestically took the exit


" Aunty , how did it go " kristine said as she took a bite of her pizza "He was so surprised, he looked like he was going to pee on his pants " she said feeling proud of her self , " He should be , he should know that there is no way you are going to let him take advantage of you , Im proud of you aunty " kristine said and gave a big smile away " I just hope that when I eventually find my daughter, she would be able to forgive me , I hope Im able to make it up to her " she said "I know my bestie, she will , she is not hard headed, I trust her " Kristine said encouraging her " Kristine, thank you so much for being here , only God knows what Ill do if you weren here by my side " she said holding her hands, " you know aunty , when both my parents died , you and malia became my second family , I consider you my mother and malia my sister, so thats why I hope , I sincerely hope that she is okay wherever she is " she said as tears slid through her eyes " I hope " malias mother said


Tristan and malia were on their way home from the mall to get her clothes , the pharmacy to get her meds and the hospital for her check ups , he was about to start his car when malia exclaimed "oh my God " she screamed " what is it ?" Tristan asked alarmed , tracing her eyesight "oh no ... not again " he said as he rolled his eyes and leaned on his car seat " a play station, really ?" he asked frustrated " I just want to know how it feels like " she said seriously pleading with him " malia, you made me go to the supermarket to get you chocolates and then cotton candies and now .... this , malia, its getting late and besides , those activities could wear you out " he said and sighed "fine" she said folding her arms and pouting , He found her behaviour quite amusing, every little actions of her was amusing that he could watch her do annoying and obnoxious things all day , she had those emerald green eyes that complimented to her beauty, those body curves and soft skin made her look like a beauty goddess, God really took a lot of time creating a human with such irresistible beauty , watching her look upset made him give a little smile away . As long as he wanted to watch her all day , he couldn bear seeing her all upset and especially now that things are not certain "ok fine" he said turning off the engine of the car , "really!?" her face beamed with happiness and joy . He could do anything to put that beautiful smile on her face , if anyone told him that he would be this attached to a woman in his life , he will deny it a thousand times " yes yes" he said and gave a long sigh " I knew you couldn say no to me " she said as she gave the biggest smile ever . This was the first time that she ever smiled in a very long time , the last time she had a big smile on was when her father will always buy her princess toys and bags of candies , she will hug him and give him a big peck on his cheeks , she felt that happiness she used to feel in the past with this guy , he never failed to make her happy , especially in the last days of her life , finally , when she found the man of her dreams she was just going to die (sigh) " lets go ?" he asked snapping her out of her thoughts "hm" she said nodding her head .

At the play station, he watched malia play all games available, he was quite amused because he has never seen a woman behave so childish, she was natural , she didnt have any reason to fake her personality. Tristan watched and observed her every move , the way she stuck her tongues out and bit her lips every now and then "arrgh... I missed " she said pouting her lips , noticing his gaze she asked " why are you staring at me like that ?" she asked feeling somewhat uncomfortable "Im falling....." he said looking intently at her "what?" she asked totally confused " huh.... I meant the rain is about to fall , we should get going " he said walking ahead of her " this guy" she said punching the skin in between her brows .

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