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Escape To Paradise CHAPTER 4

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It was already morning when malia woke up , she was feeling a little bit strengthened, she scanned the room and saw Tristan sleeping next peacefully next to her , she couldn help but to smile, she watched him for a while , she listened to his steady breath , she gave a little chuckle which made Tristan stir in his sleep , He gently opened his eyes and saw Malia staring helplessly at him , feeling uncomfortable he asked " do I have something on my face ?" he touched his face because he couldn understand while she was staring at him like that "huh....no , you

e good, I was just ...thinking " she said " thinking ....." He wondered "Good morning " she said diverting his attention "how are you feeling? , do you feel pains anywhere? " she was taken aback by his questions, she really didn understand this guy, just yesterday he was a monster and now...."well?"he asked " Im okay , thanks " she replied " you must be hungry , Ill fix you something to eat we have to go out today to get your medications and nice clothes.. " he said and took the exit .

Malia got out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom , it was not hard to find since it was Installed in the room . Malia finished freshing up in a short while , but she had one slight problem, she didnt have any clothes to wear , malia searched the wardrobe for any thing she could wear , the only thing she could find were a mens shirt and a pair of boxer , she sighed in frustration, but she rather wore that than to appear naked , she really couldn believe this was happening to her, she only saw this kind of situations in teen soap operas , she always thought it was cool but being in this position in reality makes her want to throw up . she stared at the clothes for some while before summoning courage to wear them .

She put on the clothes ang walked over to the mirror to check herself "unbelievable " she gritted especially because she had no choice .

She descended the stairs slowly, thinking about how he will react seeing her on his clothes . will he fat mad?, all these thoughts ran through her mind when she set her eyes on the food that was prepared , forgetting her worries , she immediately ran down the stairs like a little child . On getting to the table , Tristans jaw dropped after seeing what she was in, noticing his gaze she said "Im sorry Tristan , I really didnt mean to wear your clothes , I swear , they were the only decent thing I could find " she pleaded . Hearing her say the word decent made him more surprised, Decent, did she just say decent? , he asked himself " no worries, I..... understand .... have a seat " he said .

Malia rushed her food like a hungry dog , he hadn seen anyone eat like that before , he was so amazed that he couldn eat his own food , all he could do was to stair at her .Noticing his gaze , she looked and asked " are you not eating , or are you satisfied with yours , I could eat it for you " she said , without an answer, she grabbed his plate " wow... you seem really ..... hungry " he said still surprised " yeah ... and wow.. this is good , did you cook this yourself, you know , you are the first guy Ive seen that cooks so well " she complimented and continued eating " yh .. um when you stay alone , you need to know how to do things by your self, you know , the DIY rule" he replied " you stay alone , you dont have friends or family? " she asked " I dont have much friends.... Im most times on my own"he answered "your family?" she asked " um

.. are you done eating , opl get you proper clothes to wear " he said ignoring her question .

With his sudden reaction to her questions, she could sense that he had made him uncomfortable, she some how felt pity for him , she could sense that he had gone through a lot.


"What do you mean she escaped" He said as he slowly stood up from his extravagant leathered black chair "I.. Im sorry boss .... I really dont know how she..she was able to escape , It was extremely tight " the man in front of him stammered due to his authoritative aura " just one task Joaquin, one task and you messed it up , you are useless , useless !!!!, Get the hell out of my office " he screamed out of anger and frustration, "Dad , I promise , I will fix this , we will find her " said the young lady standing majestically beside him "you will not do anything or go anywhere, do you understand, you follow my lead " he said with an authoritative voice " but dad...." she insisted " no buts Mia, youll do as I say "He said with uncontrollable anger, Mia exits his office feeling utmost anger and disgust.

Mr culpa , a well known business tycoon in furniture making and designs .Culpa corporations has always been known as the top furniture making company in the country , his work was known all over the world , he had been featured in magazines and interviewed as the number one entrepreneur in the country . His wife , angel culpa and his daughter Mia culpa are all successful, his daughter Mia culpa was a well known jeweler. she is light skinned and had inky black hair , her body shape alone could make any man fall for her , she had dark brown eyes and rosy cheeks , she is known for great beauty and talents.

"Mr culpa , do not tell us that this is what you are going to offer us ?" mr Peter complained " I don get it , whats wrong?" mr gael asked " Dont you see , the quality of this material is too damn low , this will only slow our productivity down , dont you agree?" he asked his other colleagues " Im sorry , I honestly thought that you ..." mr gael was about to finish his sentence but he was cut off " sorry ?! , where the hell is Malia , I bet if she was here , this trash will not be happening " Mr Peter said as he stood up and left the office angrily , his colleagues followed in utter disappointment.

Frustrated, mr culpa sighed and leaned on his chair , mia seeing her father in such obnoxious and unpleasant condition, " dad .... what happened " mia asked " yet another deal cancelled " he said hitting his hand on his table " malia .... malia ... malia is all they want, mia , its going down , all we have worked for is going to the dust " he said as tears slid down his eyes . Mia had never seen her father cried so much in her entire life , well , only when her mother decided to leave them , but this time , it was a different kind of pain , it was as If he was hopeless and had no one to turn to . Feeling helplessly bad for her dad , she punched the skin in between her brows " that brat... she is something else" she gritted, " she destroys everything.... every single thing , she might be lucky this time , but once I get the chance , I will kill her " He said with his voice filled with anger .

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